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Don't like (as in; turns me off a story quicker than you can say 'But that's true love!')

* When Morgana and/or Gwen are jealous, evil bitches who want to keep Arthur and Merlin apart.

* When Arthur is not just an arrogant prat, but a complete asshole, sometimes even intentionally cruel.

* When Merlin allows Arthur to treat him badly without any kind of protest. When he bows his head and just takes it, even comes crawling back for more.

* Either one or both of them suffering horribly for unthinkable periods of time.

Like (as in; I have a specific weakness for)

* When Gwen and Merlin get together, find out they love each other to bits but not like that, split up and then support each other through the whole process of Merlin getting together with Arthur and Gwen getting together with Morgana.

* When Merlin can't let it rest when he and Arthur disagree about something. No matter how exasperated Arthur gets with him, he keeps bringing it up.

* When Arthur wants to do the right and just thing. When he's thoughtful and aware of his responsibilities.

* When Arthur and Merlin are passionate about each other; when they fight hard and love hard. When they grab, push and shove because they're angry or full of lust.

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This afternoon we're leaving for our yearly family get together and this time I'm really looking forward to it! Twenty-two people, ranging from 5 to 79 who all get along great and sunny weather predicted so we've got that working for us. No internet, but I've got fics printed.

Will be back Monday evening.

See you then!

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So. The plan was to go camping with my family-in-law next weekend. Now I love them dearly, but we already had our yearly big family gathering for the weekend following that one, and two family weekends in a row was a bit much imho.

Then it turned out that Bradley James was joining Soccer Six, so it was a shame I was going to miss that.

Then it turned out that Colin Morgan was going to be at the London Expo (and Bradley, Angel and Katie) and frankly... some wailing may have occurred *shifty eyes*.

Today I got an email from my sister-in-law; the weather forecast didn't look so well, so they wanted to skip the camping and just leave it at the usual weekend. Bye. Then an email from my brother-in-law came saying they agreed. See you in two weeks.

I may have freaked. Just a little. I may have emailed [personal profile] loreley_se to virtually cry on her shoulder. Some emails back and forth later she's arranged tickets for me to both events and I've ordered plane-tickets.

I'm going to London next Friday...


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Posting from Dreamwidth; so I'm crossing fingers and toes (and hopefully posts).

Anyway, not last weekend but the weekend before that I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair with my daughter and her friend on a Sunday. This is a yearly event that takes place in a park around a beautiful castle, so that really adds to the atmosphere. Lots of people come dressed up, there are all kinds of live action plays, dances, merchandise of course, writers signing books, little medieval villages etc. It's absolutely lovely, and it's fun just to walk around and watch everything and everybody.

Some more inside, including meeting James Marsters and some pics from the fair )

Oh hey, and you know what's cool? When I edit an entry at Dreamwidth the Livejournal entry gets edited too!!

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My country is in shock over something that in the grand scheme of things isn't that big a deal, but it is to most of us, including me. This post is getting longer and longer though every time I edit it, so I'll put this behind a cut now. )

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This summer my daughter and I will attend a three day festival, Lowlands. We bought tickets when not much was known by way of a line up, but it's the most laid back, easy going, relaxed festivals I've ever been to that doesn't have a lot of Big Names, but focuses on wide variety (and not just music but also theater, dance, movies, literature and even political debate) so it's going to be awesome either way. Names are trickling in and yesterday I casually announced that Fall Out Boy is going to be there to which my daughter practically started doing back-flips.

Erm, I guess I'll have to check them out?

So far I'm most enthusiastic about Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian being there :D

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The book/stationary-store where I work is going to go through some major rebuilding come this Monday, so we spent the last 3 days (the first 2 of which we were still open for customers) packing everything that's in the shop so it can be stored somewhere temporarily. It was actually big fun as we're such a great team, everything went way more smoothly and quickly then we expected and we got a lot of encouraging reactions from the customers even though the shop was increasingly difficult to walk through and ever more things couldn't be reached anymore because they were already packed.

It was also exhausting and I feel like I could sleep a week. Conveniently I have almost three weeks off now until the store is finished and we have to put everything back in. Pity it's not payed leave, but we can afford it, so it's not really a problem and I've got some things I want to do. There's some painting that needs to be done, I want to sort through our pictures of the past couple of years and I want to see if I can finally get my rec pages done. Those weeks will be over before I know it I'm sure!

Tomorrow I'm giving myself a day off though. I plan to curl up on the couch and read, and this is where my question comes in;

What fics would you recommend for me? I'm in the mood for warm and happy. I don't mind a bit of angst, as long as it ends well. And sex. I love there to be sex. Warm and happy sex. SGA, SG-1, Merlin or anything you think I might like.

Wow, I literally started dozing of a couple of times while typing this post. I'm going to bed. Good night :D

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Yesterday we booked our holiday for August. We're never this early and we never book. We usually just drive off in a general direction, go until we're fed up, look for a camping site and set up for the night. If we like the site we stay longer, if we don't we move on. That's how we did it up until now.

