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'Stripped' by [ profile] shinetheway (2,300 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
This is a sequel to 'Wild Magic' in which Merlin uses his magic and his imagination to pleasure himself. In this sequel the author had me worried for a moment, but it turned out that Arthur does know what he's doing and that's just what Merlin needs to let go. Very intense and I love the way the magic is used here. And there's biting of the kind that makes me squirm.

'Playing on the edge of forever' by [ profile] phantomjam (2,200 words, Arthur/Merlin preslash, PG)
Lovely imagery of Camelot in the snow, with a snowballfight and a delightful Uther. Just a happy and playful fic.

[ profile] rageprufrock has written two more fics that fit into the 'Drastically Redefining Protocol' universe:
* 'Keepsake' (4,300 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
This is a holiday that's referred to in 'Honeymoon' and it's pretty much a lot of sizzlingly hot sex on a boat.
* 'Throw-in' (2,300 words, Arthur/Merlin, R)
This fits after 'Honeymoon'. Merlin watches Arthur play polo, Arthur makes a show of it, a fantastically lecherous blowjob ensues.

'Truth is a whisper' by [ profile] seperis (25,200 words, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/OCs, NC-17)
In which rumours are less harmless than they seem. Merlin is fiercely loyal to (and secretly in love with) Arthur. Arthur is very private and that's why it takes Merlin so long to figure out that what's being said about Arthur doesn't even come close to the truth. I love this experienced and passionate Merlin, this Arthur trying not to despair in his loneliness. I love Merlin's determined seduction and the way Arthur gives in, first reluctant but ever more confident. This is a long and plotty fic, with sex that's warm, sensual and thorough.

'Ten weeks' by [ profile] shinetheway (6,750 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
This is a very worthy sequel to [ profile] seperis's 'Truth is a whisper'. The first 10 weeks after the first time, from Arthur's point of view. I love how he's come out of it all stronger but also milder.

'Hire a bloody mover' by [ profile] brbsoulnomming (1,800 words, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13)
Merlin is so deeply tired, of everything, that he accidentally uses magic at an unfortunate moment for trivial reasons. More moving and sweet than the title suggests.

Unexplained necking ficlet by [ profile] derryere (2,500 words, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13)
Arthur thinks it's a good idea to secretly let Merlin give him a hickey of epic proportions so he can show it off to his knights. Merlin gives in grudgingly. Things don't go the way either of them expected. Funny, wicked and deliciously visual.

'Above and beyond' by [ profile] lamardeuse (1,300 words, Arthur/Merlin, R)
A sweet and joyful little morning-after their first time fic. With sex and giggles during a drunken tumble and quickly squashed misunderstandings the next day.

'Blood simple' by [ profile] burkesl17 (4,000 words, Arthur/Merlin, PG-13)
There are these typically dark elements in this fic that the old fairy-tales often have, but without the cruel revenge ala Grimm.
I love Arthur's determination, his trust and how considerate he is and the way everything falls into place, their love for each other, the first kiss, the tenderness, the joy and laughter. It's really a 'love conquers all' kind of fic.

'Trust' by [personal profile] mad_maudlin (2,600 words, Arthur/Merlin, R, warnings for D/s and whipping)
Written for [ profile] kinkme_merlin. The prompt was 'Arthur covers for Merlin and is given lashes as his punishment by Uther. Merlin watches and feels really guilty when he starts to get turned on by Arthur getting whipped.' and that's exactly what this is about. It's not usually my thing, far from it, but I really love the way she describes the turmoil of emotions that Merlin experiences during the flogging and after.

'Finding Arthur and Merlin' by anonymous (crack, 900 words, Arthur/Merlin, R)
Also written for [ profile] kinkme_merlin but otherwise completely different. It's funny and weirdly cute and how she manages to keep them in character is beyond me.

Merlin art

'Wake up' by [ profile] aeroport_art (Arthur/Merlin, PG)
There are three drawings on this page, but it's the one with Merlin kissing Arthur awake, and Arthur's sleepy reaction that made me sigh and smile.

Merlin links

For those who managed to miss it, there are pictures from the filming of season 2 of Merlin over here and here.

[ profile] feilongfan has conveniently made one clip of several smaller clips from Bradley and Colin at the London MCM Expo of last year.

Merlin RPS

'Accidents will happen' by [ profile] lilithilien (3,000 words, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
This made me snicker and smile and feel all fuzzy and warm. Boys in love, misunderstandings, a bit of angst and a happy ending with joyful sex.

'The rush of water', 'Rain wakes me' and 'Let me be the street' by [ profile] spiny (3,500 words, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
A series of ficlets in which Colin gives mixed messages, Bradley is confused, there is much longing and sweet ache and you'll be so, so thankful she wrote that last part. Beautiful.

'Wherein wooing Colin is somewhat more difficult than anticipated' by [ profile] ifyouweremine (2,000 words, Bradley/Colin, PG-13)
The title is selfexplanatory really. It's hilarious, sweetly adorable, with some moments that made me smile fondly.

Merlin vids

'Me, myself and Merlin' by [ profile] analyst_1 (AU, Arthur/Merlin x 2)
Arthur and Merlin meet themselves in a parallel universe. I keep coming back to this vid; it's fascinating, or rather, enchanting and exciting. I love the choice of song and the colouring of the vid; very subtle and giving it an almost fairytale quality.

'Merlin Monty Mia!' by yours truly (Arthur/Merlin)
Yeah, I'm pimping myself, because I'm actually quite pleased with how this vid turned out. Technically unimpressive, but fun.

SGA (incl. BSG cross-over)

'I'll take the frakking wraith any day' by [ profile] liketheriverrun (crack, 1,400 words, SGA/BSG cross-over, some pairings implied m/m and m/f, PG-13 for language)
John and Rodney find themselves in the BSG universe and it turns out the SGA universe almost seems normal and sensible compared to what they're seeing and experiencing here. Hilarious!

'White lies' by [ profile] solvent90 (1,400 words, Rodney/Ronon, R)
This was written before the episode 'Sateda', so some assumptions are made about Ronon that turned out to be different, but if you keep that in mind the fic works beautifully. I love Rodney in this, but most of all I adore Ronon.

'So. Totally. Doing it. (550 words, John/Rodney, R)
John and Rodney discuss Star Trek in bed.

Joe Flanigan (and misc others) link

A download of Joe Flanigan being a goofball and potty mouthed at the Jace Hall show over here. The whole clip is fun by the way, with added Amanda Tapping and Ryan Robbins.


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