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I just bought the Britney Spears song 'Circus' off iTunes.

The things that fandom makes me do. Really...

*plays on repeat*


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Just been to a Gomez concert with [profile] gayadi. It was fucking awesome.

More (including backlog of replies) tomorrow.

Bed now.

*happy and contented sigh-yawn-stretch*

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This summer my daughter and I will attend a three day festival, Lowlands. We bought tickets when not much was known by way of a line up, but it's the most laid back, easy going, relaxed festivals I've ever been to that doesn't have a lot of Big Names, but focuses on wide variety (and not just music but also theater, dance, movies, literature and even political debate) so it's going to be awesome either way. Names are trickling in and yesterday I casually announced that Fall Out Boy is going to be there to which my daughter practically started doing back-flips.

Erm, I guess I'll have to check them out?

So far I'm most enthusiastic about Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian being there :D

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My oldest niece (she's 20) is leaving for South Africa next week for a trainee-ship. She's in her last year at a training college for primary schoolteachers, and she choose to do her final long trainee-ship at a school for poor children, because she's awesome like that. Last week her friends threw her a surprise 'goodbye and good luck' party. She sings in a band, and they'd set up a small stage with all the band members there, so here she's singing for a tiny audience.

It's a cover ('The Dark' from the Dutch singer Anouk).

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My most memorable rock concert evening must have been the first evening of the 4-day Rock Werchter festival in 2003, which started with Bjork, then Radiohead and we got to dance our boosted energy off to Underworld.

It was truly beyond amazing, without a doubt musically speaking the best evening of my life and I don't expect to experience anything better or even equal to it again.

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Last weekend I went to London to spend time with [ profile] loreley_se, so of course now I'm torrenting the first 6 episodes of Merlin because; Anthony Head!!! And Merlin and Arthur are oh so cute and slashy :D

Good thing I already got her reading The Nightrunner series. Fellow-fans, I'm happy to say we've officially got a convert. For those who aren't reading yet: why aren't you?!?!?

What did we do? We went to eat curry, as you do when you're in London. I got introduced to Merlin. We went for a walk and rummaged around in dvd-, cd- and bookstores. Talked about life, work and how silly and annoying people in general and fans in all fandoms in particular can be as opposed to how completely sane and sensible we are. We watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries while eating pizza. Some sparkly white wine may have been involved. We slept in on Sunday (some more than others). Had [ profile] jhava come over which resulted in her and me making high-pitched dolphin noises about several fandoms we appeared to have in common while [ profile] loreley_se made us one of her patently delicious lunches. It was absolutely fantastic being able to piss and moan about the latest (and last) SGA season without being accused of being a bad fangirl. (Someone should rewrite that sentence with less use of the word 'being'). We went to see The Last Shadow Puppets. And [ profile] loreley_se: their support act was Ipso Facto.

It was one of those weekends that are nicely leisured, relaxing and over way too soon.

Seeing the comments left and right I don't have to hurry seeing SGA's latest episode, so I'll just go on watching Armagaddon clips in fangirlish glee. And may I specifically point out this clip of David Hewlett with Jane and their son (awwwww...)
Also, is it just me, or has David lost some weight?


Aug. 19th, 2008 03:58 pm
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Two days at the Lowlands festival inspired me into looking for Franz Ferdinand slash.

Not a good idea.

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Hi! Home for a bit, between camping at the seaside and staying in a holiday cottage. Doing laundry, cleaning and putting away the camping gear. Between takes I sneak in some fandom-time and here's what I've been enjoying:

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] cesperanza's "Five lies John told", now with added art by [ profile] lim. These two keep on inspiring and complimenting each other in such a delightful way.

I watched the latest episode "The Daedalus variations". Cut for teeny tiny (spoilerish) review. )
There appears to be a two week break while the Olympic games are going on, so it'll take a while longer then expected to get to the episode I'm so looking forward to (link includes spoiler picture) *ngggggh*

[ profile] jhava made a team focussed Atlantis wallpaper that made me go 'yes, yes, yessss!!' and it's now my desktop.

Stargate SG-1

[ profile] paian has added more bits to her WIP comment fic "Come what may" (I'm now at comment no. 63 70) and I have to sit on my hands to stop myself from writing any more feedback *headdesk*. Soon people will wish I was still suffering from my feedback-block.

[ profile] apple_pi pointed out a better version of the Michael/Ben Comic Con kiss and Scorpsik made it into Daniel/Cameron kiss art.


When I got home a parcel had arrived of the Linkin Park cd I'd ordered; 'Minutes to midnight', the one with 'What I've done' on it. I've immediately put it on my ipod.

On that note:

Harry Potter

It was in fact this vid (spoilers for the Deathly Hallows chapter called "The Forest Again") that made me decide that I wanted the cd.


Speaking of vids: I'm not in the Avatar fandom, but my daughter is, and right before going on holiday last week she posted her latest Avatar vid on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiastic reactions it had gotten.

Oh, and although I'm not in the fandom, I still have a favorite Avatar vid by Ravenhpltc24. Awesome timing and use of music and lyrics that one!

