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Don't like (as in; turns me off a story quicker than you can say 'But that's true love!')

* When Morgana and/or Gwen are jealous, evil bitches who want to keep Arthur and Merlin apart.

* When Arthur is not just an arrogant prat, but a complete asshole, sometimes even intentionally cruel.

* When Merlin allows Arthur to treat him badly without any kind of protest. When he bows his head and just takes it, even comes crawling back for more.

* Either one or both of them suffering horribly for unthinkable periods of time.

Like (as in; I have a specific weakness for)

* When Gwen and Merlin get together, find out they love each other to bits but not like that, split up and then support each other through the whole process of Merlin getting together with Arthur and Gwen getting together with Morgana.

* When Merlin can't let it rest when he and Arthur disagree about something. No matter how exasperated Arthur gets with him, he keeps bringing it up.

* When Arthur wants to do the right and just thing. When he's thoughtful and aware of his responsibilities.

* When Arthur and Merlin are passionate about each other; when they fight hard and love hard. When they grab, push and shove because they're angry or full of lust.


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