For several reasons, most of which boil down to 'I'm getting too old for this shit', we decided to try it differently this year. We're booking through an organization we've heard positive things about, they have tents set up everywhere in Europe and you don't have to book the usual Friday-to-Friday deal. So we're staying at the first camping for 3 nights, move on to the next in the South of France for another 8 nights and then back up to the middle of France for another 3 nights at the third camping. One thing we found out; it's sure more expensive this way, geez...

Now where does fandom come into this you ask? The first camping we're staying is a 20 minute drive away from Chateau de Pierrefonds...

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My oldest niece (she's 20) is leaving for South Africa next week for a trainee-ship. She's in her last year at a training college for primary schoolteachers, and she choose to do her final long trainee-ship at a school for poor children, because she's awesome like that. Last week her friends threw her a surprise 'goodbye and good luck' party. She sings in a band, and they'd set up a small stage with all the band members there, so here she's singing for a tiny audience.

It's a cover ('The Dark' from the Dutch singer Anouk).

book meme

Jan. 25th, 2009 09:55 am
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next seven sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Dit kind zal u meer dan zeven dochteren zijn. .... Wie zei dat ook weer? Maria India? Jarings Gonne?
Onder de toebereidselen voor de nachtrust speelt er voortdurend een glimlach om de lippen van Jaakje.

De zomer komt en Sil zet zijn plannen met het wier door.

Since hardly anyone on my list will understand these sentences (but those who can read will most probably know which one it is) I'll tell you something about the book.

It's a very worn one. I got it in 1986 from a colleague who was cleaning her attic and when she came across a couple of books she wasn't interested in anymore she asked me if I would like them, because she knows I have a thing for worn books that show their history. For some reason it doesn't have a date printed inside the book, but it does have a stamp from the bookstore that apparently also was a 'reading library'. The first page is used to stamp a return date, and the first date is February 11th 1949. The last dates are handwritten and don't include a year.

The spine is missing and it's had some water damage at some point, but I love the story, it's got illustrations by Anton Pieck, and I love that I got it from that colleague.

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I got mail *beams*

[ profile] alchehmilla: Curious George is happily riding his bike down my garland :D

[ profile] lisabellex: What a lovely card; my mom picked it out immediately to ooh and aah over it when she visited us.

[ profile] ladybella: Ahahahaah!! Roadrage indeed. Of course your card is the favorite of my boys *rolls eyes* Mr. D_E says hi to you too :D

[ profile] westmoon: Your card with the adorable sleeping kitten got a heartfelt 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw' out of everyone here.

[ profile] loreley_se: Your card is the only christmas card ever to smell like mint & sea salt soap :D

[ profile] anatsuno: Not naff at all! I love the little santa, and he goes excellent with all the ornaments we've collected over the years; our christmas tree is a mish-mash of memories :D

[ profile] lucky_jack: And we will get more Merlin moments in 2009! I'm not sure if I can handle it though... *bibbles*

[ profile] kiltsandlollies: I dedicate my icon to you. Complete with free drinks. (Not your fandom, but it's all about the caption and they're holding beers). Cheers!

And now a bit of SGA and Merlin related linkage behind the cut )

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I've got SGA 5x16 "Brain Storm", but I'm afraid to watch it.

Today I'm going shopping with 3 friends, which is going to be big fun, so that'll distract me, but tonight I'll have to watch it. Mr. RC is expecting me to.

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Mr. RC and I are going here this weekend. Just the two of us.


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Last weekend I went to London to spend time with [ profile] loreley_se, so of course now I'm torrenting the first 6 episodes of Merlin because; Anthony Head!!! And Merlin and Arthur are oh so cute and slashy :D

Good thing I already got her reading The Nightrunner series. Fellow-fans, I'm happy to say we've officially got a convert. For those who aren't reading yet: why aren't you?!?!?

What did we do? We went to eat curry, as you do when you're in London. I got introduced to Merlin. We went for a walk and rummaged around in dvd-, cd- and bookstores. Talked about life, work and how silly and annoying people in general and fans in all fandoms in particular can be as opposed to how completely sane and sensible we are. We watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries while eating pizza. Some sparkly white wine may have been involved. We slept in on Sunday (some more than others). Had [ profile] jhava come over which resulted in her and me making high-pitched dolphin noises about several fandoms we appeared to have in common while [ profile] loreley_se made us one of her patently delicious lunches. It was absolutely fantastic being able to piss and moan about the latest (and last) SGA season without being accused of being a bad fangirl. (Someone should rewrite that sentence with less use of the word 'being'). We went to see The Last Shadow Puppets. And [ profile] loreley_se: their support act was Ipso Facto.

It was one of those weekends that are nicely leisured, relaxing and over way too soon.

Seeing the comments left and right I don't have to hurry seeing SGA's latest episode, so I'll just go on watching Armagaddon clips in fangirlish glee. And may I specifically point out this clip of David Hewlett with Jane and their son (awwwww...)
Also, is it just me, or has David lost some weight?

