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And today is such a good day to be a Merlin fan ♥

[ profile] kinseymill pointed out that there are two very clear vids of the London Expo Merlin panel at their YouTube channel over here and here (the first few seconds of the second vid may look a little worn due to my repeated viewing; omg Colin's wriggly beaming!!)

And then there are the utterly delightful reports and pics from the German Merlin fans [ profile] euraylie, [ profile] luisadeza, [ profile] ronsoftie, [ profile] gwy and [ profile] wiccaqueen who went to Pierrefonds and ended up getting quite close to where the shooting of Merlin is actually taking place now, see quite some of the cast and managed to restrain themselves and be the kind of fans any actor/actress can hope for.
Reports over here, here, here and here.


May. 26th, 2009 11:31 pm
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I forgot to post my latest entries, with reports of my Merlin fandom weekend, by way of Dreamwidth crossposting to LJ and just put them on LJ directly, d'oh...

Here are the links:

Report for the London Expo.
Report for the Soccer Six.
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Here's a picture of Jason and David at the Burbank convention last weekend, re-enacting the mooning incident.

There are loads of pics and vids popping up everywhere, to which I'm not going to link, because [ profile] wraithfodder is (as usual) doing an awesome job of that already over here, but I want to say how glad I am that Jason turned up at the convention at all. It's not sure yet how well he will heal, but man, you gotta admire the positive attitude that guy has.

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I so loved those clips from the BOBW convention that Logovo put up on YouTube over here and here. Now Arigato put up another one!

And because David loves them so much, I've made a screencap of his naked white butt in a feather g-string and put it behind this cut: )

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In a few hours I'll be leaving for London to go to the SGA con Pegasus 2 and spend some time with [ profile] loreley_se. Since the con schedule isn't water tight yet, it's not entirely certain which time I'll be spending where, but we'll work that out. Dani and I will at least have the evenings together!

I'll be back on Monday. Bye!!


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