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I never even heard of a Rodney/Teyla Thing-a-Thon, and now it turns out today is the day the results of that very challenge/gift exchange are being posted over at [ profile] sticksandsnark and some of my favorite writers are posting RIGHT NOW and I'll be over on my couch today reading and reading and reading omfg!!

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gpfg stands for 'gay porn for girls', which is exactly what it is. In this community a group of writers are writing in an AU where the women of Atlantis have a studio where they produce gay porn, with women as the target audience, and the men of Atlantis are recruited to feature in their movies.

Oh yeah...

So I'm reading the fiction, in order of appearance:

'Their debut' by [ profile] yin_again
In which RL couple and pornstars John and Rodney audition and find out that in this studio things are handled differently to what they're used to.
Rodney looked at John blankly. "Acting coach?"

'Rough day at the office' by [ profile] yin_again
In which John and Rodney have sex in their time off.

'Pleasure doing business' by [ profile] beadattitude
In which the women comment on their latest production.
“Well, ladies, I’d say that was a success,” Elizabeth noted dryly, fanning herself lightly with a file folder.

'The dynamic duo' by [ profile] bethynyc
Back story for Lorne/Parrish.

'Kind of beautiful' by [ profile] mmmchelle
In which there's lots of winking at what women find sexy and un-sexy in porn, things get very sexy indeed and also sweetly moving.
Rodney was well aware of the no socks rule.

[ profile] darkhavens made me very, very happy by introducing Miko the lighting technician.

'Hail Mary, or How Our Boys Got In the Business' by [ profile] beadattitude
In which indeed we learn how John and Rodney got in the business. It's funny, sweet, moving, angsty (not the porn part though, and it all works out) and sizzling hot.

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The porn battle third edition has come to a round-up.

Original entry, with all the fics as they came in and a link to the prompts is here.
Statistics can be found here.
The site, where you can find all the fics ordered alfabetically by author and fandom (plus links to the first porn battles) is over here.

I had a blast checking for new fics during the week the ficlets/snippets came in! I kept a list of which fics I loved best, and have put them behind the cut: 18 for sga, 7 for 5 other fandoms. Under every link I've put some keywords for, in order of appearance:
- prompt
- kind of sex
- kind of style

For none of them I've added 'hot' or 'porny' or somesuch, because that goes without saying!

My personal favorites from the new porn battle: )

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I've started watching the 5th season of SG-1. Some small observations and 2 screencaps behind the cut. )

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] samena asked me if I could point out "any really good Rodney/John kissing scenes", and to my utter frustration the only fic that comes to my mind with really good kissing is [ profile] cesperanza's 'Three lovers', which has Rodney exactly the kind of kisser I believe him to be, but with Teyla. I love the fic to bits (also because Rodney/Teyla is second on my list of favorite SGA pairings), but it's not the Rodney/John kissing I'm looking for.

The SGA has some of the most amazing fics I've ever read, some of my favorite writers, and I can come up with lots of lists with touching scenes, banter scenes, kinky scenes etc, but when I think of good kissing, I think of Daniel/Jack, and Jim/Blair, and Dom/Elijah fics. Please prove me wrong!! Make me blush and go 'oh, how could I not have thought of that one!'

[edited June 24th, 2007] Turns out I found a couple of damn good sga kissing fics. You can find them here.


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