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I feel like getting my recs organized, and there are a couple of things I already know I want:

1) I'll keep on making these rec posts the way I have been for quite some time now, I just want to have a place where I can have them archived all together and update that every few months.
2) I've shifted from mainly rps back in my lotrips days, to mainly fps now. I'll keep on reccing rps every now and then, but I won't archive those recs. That doesn't make sense, I know, but there you go. Ok, that went out the window right about the time Merlin lured me into rps again, and the more I'm in it, the less principles I've got.
3) There are a couple of things I'm not quite sure about, and that's where you come in. Hence this poll.

If you in some way, shape or form use my recs, then I have the following questions (and these are check buttons on purpose):

[Poll #1325848]
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I got mail *beams*

[ profile] alchehmilla: Curious George is happily riding his bike down my garland :D

[ profile] lisabellex: What a lovely card; my mom picked it out immediately to ooh and aah over it when she visited us.

[ profile] ladybella: Ahahahaah!! Roadrage indeed. Of course your card is the favorite of my boys *rolls eyes* Mr. D_E says hi to you too :D

[ profile] westmoon: Your card with the adorable sleeping kitten got a heartfelt 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw' out of everyone here.

[ profile] loreley_se: Your card is the only christmas card ever to smell like mint & sea salt soap :D

[ profile] anatsuno: Not naff at all! I love the little santa, and he goes excellent with all the ornaments we've collected over the years; our christmas tree is a mish-mash of memories :D

[ profile] lucky_jack: And we will get more Merlin moments in 2009! I'm not sure if I can handle it though... *bibbles*

[ profile] kiltsandlollies: I dedicate my icon to you. Complete with free drinks. (Not your fandom, but it's all about the caption and they're holding beers). Cheers!

And now a bit of SGA and Merlin related linkage behind the cut )

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My son is watching a tv-program, and just heard that the average man think of sex 80 times a day, and women a lot less.

[Poll #888881]

[edit] And there's always the possiblity 'other' which you can expand on in the comments (as well as on what makes you think of sex and what those thoughts are).


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