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'Doubled Over with the hunger of lions' by [ profile] nightanddaze (23,445 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
I absolutely adore this fic and there are several reasons for that. It deals with the complex situation where it's 'a spell makes them do it' and they do want each other, but they are also very aware that something is forcing them. Merlin's magic is almost palpable, the way he's struggling with it, getting better at it with more knowledge, practice and understanding, and his loneliness when he can't share what he knows with Arthur and not even everything with Gaius. I love the dragon who is actually an interesting character in this fic. The sex is so freaking hot, the increasing intimacy between Merlin and Arthur is lovely and it all made my heart ache for Merlin who thinks he may have to sacrifice this all.

'Perpetual astonishment' by [ profile] nightanddaze (576 words, Uther, Arthur/Merlin, PG)
Uther accidentally witnesses an intimate moment between Arthur and Merlin. Such a short fic and so much is being said.

'Sure thing' by [ profile] mad_poetics (9,700 words, AU, Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, NC-17)
A delicious and satisfying sequel to 'All in the timing' (as recced over here).

'It took far too long to get him back' by [ profile] rurounihime (2,100 words, Arthur/Merlin, warning for mentions of non-con and torture, R)
Arthur dealing with the aftermath of having been captured and tortured and Merlin dealing with failing to rescue Arthur sooner. They're both so vulnerable and fragile, and the way they reach out to each other, the love and tenderness between them, is very moving.

'A persistent curiosity, or why Merlin is so bloody fascinating' by [ profile] rurounihime (10,200 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
Arthur wants something from Merlin. Something that he's never desired before. But he's afraid to ask. Afraid of what it says about him. Afraid of how Merlin would see him. Merlin though is patient and persistent, prodding and poking one moment, taking a step back the next. I love how Arthur is like a nervous horse, and Merlin tames him. And they both get something out of it that they didn't expect. The warmth and growing trust between them is lovely.

'Be resigned' part 13/14 by [ profile] franticsga (3,900 words, Modern day AU, WIP, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17 this part)
You can find my rec for the series here.

And for those who are waiting for the 4th and final part of 'Easy there' by [ profile] syllic to be posted, she wrote an entry about real life interfering with her writing, some story notes and discussion of factual accuracies in the fic so far.

Merlin RPS

'Reverse karma and soggy Converse' by [ profile] calliglad (Bradley/Colin, PG-13)
After their break in filming Bradley notices he's looking forward to seeing Colin again. I could feel Bradley's anticipation, how time seems to stretch when you're waiting for something a little more eagerly than you expected. Bradley is adorable in this warm fic.

Fics for [ profile] kinkme_merlin (FPS & RPS) that I really enjoyed.

Notes: If a name hasn't been added, I still haven't figured out who wrote it. These fics are pretty random; I haven't read everything and I'm not including fics I've already recced earlier. Also, these fics can be rough sketches with typos etc. but still good fun, right up to regular masterpieces. Expect anything in a meme like this! That's the whole point, right? Oh, and the ratings are what one can expect from a kink meme.

'How to treat a companion'
Arthur/Merlin. Uther appoints Merlin as Arthur's official companion and everyone in court, including the servants, make it abundantly clear how they expect Arthur to treat Merlin. Made me giggle and snort.

'L'espoir fair vivre' by [ profile] oconel (reposted over here)
Arthur/Merlin. hurt/comfort. Merlin is badly hurt in battle and Arthur tends to him.

'A friend in need'
Arthur/Merlin, modern day AU, Will thinks Merlin needs to get laid and buys him a hooker named Arthur. Arthur is arrogant and with good reason, and Merlin can be excused for giving in rather easily.

'Going up'
Arthur/Merlin, modern day AU, Merlin is claustrophobic and then he gets stuck in an elevator with Arthur. When Merlin's panic escalates Arthur needs to use force to keep him in check, and then one thing leads to another... Damn hot!

Arthur/Merlin, modern day AU, written for the same prompt as 'Going up'. Young businessman Arthur and his assistant Merlin get stuck in a lift. Excellent combination of hilarious banter and slowly increasing sexual tension.

Gwen/Morgana, established relation, Gwen gets creative in bed when she finds out that Morgana has never been penetrated with anything bigger than fingers. I love the trust and the lust in this. The joy of giving and receiving pleasure.

'Winning the war'
Arthur/Merlin, exactly as the prompt says; aggressive sex to resolve a fight between them.

'poison; it's fun all around!'
Arthur/Merlin. Arthur spends an agonizing time in bed while a poison, which makes him over-sensitive, works his way out of his body. Merlin tries to make things as comfortable as possible for him and when he offers to help out with something very specific things go from awkward to heated very quickly. Sweetly amusing and sensual.

'best intentions aside' by [ profile] derryere
Arthur/Merlin. Modern day AU. Frankly, when I first started reading this I stopped after a while, because this Arthur sounded like the kind of guy I hate with a passion. Turns out I should have trusted Merlin to be perfectly capable of dealing with Arthur, because that's exactly what happens. A very satisfying read!

'Artistic license' by [ profile] corysilver
Bradley/Colin. Written for the ear fetish prompt. I love their voices in this, also of Angel and I grinned all the way through.

Merlin art

[ profile] loweryourwand draws these cute and funny comics that make me snigger and snort:

'Welcome to Camelot'
'The pep talk'
'Communication fail'
'The physicians dilemma'
'The rules of attraction'
'The daily toils of the great dragon' (this one is my favorite)

And this is lovely:
Sketch of Merlin

Merlin links

Lovely picspam of Merlin's magic spells by [ profile] syrosis
At the BBC Merlin site there are vids of Merlin demonstrating magic tricks. These vids can't be viewed outside the UK though, so these caps were the first images I've seen of them: Flailing occurred.

Then [ profile] gealach_ros posted the vids themselves (downloads & YouTube). This post includes the behind the scenes vids from the BBC Merlin site.

Several fans have visited Merlin sets and have made posts with reports, pictures, comparisons with screencaps from the series:

[ profile] feilongfan went to Wales and visited Raglan castle (Isle of the Blessed) and Cosmeston Medieval Village near Penarth (Ealdor). Pics from the castle and the village, caps from the series.

[ profile] katakokk visited Pierrefonds while they were filming and met Colin.

[ profile] valderys also visited Pierrefonds, report & pics, while they were filming and met Colin and Bradley.

Merlin vid

'Nine to five' by [ profile] newkidfan
The life of a manservant is hard work; we follow Merlin during his daily work to the music of Dolly Parton singing 'Nine to five'. Ahahahahaaa!! Oh god :D

Star Trek XI vid

'Freak like me' by [ profile] meiou_set (Uhura-centric, various pairings, PG-13)
I'm probably missing something with the various pairings remark, because for me it's Uhura/Spock and Kirk has to suck it up as far as Uhura is concerned. Rawr...
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