Feb. 8th, 2009

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My expert and very scientific conclusions as drawn from my random poll, taking the comments into account:

The majority of my flist would love to have a holiday in spring and spend most of the time lazying about, reading, with a cat in their lap. Every once in a while they like to take a leisurely walk to a place that has a lot of bookstores, and then shop for books, taking a break every now and then to ogle boobs.

If I were to throw a party, I should make sure to have equal amounts of cheese and chocolate, tea and coffee and guys that are either nicely toned or have some padding.

The pet question proved to be one of the two most difficult ones, either because people couldn't choose between a cat and a dog, or they don't like either.

Although SGA got a couple of more votes, SG-1 is still going strong too.

My previous Livejournal name got a few more votes than my current one, but you're just going to have deal...

Last but not least, my flist needs to be educated on (in?) brit pop.

Kaiser Chiefs

Arctic Monkeys

Oh, and I made this poll because I was wondering about all those things at some point, but none of these conclusions should be taken seriously ;p


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