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The Big Bang Theory

A Q&A with Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. I would have liked the answers to be written down with the questions, because it got a little too much to watch all the clips, but it's good fun comparing Jim to Sheldon for a couple of them.


[ profile] melloniel is making pic spams of Rodney and John and their Epic Space Love. They are more than just pic spams. She's going through each season, episode by episode, capturing every John/Rodney moment, and making these little collages, often with added quotes. It's all heartwarming and very pleasing to the eye.

Do have a look around! Just start with the first post. There's a link to the next post at the bottom and this way you can click your way through the five posts she has up so far.

Star Wars

The latest SFX collectors item is a George Lucas special. I'm having hours of fun reading the magazine front to back. Especially the minute-by-minute DVD commentaries of all six Star Wars movies, complete with drinking game and little symbols for several key moments like bloopers, trivia, guest stars and pop culture references. A lot of it isn't news, but the us-geeks-feeling is strong in this one, so that more than makes up for it.

I may have snorted some coffee up my nose when I read this on the bus from work back home today:

For "Revenge of the Sith":

02:04:53 Fans of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon slash are heartened to hear from Yoda that the late Jedi Master has discovered immortality. "How to commune with him, I will teach you," says Yoda.

I especially love how they don't feel the need to explain 'slash' here. Apparently it's presumed common knowledge.

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Ok, this doesn't happen to me often (I don't even have an appropriate icon to go with this), and only one or two people on my flist will know what the hell I'm talking about, but on Big Bang Theory 2x8: Rawr, Stephanie!!

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Big Bang Theory starts again March 17th and has been picked up for another season, yay!



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