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1) Dude, why can't I just stick to one fandom?

2) Specifically on the fanvids: I'm linking some I've had on one of my YouTube playlists for a long time, because when I checked this morning so many of them have been removed for different reasons, that I felt compelled to point some out before they get removed also. These are vids I love watching, for different reasons. It can be a technically brilliant vid, or a brilliant idea, or the music-choice did something for me, or all of the above.

Colin Morgan )

Farscape vid )

Hard Core Logo vid )

House/Dead Poets Society crossover vid )

MacDonald Hall )

Merlin )

Merlin rps )


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I got mail *beams*

[ profile] alchehmilla: Curious George is happily riding his bike down my garland :D

[ profile] lisabellex: What a lovely card; my mom picked it out immediately to ooh and aah over it when she visited us.

[ profile] ladybella: Ahahahaah!! Roadrage indeed. Of course your card is the favorite of my boys *rolls eyes* Mr. D_E says hi to you too :D

[ profile] westmoon: Your card with the adorable sleeping kitten got a heartfelt 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw' out of everyone here.

[ profile] loreley_se: Your card is the only christmas card ever to smell like mint & sea salt soap :D

[ profile] anatsuno: Not naff at all! I love the little santa, and he goes excellent with all the ornaments we've collected over the years; our christmas tree is a mish-mash of memories :D

[ profile] lucky_jack: And we will get more Merlin moments in 2009! I'm not sure if I can handle it though... *bibbles*

[ profile] kiltsandlollies: I dedicate my icon to you. Complete with free drinks. (Not your fandom, but it's all about the caption and they're holding beers). Cheers!

And now a bit of SGA and Merlin related linkage behind the cut )

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Even if you're not into Merlin, make sure to click this link, because it has a dragon fancied out of felt. Also click wherever she links, because there are more dragons and the cutest bat you've ever seen. Also, read the text, because she's got a cute sense of humor.


'This whole deception lark' and 'In confidence' by [ profile] kageygirl (Arthur/Merlin, PG, pre-slash)
Two lovely episode tags to 1x7 'The gates of Avalon' in which we see a little more of what happened between Merlin saving Arthur and Arthur waking up from his daze, and the aftermath of the episode. I love Gaius in these and the characterizations of Arthur and Merlin.

'Drastically redefining protocol' by [ profile] rageprufrock (AU, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, WIP) has been updated with part 7.
Good lord it gets hot, hot, hot!! And damn funny. And utterly sweet.

'Even medieval times had a top shelf' by [ profile] oxoniensis (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
*flails* This has top!Merlin! And happy banter, and laughter, and both being sort of new to this, being curious, experimenting. I'm in love with this fic.


'Amelia and Anne' by [ profile] velocitygrass (Amelia Banks/Anne Teldy, G)
This is so heartwarming, so lovely, taking those first steps into getting to know each other, carefully checking if they're reading each other right, if this could be something more. Two women clicking, becoming friends, caring and courting. I love the way it made my stomach flutter in anticipation.

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'Last resort' by [ profile] crysothemis (John/Rodney, NC-17)

John is not so straight as Rodney thinks he is and Rodney is not so straight as either one of them think. It's one of those fics where you want to step in so you can point out what's plain to see. They figure it out themselves though...
There are some really hot scenes in there, especially one scene where John tries to draw out the moment as long as possible because he thinks it's the only chance he'll get; I didn't know whether to melt or explode.

'Hairy guys' by [ profile] kyuuketsukirui (John/Rodney, NC-17)

This fic involves a bossy Rodney, shaving tools and an initially reluctant John. It's the added handcuffs that get John interested and things get dirty from there.


The Care & Feeding Of Unicorns Part 1/2 by [ profile] icarusancalion (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13)

Arthur and Merlin use unicorn lore to find out more about each other. I love the way they talk with each other, curious, hoping for recognition, tentative the one moment and bold the next. They're teasing and challenging each other and there's this clear fondness that I love so much about the series.

