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Apr. 15th, 2008 10:16 am
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Life on Mars

If you've seen both seasons (or don't mind spoilers) of Life on Mars, please watch this video by [ profile] lidi. (There's a YouTube and a download link.)
Her summary is self-explanatory. It has that typical combination of surreal/real, joy/melancholy and it just makes my heart swell with love for Sam.

Torchwood/Doctor Who

This video by [ profile] fan_eunice and [ profile] greensilver is completely hilarious! (There's an Imeem and a download link.)

Jack moving from Doctor Who to Torchwood set to Madonna's 'Papa don't preach'. I think I broke something watching this, and every time I watch I discover more brilliant details.

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Since I thought the second half of the first season of 'Supernatural' was improving on the first half, and since my daughter kept watching anyway I thought I'd hang in there too, and lord am I liking the second season so far! Especially 'Bloodlust' and 'Simon said' (which is the last episode I've seen so far).

Now I'm curious: I know some of you are into the fandom and read and/or write fanfiction in it, but I don't get any slash vibes when I see Sam and Dean. What kind of fiction are you people into when it concerns 'Supernatural'?

On a different note: I just watched the first episode of 'Life on Mars', and please tell me it keeps on being as bloody awesome for the rest of the series?!?!? Good lord, that's really something!


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