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OMG NEW SGA!! I won't be able to watch until tonight, but it's good to have it *pats it fondly*

Also I've demanded asked and gotten my SG-1 season 1 box set back from my brother-in-law's family, because after over a year of lending it, they still hadn't finished it and I want to catch up with [ profile] redial_the_gate in time to fall in with their schedule asap now they're starting with season 2. I thought I'd be watching alone, but my youngest son and my daughter sat with me gleefully through the first disk and it was awesome picking favorite scenes together.

Oh, and yesterday my 'Treed Murray' dvd arrived! I'm not very impressed with the story, especially the second half of it (the first half looked promising enough, it just doesn't hold up), but it's more than worth it just for pretty, pretty David Hewlett looking pretty in his trenchcoat.

The dvd arrived together with my season 1 and 2 box of The Office.
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Another busy day ahead of me, but I've made sure that tonight when I get home there are a fresh episode of both The Office and Stargate Atlantis waiting for me.

Just checked the files, and they're good.

One minute into SGA John has already said Rodney's name in a breathless voice, so it was quite difficult to stop, but I managed. Barely.

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Good lord...

John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson (Jim and Dwight in The Office US) are just begging to be slashed, aren't they?!

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Yesterday evening I finished watching season 2. So the last episode I've seen is 'Casino' the season finale.

Not that I'm going to be coherent, but I'm cutting for spoilers (including implied stuff for season 3) and possibly offending language anyway: )

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I just had to check, but Steve Carell indeed won several prizes (both as part of the ensemble as individually) for his performance in The Office, because god almighty, he's good!

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So last night we got to 2x9 'Email surveillance' on tv, but I've got these files sitting on my computer, so I couldn't resist, and now I kind of watched my way right up to and including 2x15 'Boys and girls' and I'm all... Wait, I better cut for spoilers. )

The combination of writing, the way the camera silently comments on what happens and the performances is just brilliant.

God I love this series so much...

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...coming home from work later then expected*, dead tired, and finding a note written with rainbow-pencil: 'The Office has been recorded'

So I put up my feet and watched and after that curled up with the warm lump in my bed that's the bestest hubby in the world.

* POC marathon at the theater with not enough personnel; it was a good thing the audience was in damn friendly mood. For some reason Pirates audience is always great, as opposed to Spiderman audience >_<

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I've torrented the first season of The Office (which is 6 episodes, more like an extended pilot), as I'd missed the first 4 episodes, which I've now caught up with, and I really, really needed to make caps of this particular scene from episode 1x2, because it made me melt.

Oh, sweet, sweet infatuated Jim. )

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Spoilers ahead: )

[edit] Now with adorably cute Jim icon by [ profile] cannons_fan *heart-flutter*

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...and all I wanna do is say 'oh Jim...'.

And torrent that episode so I can freeze frame, and cap, and stare lots.

Oh Jim...

[edit] Two crappy caps, until I've got a better version. )

I'm afraid there's going to be more Jim cap spammage in the near future.

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* Reading David Hewlett's twittering, and coming across this: I miss Jane when I have to go to work....

* Watching The Office (US, episode 2x2), and getting to this scene: Cut for spoiler and cap )

* Noticing that Mr. D_E is keeping track of when The Office is on: He's totally rooting for Jim.

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The Office has me shipping het!

Do I get a medal or something?

Or do I get kicked out of the cool kids club?

I will go on a Jim/Pam icon hunt later. Right after I've done my grocery shopping, laundry folding/ironing, vacuuming and get back home from work... *shuts down computer regretfully*

Two things

May. 9th, 2007 10:09 am
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Last week my oldest son told me he'd seen a series on the Comedy Channel he thought I might like too. Turns out they've started The Office US.


I didn't even know we got the Comedy Channel, let alone that they'd started a series that I was curious about. I love that he pegged it as a series I'd like, hee, and I've only missed the first 4 episodes, so yay! I've now watched 2 episodes and yeah, it's definitely my kind of humor. Of course I've immediately fallen for cutie pie Jim.

And about my previous entry. Huh yeah, of course that question of mine begged a question right back at me. One which answer I should have put in the entry immediately. Anyway, my porn-crush is Johnny Hazzard *points at icon*. I'm still trying to find more material, but am bumping into lots of expired links or files that are uploaded to sharing sites that don't like me. I'm trying to find a file sharing service to upload the couple of files I've got, because they're a bit too big to put on my site.

In the meantime here's some links for the very curious among you:

Johnny dancing at YouTube. Fully clothed, completely work and kid safe. It leaves me with a big, big grin every time I watch it. Sexy in a goofy way :D

Johnny's blog. Because of course I fall for a porn star who has a blog... (no actual porn going on there either).


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