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After watching the first 5 episodes of season 2 of The West Wing I have a question: is there any chance there'll be an episode where I won't be blubbering in my handkerchief by the end because it's got me so moved one way or the other?

Just asking.


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Recently I borrowed the season 1 box of The West Wing from [ profile] gayadi and when she was here last Tuesday she told me that if I finished it I could give her a call so I could swap it for the season 2 box.

I just watched the final episode of season 1.

Guess who got a very urgent voice-mail from me?

[edit] My dealer [ profile] gayadi just dropped by to switch The West Wing season one for season two. Of course it helped that she'd finished the first part of Merlin season one and I held the second part hostage to hand over simultaneously.

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I just finished The West Wing season 1, episode 14. Now there's a series that has me thinking, laughing and crying every damn episode. And so many characters to love! Ok, if someone were twisting my arm I'd say that C.J. is my favorite character. Not a slash pairing in sight as far as I'm concerned, but C.J. and Danny are so damn cute!

Right, I'm home alone. I'm going to watch another episode or two ♥

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I spent this evening at [ profile] gayadi's place watching West Wing episodes 5 to 8 and then I introduced her to Merlin. So yeah, that was nice :D

Oh, and I'm too sleepy to get into this right now, but something tells me I'm going to need a tag for West Wing.


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