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Packing almost done and then we're leaving. First for a camping on one of the Northern islands of The Netherlands. (Yes, we have islands. Small ones.) We'll be spending a week with my brother-in-law, his wife and their 4 children, walking distance from the sea. \o/

Then we'll spend a week in a holiday cottage in the middle of the country just the five of us. This cottage is near Biddinghuizen where a rockfestival will be, for which my daughter, my youngest son and I have tickets. More \o/
Mr. RC and the oldest son didn't feel like going too, so they'll drop us off at the start of each day and pick us up at the end and they'll spend the day biking or whatever they feel like doing.

It will be awesome!

We'll be back late on Sunday August 17th.

Take care all of you!

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Along with holiday packing, I'm also doing some holiday ipod updating. Now I'm all for paying artists for what I'm enjoying, but in two cases I can only get a certain song if I buy the whole album.

Yeah right...

In that case I don't feel bad about getting a version the old school way;

Dear flist,

can any one of you good people provide me with either or both of the following:

Kane - Rain down on me; the DJ Tiesto remix*
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hello hello

And if so, is there anything I could get you in return?


* Fun fact; DJ Tiesto is from my home-town *is proud*
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I am so not familiar with bandslash, but please tell me there's 'Last shadow puppets' slash somewhere?

[edit] I mean uhm..., cute and talented (and practically slashing themselves; check 30-40 seconds in).

Live at Jonathan Ross: did I mention their concert is all sold out?

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Yesterday evening, instead of catching up with lj like I promised, I spend the evening with Mr. D_E and the kids, watching season 2 episodes of SGA, drinking wine and eating my favorite crisps.

Today I'm going to Pinkpop with my daughter.

So yeah, the catching up will have to wait until Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. Because I've got all of these days off and nothing planned. *beams*

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I've worked a lot lately and now I'm too tired to reply/comment etc. I'll have tomorrow afternoon off, so I've got good hope I can catch up with LJ and email tomorrow evening, since I'm not too far behind.

If anyone feels like guessing the songs to these first lines, be my guest.

These were the first 20 songs that popped up when I put my playlist on shuffle:

Now with the answers (and an lj-cut...) )
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Yesterday I went to an AJ McLean concert in Paradiso Amsterdam.

I actually quite liked it.

[ profile] gayadi made me.

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My music rec of the day.


Apr. 11th, 2008 07:11 pm
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Two years ago I saw The Editors perform at the Pinkpop rock festival, and I was blown away by them. This year I'll see them again, at the same festival, only this time they'll perform at the big stage instead of the smaller one in the tent. It will less intimate, but I'm sure they'll be amazing.

I'm listening to their music a lot, especially 'The Racing Rats'.

Here's a link to that song at YouTube. And if you like what you hear, I've ripped and uploaded it to SendSpace (and this version of course sounds a lot better).

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The main purpose of this meme is actually to find out what clips you people like to watch at YouTube. So, I'll start, and if you like you can give your own answers in your journal.

YouTube meme!

Pick 10 YouTube clips that are special to you (no matter if it won't make sense to anyone but you or the quality is bad) and tell us why.

Here are my answers: )

Yeah I know, those are more than 10 links... But it's my meme and I cheat if I want to ;p

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I'll write this entry by numbers. [ profile] starfishchick-style so to speak ;)

1. Still loving my job.

2. Tomorrow [ profile] gayadi is dropping by for an afternoon of SGA watching \o/

3. I've got daytickets for Saturday at Pinkpop!! The Editors will be there!!!!! I'll be going with my daughter :D

4. I found a flaw in my parents-in-law: they're celebrating their 50th wedding-day anniversary smack in the middle of Rock Werchter. [ profile] loreley_se and I will find ways to schedule around that, I'm sure, but it's a nuisance [/spoiled brat mode]

5. Still very much in love with my husband.

6. Rodney makes a good second place though.

7. For those curious, I wrote the answers to the music quiz.

8. I'm feeling bad for not feeling bad about 'Midway'. I understand where this is coming from, but when I'm really honest I don't feel it that way. And I don't know why. I think I should (not because others would think so, but because I think I should feel differently. Ok, this is getting way too complicated...)

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While I was folding laundry, ironing and having some coffee (and cookies), I let itunes scramble my 'List of Absolute Favorites' and jotted down every song that came up. Here are the first lines of those songs. If you like you can have a go at guessing which songs by whom.

I've screened comments so everyone who likes to try has a fair chance, no matter the timezone ;)

You know what... I'm not cutting *is a rebel*

Edited to add the answers and put the whole shebang behind a cut. )

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I'm gonna buy an ipod *is very excited*

The thing is that:
1) I've been away from home a lot lately and when I'm at home there are usually others with whom I'm talking or watching tv etc, and I noticed I missed listening to my own choice in music.
2) I spend quite some hours every week traveling to and from my work.

I figured, why not combine these two points and buy an mp3 player. I can listen to music while I travel! What a concept!! It had to be a cheap player of course, because it's just for me... When I told mr. D_E about my clever plan he rolled his eyes and told me to go get an ipod.

So this weekend I've been getting used to the idea. Today, during my break, I went to a nearby store that sells 'm and fell in love with this little cutie. There's a special offer on them this week and this store accepts the coupons I got from the cinema as my goodbye present, which made me feel a little more comfortable about the whole idea.

I've started putting together a folder with my absolute favorite songs from my cd's and tonight I installed itunes and bought my first five songs there; four because they can't be bought over here any other way and one because it's the very first song I downloaded illegally by way of Kazaa way back when. )

And tomorrow I'm gonna buy an ipod. *beams*


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