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Behind the cut is one of my regularly unscheduled outrages about the US movie rating system vs the Dutch one. For those not familiar with my journal, let me give you a hint where it's going; I prefer the Dutch one.

Consider yourselves warned, because here I go: )
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In the bookstore I work, most of the customers are nice, friendly and polite. Just like we are. This post however is about the small percentage of customers that make us roll our eyes at each other and sometimes even retreat to the little office in the back to do a little headdesking.

- The woman who felt insulted because we didn't allow her to bring her dog inside. When it was pouring rain outside. Soaking wet dog + shelves full of books = funniest home video fodder.

- The woman who came into the shop on a Friday, asking for a certain kind ring binder. We didn't have it in stock at that moment, but we told her we'd get a new load the next Friday. She called again on Tuesday with the same question and got the same answer. She called again on Thursday with the same question and got the same answer, to which she went into a hissy fit because we still didn't have what she needed.

- Every day there are one or two people surprised that we actually close at closing time.

- Quite often there are people who wait until literally the last minute before closing time to pick a book, ask extensive information about possible reprints of a currently out of print book, can't quite decide if they want this birthday card or the other one, remember after paying for it all that they also wanted a stamp, and oh yeah, could we giftwrap the book.

- The business man who keeps talking loudly in his cell phone while slapping whatever he wants to buy in front of me without even looking at me.

- The parent who thinks it's a good idea to drop a 2 year old in front of the shelves with children's books and then leave them unattended to go looking for something else themselves.

But like I said: most customers are nice friendly and polite. And so am I. Most of the time.

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Somebody remind me that next time when they ask me at the old place 'Hey, we've got some gaps in our schedule, do you think you can fill those?', I'll say 'Nah, I'm already scheduled plenty at the other store, thank you very much' instead of 'Sure, when do you need me.'

(I.o.w.: Oops, I did it again, so two weeks of extra works yesterday became three weeks of extra work.)

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The sensible thing to do now is go to bed, because I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work, but I don't wanna! I'm having such a blast (re)reading fics, watching vids, writing feedback, having fun and interesting lj-conversations, commenting and replying to comments.


Sometimes it sucks having to be a responsible adult.

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I have little patience with people who pout and whine. With entries that are cryptic because the poster probably suspects they're wrong in their entitlement. When someone throws a hissy fit and then disables comments because they don't want to listen to reason and just want to revel in their childish tantrum.

That said: *indulges in all of the above*

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Note to self:

Stop overeating. It makes you feel bloated and you don't enjoy the food anymore, so why the fuck you're doing it is beyond me.

Just stop.

If you stop now, you can feel mentally and physically healthy again in just a few days. It'll be worth it, and you know it.


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'The thing' I think I understand is:

LJ has quite suddenly started suspending a large number journals based on certain interests on their user-page. I don't think anyone knows for certain what brought this on, most probably they got scared for legal actions after a group knocked on their door saying they thought LJ should be more active in trying to purge possibly illegal activities on LJ.

The disturbing thing is that they suspended journals purely based on those interests, regardless of why the interest was mentioned. Acts like pedophilia and rape are wrong, that's clear. Mentioning the word or even being interested in the subject however isn't.

And I get that people get angry when their journal, or other people's journals get suspended for reasons they couldn't foresee. They spend money on, and/or put a lot of work into something that's been taken away from them for no good reason. This is enough to get upset, but on top of this people get the feeling their journals could be next if LJ feels the urge.

It's like getting slapped by your mom when she overhears you talking about what you would do if you had a lot of money, saying: 'I bet you wanted to steal that money!' It's bad enough to be wrongly accused and punished, but now you also don't know what will set her off next time.

The thing I don't get is:

How is [ profile] fandom_counts going to help? And most of all: how is this a fandom thing?

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A little introduction:

In May my oldest will finish secondary school. After that he'll have to pick a specific education. He wants to join the army, but since he'll be 15 when he finishes school, he's too young to join. But for kids like him there's a special 'bridge' education to fill in the gap. Last year we've been to several information days for that specific education and then we heard he was supposed to apply in November 2006 if he wants to join the 2007/2008 class.

Now we get to the part where I get very frustrated )

Obviously this was not 'required reading' for those who come across this entry. But I really needed to get this out of my system. I love my country, but the bureaucracy drives me up the wall sometimes.
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Oh my GOD, LJ is driving me up the WALL with how slow it is lately!! I'm trying to reply to the comments I've had in my journal lately, and it goes like this:

read comment
click reply
wait forever to get the page to load
write reply
click preview & check spelling
wait forever to get the page to load
check and correct
click post comment
wait forever to get the page to load
rinse repeat.

And that's an easy one. For some replies I want to check back into another specific post/journal/fic/whatever and I have to wait for every page to take endlessly to load even if I'm not interested in that particular page, but I just need it to get from one link to another, because links don't work until the page has come to a 'full and complete stop' [/gratuitous Sheppard quote].

So basically I'm spending most of my time waiting, while gnashing my teeth and muttering 'hurry up you mofo' under my breath.


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