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major BSG spoiler...

sometimes I hate being late to a fandom for that exact reason.

[edit] mood is for the nature of the spoiler, not because I got spoiled


Dec. 6th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Huh. I've gone through my flist, and checked all the usual suspects, but can't find any reviews of the latest SGA episode.

Has everyone left this fandom?


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I've got SGA 5x16 "Brain Storm", but I'm afraid to watch it.

Today I'm going shopping with 3 friends, which is going to be big fun, so that'll distract me, but tonight I'll have to watch it. Mr. RC is expecting me to.

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I'm suffering from 'feedback-angst'; I've had it before, but it's never been as bad as now. There are fics I'm dying to leave the author a raving and grateful message, but when I open the comment window I feel something very similar to performance anxiety building up in me and nothing comes out. Or something so lame that it feels like leaving a 10 cent tip in a fancy restaurant after a particularly gourmet meal.

This calls for my 'socially dysfunctional but sweet and well meaning' Grant icon.

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This entry of mine was very badly worded. Let me try and explain my view on the Supernatural matter:

cut for spoilers )

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The not so good:

- I really desperately miss participating in fandom stuff, and I so want to be able to comment and reply and such, and send out some emails, but it's just not going to happen until January. I miss you all terribly!
- Having the movie theater as a secondary part-time job is sadly not working as I'd hoped. It's not even so much a matter of time, but my heart is just not in it anymore now I know how satisfying it is to be working in a well running business and be part of a motivated team.

The great:

- The two points in the 'not so good' category will be solved.
- I'm loving my new job & colleagues.
- My husband and kids are so damn supportive in every way and things are running smoothly at home.
- I don't have a hangover.
- I got laid pretty spectacularly last night.

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Since all torrents are done now, and my youngest was away playing with a friend, I thought I'd watch episode 6.


That's a whole lot of blood and gore and violence and cruelty and terror and whatnot. It doesn't get any worse than this I hope?

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When I just came home from last weekend, I tried to catch up with my friendslist somewhat, comment here and there, and bookmarked Peg2 con reports for later after skimming through them quickly. Now I come back to them, not just a few, but the majority is suddenly friendslocked! As per usual there seems to be some 'thing' going on that I don't know about. Does someone, anyone have a clue what's with the secrecy and animosity I'm sensing?!

*clings to sweet Grant icon*
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It's getting worse and worse, the way I feel totally and utterly incompetent writing proper feedback. I can sit there grinning, horny, sniffling, delightfully confused, thoroughly shaken or however a fic has affected me, opened comment window staring at me, and I can feel the joy of what that fic has done to me seeping out of me, because I can't put it down in words. All that comes out are lame clich├ęs, things that could be recycled and used for any fic. I close the window, and put the fic in my memories, to come back to later, hoping something more profound will come to me then. Something that really says 'thank you for making me feel this way' and most of all 'this fic is special' with an explanation of why it's special. Sometimes it happens, and when I get back I'm able to give feedback that I consider 'worthy', more often however I just give up and post something I could have just as well posted the first time around, but it's happening ever more that I just give up. Which is bad, and something I don't want, because lame feedback is better than no feedback.

So my resolution for this new year is to leave something, anything, for every fic I've enjoyed reading. Even if it's just 'I loved this, thank you'. Huh, just thinking of doing that makes me cringe; it's scary! How weird is that...


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