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I shouldn't get attached to stuff as much as apparently I do. I didn't think I did in fact. Although I already knew I'm ridiculously fond of my Eastpack (those who've seen me, have seen my green backpack), and everything I've pinned to it and hung from it over the course of the years. It's something of my fandom museum. Even the stuff that didn't survive the wear and tear of time, I've put it in the front pocket and I know it's there.

Last week I found out my SG-1 enamel pin was missing. I must have lost it somewhere without noticing and was hoping it would turn up somewhere at home or at work. No such luck.

And now I feel weirdly lost without it...

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I don't know why, but the whole fanlore thing is freaking me out. Maybe it's because I secretly kept insisting I was part of something small and underground. Fanlore makes it look so big and organized. I'm not against it, and people have put a lot of work and enthusiasm in it, which is great, it's just...

I don't know.

*furrows brow*

This icon never really seems appropriate, because the words seem somehow offensive, which is not how I mean it, but oh, the look on David's face, and his stance...

Oh, you know what made me all kinds of nostalgic?! Fandom wise I mean? Those clips that [ profile] wraithfodder made of old shows that David Hewlett had a little appearance in. He's a fucked up psychiatric patient, a rent boy and a super cute coroner. And it's taped old school style, filming the tv screen while the video is rolling. Oh man, ♥ so much!!

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love how these days I can watch a fantastic quality file of a new episode of just about every show I want, not even a day after it's been aired. And it's great that quite some writers get pages of feedback shortly after they've posted a new fic. And it's fun that Joe Mallozzi talks about McSheppers (and even apologizes when a specific scene that could have been fun for them didn't make the cut). But I remember fondly the days that you really had to dig to find new fics. When I borrowed a videorecorder so I could make copies of my vids and swap them with other fans for stuff that I couldn't get here.

And it's fun writing this down in my own journal.

*makes a nest*

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Just one more day, and then I'll have four days off. And after that I've got three weeks scheduled with some extra days off mixed in. OMG! I'll have time to read! And watch Farscape! And fiddle around on LJ!

In the meantime, here are my current favorite YouTube clips:

Cat approaches without moving.

Three guys in a car singing and headbanging to the Venga Boys.

And behind the cut is my current favorite David Hewlett picture: )

Can anyone tell me what type of car that is? Still the Toyota Echo? I'm useless and clueless where it comes to cars... Just figured out that it's indeed still the Toyota Echo. Ah, you gotta love the guy!

From this interview two years ago:

L: In an older interview, you talked about how you showed up on the Stargate set in this little compact car where everybody else was driving their big SUVs. Do you still have this little car or did you go out and buy a new sports car.

DH: *laughs* Nope. Still driving it.

L: What is it?

DH: It's this tiny little Toyota Echo. It was the only car i could afford when we were living in LA. Down there, we didn't have any money. It was the cheapest car you could buy. And my dad even helped me out buying it. I've never been a big fan of cars, it gets me from A to B, that's all I care about. As long as it's got a radio. Jane however just got a new car.

L: Ah, so Jane likes the new toys.

DH: Yes, Jane likes her cars. She's got a VW but it runs on bio-diesel so its practically running on french fries.

Off to work now (for real this time...).

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Last week I've been quite busy because on moments I wasn't working at the bookstore in Utrecht, I was filling in at the bookstore in Nieuwegein. This week will be the same. It's nice seeing my former colleagues again, but I'm glad this is only temporarily because I'd been looking forward to some time for myself with the kids back at school and all. Well, at least I have Sunday's off.

On top of me not having much on-line time as it was, internet went down a couple of times this week. In spite of that I managed to get SGA 5x7, so I watched that last night. Some spoilery remarks about this episode and an upcoming one behind this cut. )

I've also watched the first episode of Farscape and it took me all of 2 minutes to fall hopelessly in love with John Crichton; I finally added Ben Browder to my interests.

Oh, and I'm using my tram and bus traveling time to read. A couple of Dutch writers (Siska Mulder and Joost Heyink), Lynn Flewelling's ([ profile] otterdance) Nightrunner series, and I've been rereading some of my favorite Rodney/John adolescent fics. Rawr!!

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Hi, I'm working today and then we'll have 2 nieces and 2 nephews over for the weekend. It's gonna be great fun, but with a grand total of 7 kids varying in age from 4 to 17 years old around the house, I highly doubt I'll get much on-line time squeezed in...

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Eat a healthy 'restoring from holiday' breakfast.

Get money because the bed-delivery guy needs to be paid in cash.


Check mail & friendslist.


*) Wait for bed-delivery guy.


repeat several times from *)

Trying to cap that one moment in SGA 5x5 where Rodney does that thing with his face, but failing.


Getting a phone-call from bed-delivery guy and confirming that yes, I was in fact expecting him to deliver the bed today.


Wait for bed-delivery guy.


Help bed-delivery guy to get the assorted packages upstairs to bedroom of oldest.

Wait for bed-delivery guy to assemble bed.

Admire handywork* and pay bed-delivery guy.


Write lj update before going shopping with youngest who needs new football shoes (it won't be long until I'm officially the shortest person in this house...)

Probably refresh one more time before shutting down computer.

* Which reminds me to re-read two delicious fics by [ profile] scribblinlenore.


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