And behind the cut, a cap of Colin Morgan that makes me a little weak in the knees )

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A little clip of Colin Morgan's introduction to an item on the work of Arts Care Northern Ireland Clown Doctors.


* fic recs (of the 'late to the party' variety):

'Small tents' by [ profile] brainofck (R, Jack/Daniel)

Jack trying to act practical and nonchalant about the unintentional snuggling habits in his sleep, and Daniel being sweetly manipulative. A warm and satisfying story.

'Pale shelter' by [ profile] jd_junkie (NC-17, Sabrina/Daniel)

Sabrina being Catherine Langford's niece whom Daniel meets at Catherine's funeral. Bittersweet, warm and sensual. I really wanted someone for Daniel to connect with, if even for once in a while. It's more than just sex, even if it's not enough.

'On a mission' by [ profile] iamrosalita (NC-17, Jack/Daniel)

After reminding Jack of their 'no sex on a mission' rule, Daniel proceeds to drive Jack crazy by just doing what he usually does. Needless to say the rule gets broken pretty thoroughly.


* fic rec

'RULE social•b. 99.1' by [ profile] velocitygrass (PG-13, John/Rodney)

John and Rodney being bored together, until Rodney inadvertently outs himself by quoting a comic.

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From this post in Joe Mallozzi's blog:

Question: ...anyway i was watching some oldies…ahh season 1 and i started wondering when did you guys realise that when exiting the stargate having to make the guys all frozen over would be too much…”

Answer: The day a faux frost-covered Richard Dean Anderson stumbled out of the gate and declared “This is going to get real old, real fast.”


[ profile] wraithfodder has some lovely reports with pics and vids up in her journal of the Cherry Hill Stargate Convention. I particularly loved the one of Jason Momoa, in which he tells of how he shocked David Hewlett (and amused Joe Flanigan to no end) by mooning David from Joe's car, and how he's the gay guy to Joe's straight guy. Those who are going to Chevron 7.2 should be in for a treat.

* A couple of fic recs:

'Aspects of Divinity (the world is my oyster)' by [ profile] rinsbane (NC-17, Rodney/John, AU)

This fic combines a couple of things I'm particularly fond of in Rodney/John fics: They hook up way before Antarctica, when they're just 18 and despite their differences they bond over so much. There's sensitive, melancholic, protective John, with a fondness for ferris wheels, and there's too intelligent for his age, grown up too quickly Rodney, who needs to be taught how to have fun. They are so meant to be together.

'Not quite Benjamin Braddock' by [ profile] velocitygrass (PG, John/Rodney, Rodney/Jennifer)

Did I mention they are meant to be? That kind of gives the outcome away, but avid McSheppers wouldn't read it otherwise, and avid McKellers would be disappointed if they did, so it's best to know up front imho. It's one of [ profile] velocitygrass's 'pining John and oblivious Rodney with a hopeful ending' fics that she does so well.


[ profile] mistful has written a hilarious yet weirdly accurate spoof on the series so far.

* Fic rec:

'Who's counting anyway' by [ profile] phantomjam (NC-17, Merlin/Arthur)

There's mutual flirting and teasing until they get to a point where it's either act, explode or leave off altogether. Seeing as the fic is rated NC-17 it's clear where this is going, and I must say it includes a scene that fits in nicely with what I mentioned here.


* Vidders on vidding.

[ profile] laurashapiro & [ profile] cesperanza have made a set of short documentaries about vidding according to vidders. I loved watching those geeky vidders, some of whom have made vids that I treasure, talk about why they do what they do. A short introduction with the link over here.

* Ben and Josh slash themselves.

And then one of the comments in this post at [ profile] face_of_joe reminded me of something [ profile] baylorsr pointed out three years ago: there's an Easter Egg on the region 1 version of the extended dvd of Pearl Harbor, that has a scene of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett re-enacting the animal cracker scene from Armagaddon. The entry is now locked, but she was kind enough to send me the caps she'd made back then. You can see them here (click 'slideshow' at the top right corner, then 'fast' at the bottom left corner and watch the cuteness).


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