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title: 'Merlin Monty Mia!'
vidder: Rodneyscat
fandom: Merlin with a dash of Monty Python
song: 'Lay all your love on me' by Dominic and Amanda from the movie 'Mamma Mia!'
pairing: Arthur/Merlin
rating: PG
warning: It's a silly vid
disclaimer: no, none of the footage I used is mine
summary: Arthur and Merlin want to take their relationship to the next level and ask Uther's permission to get married. He gives them his blessing. And there was much rejoicing.

download: MegaUpload
streaming: YouTube

For one reason or another when I hear this song I see Merlin as Sky and Arthur as Sophie and I've been wanting to mix 'Merlin' with 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' for quite some time.

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I indulged in a therapeutic session with my crappy Windows Movie Maker, which in combination with my crappy movie making skillz resulted in this: not a fanvid, but a fan... uhm... compilation?

It's not complete, and I'm not claiming to be. It does have all the moments that I personally wanted/needed to be in there. Note that even the info contains spoilers, so don't click if you're not up to date with SGA and want to remain spoiler free.

Also, yep, it ends where it ends, because it broke my heart and I hated and loved the way John says that.

Some more rambling, but cut because of the spoilers. )

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Thank you

1) First of all: a big thank you for christmas-cards go out to [ profile] alchemilla, [ profile] lisabellex, [ profile] arabia764, [ profile] lucky_jack, [ profile] kiltsandlollies, [ profile] grievous_angel, [ profile] ladybella, [ profile] samena, [ profile] hobbitlove83, [ profile] almaviva, [ profile] airgiodslv and [ profile] starfishchick. All the cards are on display in our living room, looking festive, cheerful and/or sexy and in one particular case smelling deliciously ;)
Also thanks to [ profile] loreley_se for the virtual card, squeezed into your busy traveling and moving schedule, and [ profile] alchemilla for the virtual presents; I saw my birthday gifts disappear with a little pang of regret, but now I've got a whole new stack cheering up my user-info!

SGA fanvid by yours truly

2) Secondly, [ profile] melloniel inspired me into making another SGA fanvid, because a) I love the song; 'Binary Love' by The Rakes, b) I love John/Atlantis and c) the song is perfect for that particular 'relationship'. If you want to give it a try, I've got it uploaded here (.wmv, 24.5 MB). I'm still mostly fiddling with the software, but at least I got the aspect ratio right this time.

Help me out please!!

3) Thirdly I want to ask you people a favor: if there's anything I promised you (burning a cd, search for something, feedback, reply, response, explanation, whatever, anything really), which I haven't actually done yet, possibly because I forgot due to my sieve resembling brain, please tell me?! Or when there's something you wanted to ask me, something you'd like me to explain. Just, you know, anything. I'm trying to fix unfinished business, clean the dusty corners in my head, try and fix things I may have broken, close 2006 as neatly as possible. (But also if you find this entry later, it's not too late.) Really, don't hesitate to comment here or send an email to dutche at xs4all dot nl!!!!. You're doing me a favor, honest!

Fun and pervy clip

4) Lastly, I'm linking to this YouTube clip. It's not SGA, it's not work safe, it's hilarious and I dedicate it to all the pervs out there, including me.
[edit] And for those who aren't registered with YouTube, but still want to watch the clip, you can also watch it over here.

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I'm not going to spam your flists with video's, I promise!! This is the video that made me want to learn how to vid in the first place. So now that this is done, I'm done too.

The whole story-arc of Michael was rather traumatic for me, in a way that I couldn't get it out of my mind. I was so disappointed in the people of Atlantis! This is my way of getting it out of my system, and frankly, I'm quite pleased with the result.

Video: 'Michael vs Atlantis'
Sources: Stargate Atlantis episodes 'Michael', 'No man's land' and 'Misbegotten'
Music: Blood - The Editors (this is the full, .mp3 version of the song)
warning: big honking spoilers for the mentioned episodes
Link: (.wmv, 12 MB)

If for whatever reason you feel like linking, please link to this post. No need to ask or comment or whatever though.

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I'd planned to make an angst & anger filled Michael vs John video, but I was in the mood for something more cheerful. It's mostly me juggling with clips, dropping them left and right, and basically having a lot of fun.

Video: 'Fly boys aren't easy'
Sources (thus spoilers for): 'Scanners 2', 'Clutch', 'Century Hotel, 'The Other Sister', 'Family Album', Stargate Atlantis episodes 'Duet', 'Trinity' and 'Grace under pressure'
Music: Kiss - Tom Jones & The Art of Noise
warning: boy/girl kissing, boy/boy kissing, bad dancing and woobie eyes
Summary: In which Rodney is bi and a slut, and John is gay and virtuous. They meet, Rodney is shameless, John gets jealous, Rodney is interested, but John is not easy. Will Rodney get John? Will John make Rodney an honest man?!?
Link: (.wmv, 23 MB)

Ok, so it's really an excuse to put some of my favorite David Hewlett on-screen kissing scenes in a clip, but there's a story there too! Honest. When you look at it sideways, and squint a little...

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The thing is, I've got a couple of .avi files, a song, and a Sheppard vs Michael trauma to work out of my system. A music video seems to be the right way to go. Only I don't know how. And frankly, I don't want to spend any money on it either... Is that even possible? Is there free software available with which one can make a fanvideo? Keep in mind the part where I referred to myself as a vidding noob!!


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