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Colin, Bradley, Angel and Anthony filming themselves in several roller coasters.

YouTube clip

By the way; At YouTube always check 'watch in high quality' (directly under the clip) if possible because the difference is huge!

Oh man... Now I wanna go to Six Flaggs or something; I loooooooooove roller coasters :D :D :D

Also: "I think we keep getting warnings in French to turn off my camera, but don't worry Merlin-fans, because I have the magic phrase: 'Je ne comprend pas, je suis Anglais'" *snort*

(Oh my god they're so young...)

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I should have known: all my favorite actors at some point have played a gay guy, so Colin is no exception :D

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This YouTube clip just made me laugh so hard I think I broke something.

(Whether it's SFW is up for debate; I just linked my colleagues.)

*still sniggering*

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I promise not to spam you with my favorite finds on my daily route through, but this one has had me giggling for days, so I thought, just this once, and decently cut... )

Oh yeah, and I've changed my default icon, courtesy of [ profile] exitmusic__, because Daniel smiling all crinkly nosed makes me so damn happy every time I see him *heart-swell*

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Yesterday Joe posted pics from pages from the Art Department design package for one of next season's episodes (first pic contains a casting spoiler and the third one a tiny spoiler through props, just in case you want to remain entirely spoilerfree).

I may have squeed out loud over those pics of layouts for Sheppard's and McKay’s quarters. I don't know why, but I always love layouts.

Then today he posted pics from Rachel, David and Mars. David in his beloved jacket with embroidered flowery design, looking fluffy and scruffy at the same time.

Someone had asked Joe “So how come McKay gets a patio and Sheppard doesn't?” to which Joe answered "He likes to barbecue." What? And John doesn't!?!? I think John is more of the barbecue type, and I bet he keeps hinting at Rodney to put that patio to good use, while Rodney probably hadn't even thought of that, but thinks setting up a bbq is just too much of a fuss, even if it's kind of good eating, and the thought alone makes his mouth water. And then John offers to improvise a bbq, and bring food and show him how it's done. And Rodney watches on, while John fusses and explains what he's doing so as to get the meat best. And then they eat together, and Rodney really likes the food John has cooked, and John is thoroughly distracted by the appreciative noises Rodney makes while eating.

Somehow I don't think Joe Mallozzi had all this in mind while contemplating the question 'yeah, why does Rodney have a patio and John doesn't?'

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* Reading David Hewlett's twittering, and coming across this: I miss Jane when I have to go to work....

* Watching The Office (US, episode 2x2), and getting to this scene: Cut for spoiler and cap )

* Noticing that Mr. D_E is keeping track of when The Office is on: He's totally rooting for Jim.

SGA linkies

May. 3rd, 2007 07:16 pm
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Joe Mallozzi has pics up of Jason Mamoa's (Ronon) pink Cadillac.

David Nykl has a goofy pic up of him posing with David Hewlett.

And if you're still a bit fidgety about watching David's latest clip at YouTube, watch what David Dayan Fisher (Baden in 'The Game') does when he's bored, and you'll be happy to see Rodney rap ;p

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I'm looking for that picture from the season 2 team promo shoot, that I don't think is actually included in the official set, where the whole team seems to crack up.

(hehee! I like my mood-icon)

[edit] [ profile] apple_pi came with the goodies! )

That picture never fails to make me smile, like so -----> :D

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My fandom has high standards.

[edit] Original post has been edited, and I must say, thumbs up for the graceful way in which she takes the criticism.

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I'm watching the episodes on the SGA season 2 dvd's with the audio commentary, starting with the ones that have David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Martin Gero, or any combination of these three, and so far my favorite has to be the commentary on 'Conversion'.

With one of the highlights behind this lj-cut )
I find commentary with Martin Wood excrutinatingly boring, because he gets kind of long-winding on all the technical details I'm frankly not all that interesting in, and keeps on talking right through scenes I would want to hear them say something about.

I love Martin Gero's commentary, because he usually picks the scenes I'm most interested in, and it often turns out that what I got of those scenes is something he put there on purpose. I love his motivation, how much he loves the characters. Some of the most intimate scenes are his writing.

Get both Martin's in one commentary, and the whole focus shifts towards the technical details. Get Gero together with David and/or Joe, and it all gets much more interesting and fun.

Joe is very focused on the scenes he's in, is quite serious about his acting and has a very dry sense of humor.

David is sharp-witted as can be expected, and often points out the good work by secondary characters or guests on the show.
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Thank goodness Richard Dean Anderson turned to acting instead: *falls over laughing*
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The dvd of sga season 2 is yet to come out in most places, but for some reason it's already out in The Netherlands and Belgium. Some Belgian teenager posted the behind the scenes features at YouTube. Personally I find it hilarious that Martin Gero is linking to the clips of his own feature. That is what I call a sense of humor. No 'omg copyright infringement!!', but turning it into a personal promotion.

David is talking about (among other things) the cast dinner in his blog, and seeing as Joe Mallozzi is always all about dinners, I figured there'd be pictures in his blog. It turned out mostly of the food (as per usual), but sure enough, the 8th picture is David and Jane (click 'show original post').

Spoilers for the 4th season's new wardrobe: )

Also: David Nykl uses fanart on his homepage.

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Thank you

1) First of all: a big thank you for christmas-cards go out to [ profile] alchemilla, [ profile] lisabellex, [ profile] arabia764, [ profile] lucky_jack, [ profile] kiltsandlollies, [ profile] grievous_angel, [ profile] ladybella, [ profile] samena, [ profile] hobbitlove83, [ profile] almaviva, [ profile] airgiodslv and [ profile] starfishchick. All the cards are on display in our living room, looking festive, cheerful and/or sexy and in one particular case smelling deliciously ;)
Also thanks to [ profile] loreley_se for the virtual card, squeezed into your busy traveling and moving schedule, and [ profile] alchemilla for the virtual presents; I saw my birthday gifts disappear with a little pang of regret, but now I've got a whole new stack cheering up my user-info!

SGA fanvid by yours truly

2) Secondly, [ profile] melloniel inspired me into making another SGA fanvid, because a) I love the song; 'Binary Love' by The Rakes, b) I love John/Atlantis and c) the song is perfect for that particular 'relationship'. If you want to give it a try, I've got it uploaded here (.wmv, 24.5 MB). I'm still mostly fiddling with the software, but at least I got the aspect ratio right this time.

Help me out please!!

3) Thirdly I want to ask you people a favor: if there's anything I promised you (burning a cd, search for something, feedback, reply, response, explanation, whatever, anything really), which I haven't actually done yet, possibly because I forgot due to my sieve resembling brain, please tell me?! Or when there's something you wanted to ask me, something you'd like me to explain. Just, you know, anything. I'm trying to fix unfinished business, clean the dusty corners in my head, try and fix things I may have broken, close 2006 as neatly as possible. (But also if you find this entry later, it's not too late.) Really, don't hesitate to comment here or send an email to dutche at xs4all dot nl!!!!. You're doing me a favor, honest!

Fun and pervy clip

4) Lastly, I'm linking to this YouTube clip. It's not SGA, it's not work safe, it's hilarious and I dedicate it to all the pervs out there, including me.
[edit] And for those who aren't registered with YouTube, but still want to watch the clip, you can also watch it over here.


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