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So David Hewlett is going to guest on 'The Closer' as agent Moore (since SGA 'Vegas' I'm very excited about seeing David in a suit. Very excited. I'm never excited about suits. When the hell did that happen?! Oh right, since David wore one in 'Vegas'...) Never heard of the series. Is it any good? I just checked and saw Kyra Sedgwick is in it. I like her :D

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Thank goodness, a couple of twitter messages from David Hewlett. He's still alive (and apparently reading a script).

Also, this picture (from his twitter profile) cheered me up mightily:

Looks like David goofing around at Baz's daycare or something :D


Feb. 25th, 2009 10:35 am
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I miss David. I mean, it's bad enough that during season 5 of SGA I didn't get a lot of the Rodney McKay John Sheppard I had fallen in love with and it's all ended now, but not getting my regular shot of Hewlett is not helping.

I miss Rodney.

Oh god, I just realized I'm living up to my username for reals now!

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Here's a picture of Jason and David at the Burbank convention last weekend, re-enacting the mooning incident.

There are loads of pics and vids popping up everywhere, to which I'm not going to link, because [ profile] wraithfodder is (as usual) doing an awesome job of that already over here, but I want to say how glad I am that Jason turned up at the convention at all. It's not sure yet how well he will heal, but man, you gotta admire the positive attitude that guy has.

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From this post in Joe Mallozzi's blog:

Question: ...anyway i was watching some oldies…ahh season 1 and i started wondering when did you guys realise that when exiting the stargate having to make the guys all frozen over would be too much…”

Answer: The day a faux frost-covered Richard Dean Anderson stumbled out of the gate and declared “This is going to get real old, real fast.”


[ profile] wraithfodder has some lovely reports with pics and vids up in her journal of the Cherry Hill Stargate Convention. I particularly loved the one of Jason Momoa, in which he tells of how he shocked David Hewlett (and amused Joe Flanigan to no end) by mooning David from Joe's car, and how he's the gay guy to Joe's straight guy. Those who are going to Chevron 7.2 should be in for a treat.

* A couple of fic recs:

'Aspects of Divinity (the world is my oyster)' by [ profile] rinsbane (NC-17, Rodney/John, AU)

This fic combines a couple of things I'm particularly fond of in Rodney/John fics: They hook up way before Antarctica, when they're just 18 and despite their differences they bond over so much. There's sensitive, melancholic, protective John, with a fondness for ferris wheels, and there's too intelligent for his age, grown up too quickly Rodney, who needs to be taught how to have fun. They are so meant to be together.

'Not quite Benjamin Braddock' by [ profile] velocitygrass (PG, John/Rodney, Rodney/Jennifer)

Did I mention they are meant to be? That kind of gives the outcome away, but avid McSheppers wouldn't read it otherwise, and avid McKellers would be disappointed if they did, so it's best to know up front imho. It's one of [ profile] velocitygrass's 'pining John and oblivious Rodney with a hopeful ending' fics that she does so well.


[ profile] mistful has written a hilarious yet weirdly accurate spoof on the series so far.

* Fic rec:

'Who's counting anyway' by [ profile] phantomjam (NC-17, Merlin/Arthur)

There's mutual flirting and teasing until they get to a point where it's either act, explode or leave off altogether. Seeing as the fic is rated NC-17 it's clear where this is going, and I must say it includes a scene that fits in nicely with what I mentioned here.


* Vidders on vidding.

[ profile] laurashapiro & [ profile] cesperanza have made a set of short documentaries about vidding according to vidders. I loved watching those geeky vidders, some of whom have made vids that I treasure, talk about why they do what they do. A short introduction with the link over here.

* Ben and Josh slash themselves.

And then one of the comments in this post at [ profile] face_of_joe reminded me of something [ profile] baylorsr pointed out three years ago: there's an Easter Egg on the region 1 version of the extended dvd of Pearl Harbor, that has a scene of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett re-enacting the animal cracker scene from Armagaddon. The entry is now locked, but she was kind enough to send me the caps she'd made back then. You can see them here (click 'slideshow' at the top right corner, then 'fast' at the bottom left corner and watch the cuteness).

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David Hewlett on Twitter an hour ago:

Upgraded to the Presidential Suite of the Mandarin Oriental in Honk Kong and we're making the most of it! ;-)

And I see it comes with baby-sitting service. Good for you David and Jane! (Of course he could be referring to all the available gadgets...)

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Last weekend I went to London to spend time with [ profile] loreley_se, so of course now I'm torrenting the first 6 episodes of Merlin because; Anthony Head!!! And Merlin and Arthur are oh so cute and slashy :D

Good thing I already got her reading The Nightrunner series. Fellow-fans, I'm happy to say we've officially got a convert. For those who aren't reading yet: why aren't you?!?!?

What did we do? We went to eat curry, as you do when you're in London. I got introduced to Merlin. We went for a walk and rummaged around in dvd-, cd- and bookstores. Talked about life, work and how silly and annoying people in general and fans in all fandoms in particular can be as opposed to how completely sane and sensible we are. We watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries while eating pizza. Some sparkly white wine may have been involved. We slept in on Sunday (some more than others). Had [ profile] jhava come over which resulted in her and me making high-pitched dolphin noises about several fandoms we appeared to have in common while [ profile] loreley_se made us one of her patently delicious lunches. It was absolutely fantastic being able to piss and moan about the latest (and last) SGA season without being accused of being a bad fangirl. (Someone should rewrite that sentence with less use of the word 'being'). We went to see The Last Shadow Puppets. And [ profile] loreley_se: their support act was Ipso Facto.

It was one of those weekends that are nicely leisured, relaxing and over way too soon.

