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The book/stationary-store where I work is going to go through some major rebuilding come this Monday, so we spent the last 3 days (the first 2 of which we were still open for customers) packing everything that's in the shop so it can be stored somewhere temporarily. It was actually big fun as we're such a great team, everything went way more smoothly and quickly then we expected and we got a lot of encouraging reactions from the customers even though the shop was increasingly difficult to walk through and ever more things couldn't be reached anymore because they were already packed.

It was also exhausting and I feel like I could sleep a week. Conveniently I have almost three weeks off now until the store is finished and we have to put everything back in. Pity it's not payed leave, but we can afford it, so it's not really a problem and I've got some things I want to do. There's some painting that needs to be done, I want to sort through our pictures of the past couple of years and I want to see if I can finally get my rec pages done. Those weeks will be over before I know it I'm sure!

Tomorrow I'm giving myself a day off though. I plan to curl up on the couch and read, and this is where my question comes in;

What fics would you recommend for me? I'm in the mood for warm and happy. I don't mind a bit of angst, as long as it ends well. And sex. I love there to be sex. Warm and happy sex. SGA, SG-1, Merlin or anything you think I might like.

Wow, I literally started dozing of a couple of times while typing this post. I'm going to bed. Good night :D


Jan. 21st, 2009 04:45 pm
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Does anyone know how to save a picture from a PDF file? There's a black and white picture of Colin Morgan at the last page over here, and I wants it!! *grabby hands*

[edit] [ profile] melloniel just saved and posted the picture I meant in a comment and [ profile] _inbetween_ explains how it's done; aren't they just the bestest or what?!?

[edit 2] I followed [ profile] _inbetween_'s instructions, which resulted in this big honking picture.

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During the past few days we've been rewatching the Harry Potter movies and to my utter surprise I found myself suddenly slashing Remus and Sirius like whoa. Now, it's been a while since I read anything in this fandom, and I've never read any Remus/Sirius, but I know it's one of the major pairings, so I'm sure there'll be plenty out there if only I knew where to start.

Does anyone have any pointers? Specific writers? Rec lists?

I'm specifically looking for NC-17, absolutely no non-con whatsoever, not too angsty, preferably the emphasis on them being damn good friends. Oh, and I definitely prefer them as grown ups. Did I mention NC-17 (for sex, not for violence...)?


Dec. 6th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Huh. I've gone through my flist, and checked all the usual suspects, but can't find any reviews of the latest SGA episode.

Has everyone left this fandom?


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The icon I'm using here got [ profile] darklock and me talking about how frantic/angry sex in fanfic is a kink of mine. She asked if I had any recs posted, and I was surprised to realize that I don't think I did. Not specifically. So I'm copy/pasting what I wrote in that comment, and hope it'll inspire some of you into adding your own favorites of this type of fic:

There really isn't enough 'rough but consensual', 'taking it out on each other' sex as far as I'm concerned. I'm thinking about [ profile] trianne's 'Dysfunctional' (Elijah/Dom), or [ profile] cesperanza's 'Push and Pull' (Blair/Jim), or [ profile] 20toseoul's 'Frustration porn' (Rodney/John). Her 'Science discipline' (also Rodney/John) doesn't quite fit the description, but I'm adding it anyway, because hot damn... it comes close enough for me!

And I never made a special rec post about that *fail* These are just the fics I remember from the top of my head.

Must remedy that.

This is not really the kind of post I meant, but it's as close as I can get on short notice.

[edit] I knew I must have dedicated an entry to it earlier! And indeed I did. Over three years ago, so I don't have to feel too bad about asking again. It's a historic entry by the way, because this is the one where [ profile] princessofg recced me the story that got me into The Sentinel :D

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Ok, am I the only person who thinks the Arthur quote in The Shrine wasn't a reference to Hitchhiker's guide, but to Arthur?

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Along with holiday packing, I'm also doing some holiday ipod updating. Now I'm all for paying artists for what I'm enjoying, but in two cases I can only get a certain song if I buy the whole album.

