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It's been a while since I last read a Faculty fic*) and it looks like my ability to find new ones is rusty to say the least...

They are still being written, aren't they?!

Could some kind soul help me along? Just please no heavy abuse or, god-forbid, Casey who likes being humiliated/beaten within an inch of his life.

[edit] *) ...other than Borderlines...

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The movie 'The Faculty' has generated an incredible amount of fanfiction. Even years after its premiere, people still feel inspired to write their own versions, their own history, more background, the past, the future. It's not that the movie was such a masterpiece, but somehow the characters and the chemistry between them makes you curious about what goes on in their lives. How did they become who they are? What happens during those moments we don't get to see in the movie? And how will they move on from here, now they've shared this experience. Has it changed them? Fanfiction is also a fantastic way to rewrite all the things we feel have gone wrong in the movie.

Four years and some months ago [ profile] vshendria started to write a fanfic that would turn out to become 'Borderlines', a twenty-eight chapters long epic story that basically deals with what happens after the 'happily ever after'. She wrote a whole history for the characters we know from the movie, with the emphasis on the relationship between Casey and Zeke, and wrote some original characters into the story that came to life for me like they were real. People whom I hated or loved. People who confused me, or about whom my opinion changed in the course of the series. I've cried and bit nails. I've giggled and burnt food while reading concentrated. I've reread and reread. Discussed the fic with others. Waited for new chapters.

'Borderlines' is a fandom within a fandom and now the last chapter is posted I'm feeling deeply satisfied, because the closing chapter is everything I hoped for, but I can't help but feel a bit melancholic too.


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