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Last weekend I went to London to spend time with [ profile] loreley_se, so of course now I'm torrenting the first 6 episodes of Merlin because; Anthony Head!!! And Merlin and Arthur are oh so cute and slashy :D

Good thing I already got her reading The Nightrunner series. Fellow-fans, I'm happy to say we've officially got a convert. For those who aren't reading yet: why aren't you?!?!?

What did we do? We went to eat curry, as you do when you're in London. I got introduced to Merlin. We went for a walk and rummaged around in dvd-, cd- and bookstores. Talked about life, work and how silly and annoying people in general and fans in all fandoms in particular can be as opposed to how completely sane and sensible we are. We watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries while eating pizza. Some sparkly white wine may have been involved. We slept in on Sunday (some more than others). Had [ profile] jhava come over which resulted in her and me making high-pitched dolphin noises about several fandoms we appeared to have in common while [ profile] loreley_se made us one of her patently delicious lunches. It was absolutely fantastic being able to piss and moan about the latest (and last) SGA season without being accused of being a bad fangirl. (Someone should rewrite that sentence with less use of the word 'being'). We went to see The Last Shadow Puppets. And [ profile] loreley_se: their support act was Ipso Facto.

It was one of those weekends that are nicely leisured, relaxing and over way too soon.

Seeing the comments left and right I don't have to hurry seeing SGA's latest episode, so I'll just go on watching Armagaddon clips in fangirlish glee. And may I specifically point out this clip of David Hewlett with Jane and their son (awwwww...)
Also, is it just me, or has David lost some weight?

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Just finished the second book 'Stalking Darkness'.

Of course I love Seregil and Alec to itty bitty bits. But Nysander, Beka, Thero and Micum; they all stole pieces of my heart.

I'm looking forward to reading the third and fourth book, and I'm so happy to know a fifth is in the making!

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Last week I've been quite busy because on moments I wasn't working at the bookstore in Utrecht, I was filling in at the bookstore in Nieuwegein. This week will be the same. It's nice seeing my former colleagues again, but I'm glad this is only temporarily because I'd been looking forward to some time for myself with the kids back at school and all. Well, at least I have Sunday's off.

On top of me not having much on-line time as it was, internet went down a couple of times this week. In spite of that I managed to get SGA 5x7, so I watched that last night. Some spoilery remarks about this episode and an upcoming one behind this cut. )

I've also watched the first episode of Farscape and it took me all of 2 minutes to fall hopelessly in love with John Crichton; I finally added Ben Browder to my interests.

Oh, and I'm using my tram and bus traveling time to read. A couple of Dutch writers (Siska Mulder and Joost Heyink), Lynn Flewelling's ([ profile] otterdance) Nightrunner series, and I've been rereading some of my favorite Rodney/John adolescent fics. Rawr!!


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