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So, it's ended already! Damn the British for making all these awesome series but making them so short!! This can't even be called a season, right?!

I'll cut the rest of my thoughts for some serious spoilers. )

So, this news is making me very happy indeed; more Being Human!!

Oh, and one last thing. I don't know why this made me squee, but it did: Russell Tovey aka George is gay. I guess it's because I love that it looks like ever more openly gay people can be successful too. It looks like it's not necessarily a hindrance. I'm not surprised by the way.

Oh, and one last, last thing. This cracked me up:

Russell on being naked in the series a lot, but not actually showing his business: Because I'm playing a Jew and I'm not actually Jewish, I think [showing everything] would give it away. I'm not going to go that far for method!"

(from here)

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Or rather, trying to...

Spoilercut )

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Yesterday I watched Being Human episode 3 and I must say, this cast is growing on me. Some spoilerish observations behind a cut. )

In other news: I can't believe I bought Glamour *face-palm* Hey, it was right there in our store! And I get a 20% discount on magazines, so there's that. At the end of my shift I went to the desk to buy it (for the discount we need a receipt with the name of anyone else but yourself) and my colleague just stood there saying 'seriously...?!' three times before finally letting me pay. Geez...

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19 minutes into the pilot of 'Being human'.

Ok. Seriously. Is the BBC setting out to exclusively make slashy series these days?! I mean, if you thought Merlin was slashy...

Plus. I understand the guy playing Mitchell is being replaced by another actor after the pilot. Why?!?!?? *sadface*

The good news is that the guy playing George is still the same ♥ & ♥ (yeah, yeah, you were right [ profile] loreley_se, but this is a bit of a no-brainer, you must admit).

Anyone else watching this series?

[edit] I really liked the pilot, but I'm going to wait a bit before watching the first episode, because I know I'm going to miss Guy as Mitchell and Andrea as Annie :(


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