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1) Dude, why can't I just stick to one fandom?

2) Specifically on the fanvids: I'm linking some I've had on one of my YouTube playlists for a long time, because when I checked this morning so many of them have been removed for different reasons, that I felt compelled to point some out before they get removed also. These are vids I love watching, for different reasons. It can be a technically brilliant vid, or a brilliant idea, or the music-choice did something for me, or all of the above.

Colin Morgan )

Farscape vid )

Hard Core Logo vid )

House/Dead Poets Society crossover vid )

MacDonald Hall )

Merlin )

Merlin rps )


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My fandom has [ profile] rageprufrock! \o/
She wrote a cracktastic fic 'Three castles', Merlin/Arthur, PG-13.


Fun but spoilerish fact about 'The Prodigal' (now with added clip) )


I've now watched the first 10 episodes of the first season and wow... Aeryn Sun is definitely getting to me. And episode 9 'DNA Mad Scientist'? I was so damn moved and shaken at certain points. I expected the series to be funny, exciting and weird, but it's also sexy, moving and surprising profound. And damn but the characters are interesting!

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First of all a 'Merlin' fic rec: 'The first dance' by [ profile] entangled_now, Merlin/Arthur, rated PG-13 (although I'd say PG)
A charming ficlet, with Merlin and Arthur sounding exactly the way I like them in the series; playful, sweet, witty and clever.

She wrote a whole lot of more fics in this fandom and others, which you can find at her writing journal [ profile] libraryofsol, neatly tagged for each fandom, pairing and rating. Of course I immediately went for the sga fics, and specifically loved 'Disarray', which is Rodney/John, PG-13 and has Rodney and John indulging in 'inappropriate hair fondling' under the influence of alien tea.
And she clearly also knows how to write NC-17 fics, hot enough to leave you sizzling; 'Closer', Sheppard/Lorne. Hot damn!!
So if you're into Torchwood, I'd recommend having a go at what she writes in that fandom. Or one of the many others for that matter.

Seeing as I'm still very much into SGA where it concerns fanfiction, especially because some of the writers there fix what the writers on the show break, I was very pleased with [ profile] velocitygrass's latest fic 'Horrible', which is a lovely little Halloween fic, that's both Rodney/John and a team-fic. It made me laugh and rated PG it still made my toes curl.

On a different note, I uploaded another 'Merlin' clip. This time definitely spoilerish; it's the end of the fifth episode 'Lancelot', and it shows my favorite pairing of all in this series; Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot/Merlin. I don't usually go for moresomes, but this one is balanced just right. So yeah, I'm hoping we'll see more of Lancelot...

Lastly I want to mention that I'm now seven episodes into Farscape (I'm the only one here who likes it, so I'm only watching it when I'm home alone, which isn't all that often) and whooooboy John Crichton makes me all tingly in all the right places *shifty eyes*


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