Seeing the comments left and right I don't have to hurry seeing SGA's latest episode, so I'll just go on watching Armagaddon clips in fangirlish glee. And may I specifically point out this clip of David Hewlett with Jane and their son (awwwww...)
Also, is it just me, or has David lost some weight?

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I don't know why, but the whole fanlore thing is freaking me out. Maybe it's because I secretly kept insisting I was part of something small and underground. Fanlore makes it look so big and organized. I'm not against it, and people have put a lot of work and enthusiasm in it, which is great, it's just...

I don't know.

*furrows brow*

This icon never really seems appropriate, because the words seem somehow offensive, which is not how I mean it, but oh, the look on David's face, and his stance...

Oh, you know what made me all kinds of nostalgic?! Fandom wise I mean? Those clips that [ profile] wraithfodder made of old shows that David Hewlett had a little appearance in. He's a fucked up psychiatric patient, a rent boy and a super cute coroner. And it's taped old school style, filming the tv screen while the video is rolling. Oh man, ♥ so much!!

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love how these days I can watch a fantastic quality file of a new episode of just about every show I want, not even a day after it's been aired. And it's great that quite some writers get pages of feedback shortly after they've posted a new fic. And it's fun that Joe Mallozzi talks about McSheppers (and even apologizes when a specific scene that could have been fun for them didn't make the cut). But I remember fondly the days that you really had to dig to find new fics. When I borrowed a videorecorder so I could make copies of my vids and swap them with other fans for stuff that I couldn't get here.

And it's fun writing this down in my own journal.

*makes a nest*

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Just one more day, and then I'll have four days off. And after that I've got three weeks scheduled with some extra days off mixed in. OMG! I'll have time to read! And watch Farscape! And fiddle around on LJ!

In the meantime, here are my current favorite YouTube clips:

Cat approaches without moving.

Three guys in a car singing and headbanging to the Venga Boys.

And behind the cut is my current favorite David Hewlett picture: )

Can anyone tell me what type of car that is? Still the Toyota Echo? I'm useless and clueless where it comes to cars... Just figured out that it's indeed still the Toyota Echo. Ah, you gotta love the guy!

From this interview two years ago:

L: In an older interview, you talked about how you showed up on the Stargate set in this little compact car where everybody else was driving their big SUVs. Do you still have this little car or did you go out and buy a new sports car.

DH: *laughs* Nope. Still driving it.

L: What is it?

DH: It's this tiny little Toyota Echo. It was the only car i could afford when we were living in LA. Down there, we didn't have any money. It was the cheapest car you could buy. And my dad even helped me out buying it. I've never been a big fan of cars, it gets me from A to B, that's all I care about. As long as it's got a radio. Jane however just got a new car.

L: Ah, so Jane likes the new toys.

DH: Yes, Jane likes her cars. She's got a VW but it runs on bio-diesel so its practically running on french fries.

Off to work now (for real this time...).

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It's been a while since I've said it and it definitely bears repeating, so here I go:

David Hewlett; omfg not even the cuteness that is Baz can distract me from the shoulders of that man aflkjal faljalk jadkja flkajlj!!!!

Also, my holiday just started. Four weeks of 'm... *stretches*

[edit] Fun with lj spell check: for 'aflkjal faljalk jadkja' it suggests 'analogical follicle cardigan'. Apparently it's given up on 'flkjlj'.

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My computer is acting weird. It's sloooooooow, I have to double, triple or uhm... fourtle... click any link before I get a reaction, the scrollbar doesn't work properly and there are other little annoyances that indicate that I've probably got some kind of virus aboard. We can't really find anything though, but I'm expecting my computer to go 'poof' any minute now. So if I suddenly disappear, it's not name-changing related. *)

In happier news: [ profile] jhava has a report and lovely pictures up of 'An audience with the Hewletts' last Saturday!

Another very nice report, with cute pictures by [ profile] vida_boheme over here.

*) Problem solved! First my daughter and then my oldest son suggested the problem could be the mouse acting wonky. So I dug up an old mouse, switched to that, and presto!

Me thinks I'm going to keep these kids :D


Jun. 24th, 2008 06:49 pm
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[ profile] dryope has pics of David and Jane's wedding.

Good lord, could a couple look any happier?!
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(Warning: SGA season 5 casting spoiler ahead. Also warning for incoherent fangirling.)

*gurgles happily*

*flailing* )
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I don't know if anyone remembers the Stargate Atlantis video contest, for which the winner would get an Apple Macbook including a video chat with David Hewlett? I thought the winning video was well deserving. What I hadn't noticed so far though, is that she also posted the actual chat to YouTube! It's in 5 parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

With bonus delicious Scottish accent from the girl.

David Hewlett, how are you so damn cute?!?

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Ok, *melts*.

And now I'm off to work again, but after tomorrow I'll have 3 whole days off. Yay!! Brace yourselves for spam by then :D

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The man on Twitter:

tea in bed with the family...Baz asleep on my is good!

and one hour later:

still trapped by Baz's lapnap :-)

*D_E melts into a puddle*

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OMG NEW SGA!! I won't be able to watch until tonight, but it's good to have it *pats it fondly*

Also I've demanded asked and gotten my SG-1 season 1 box set back from my brother-in-law's family, because after over a year of lending it, they still hadn't finished it and I want to catch up with [ profile] redial_the_gate in time to fall in with their schedule asap now they're starting with season 2. I thought I'd be watching alone, but my youngest son and my daughter sat with me gleefully through the first disk and it was awesome picking favorite scenes together.

Oh, and yesterday my 'Treed Murray' dvd arrived! I'm not very impressed with the story, especially the second half of it (the first half looked promising enough, it just doesn't hold up), but it's more than worth it just for pretty, pretty David Hewlett looking pretty in his trenchcoat.

The dvd arrived together with my season 1 and 2 box of The Office.


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