Yeah right...

In that case I don't feel bad about getting a version the old school way;

Dear flist,

can any one of you good people provide me with either or both of the following:

Kane - Rain down on me; the DJ Tiesto remix*
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hello hello

And if so, is there anything I could get you in return?


* Fun fact; DJ Tiesto is from my home-town *is proud*
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...SG-1 related this time.

Which episode is it again that has the scene of Jack carrying Daniel through the gate and tenderly laying him down on the other side? And is that the same episode as the one that has Jack freaking out in the infirmary and slapping a map or something on the contents of a medical trolley?

Playing a couple of my favorite fanvids* inspired me into re-watching some of the episodes that are featured in them. Most of them I found, but these two scenes I can't quite place...

* I'm more then willing to give a list if anyone is curious/interested, it's just that I think anyone who is interested will probably already know them all; when it comes to fanvids I don't have a particularly unique taste!

[edit] Found! By [ profile] onecheekyhobbit. So obviously I'm going to re-watch SG-1 4x18 'The light' tonight :D

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I'm only turning to [ profile] lotrips_finders in case of an emergency, so I'm hoping someone reading this will know what fic I'm talking about.

It's a D/s fic in which Elijah wants to gag Dom, who's already got his hands tied, and when Dom asks Elijah how he's supposed to use the safe-word if necessary, Elijah tells Dom to kick him in the balls instead as a sign and sure enough keeps the goods in reach the whole time.

It's a short fic but quite afjljaf lakdjfkja lakjlkaj if you know what I mean, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to faceplant on my keyboard when someone reminds me of the title and author.

[edit] The fic has been found by [ profile] too_shy!!

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I'm looking for non-con or dubious-con fics. Preferably John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel or Fraser/Kowalski. The non-con can be between them, or coming from outside the pairing, I'm not sure what I'm looking for here frankly. Since I don't usually (hardly ever) read these kinds of fics, I don't know where to look for them, so if anyone has links, I'd be very grateful.

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Seriously, I wanna know, I wanna see. Show me yours!! Man or woman. Fully dressed or naked. Old or young. New pic or one that's already been posted a zillion times.

What gets you hot?


Apr. 18th, 2008 05:53 pm
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I haven't seen a single Battlestar Galactica episode and don't know much about it, but I do know Callum Keith Rennie plays a part in it and I am interested in him. What I keep seeing on my semi-regular quest for CKR stuff, is snippets/screencaps from a make-out scene that involves him, one of the female leads of the series and a lot of paint (I think it is paint anyway). Can anyone tell me which episode this is from?

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There aren't any McKay/Keller fics out there yet, are there? Because I kinda dig that pairing. Not in a 'true love forever and ever' kind of way, but in a way that I imagine them being clumsy and cute and laughing together. I can imagine them bonding over really wanting to get laid and geez aren't you fun and looking good. Rodney can ramble on and on about how he loves Jennifer's boobs and butt and kiss her bellybutton all fondly and get simultaneously dreamy eyed and horny as hell, and Jennifer can giggle one moment and moan and bite his shoulder the next (when Rodney finds a particularly good spot to put his hands on).

Anyway, it looks real good in my head.

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I was really excited when I saw Heroes was going to be on tv over here, so yesterday evening I sat down and watched the first episode.

So, is this about what I can expect, or is it going to get better later on? Because I was thoroughly unimpressed.

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'The thing' I think I understand is:

LJ has quite suddenly started suspending a large number journals based on certain interests on their user-page. I don't think anyone knows for certain what brought this on, most probably they got scared for legal actions after a group knocked on their door saying they thought LJ should be more active in trying to purge possibly illegal activities on LJ.

The disturbing thing is that they suspended journals purely based on those interests, regardless of why the interest was mentioned. Acts like pedophilia and rape are wrong, that's clear. Mentioning the word or even being interested in the subject however isn't.

And I get that people get angry when their journal, or other people's journals get suspended for reasons they couldn't foresee. They spend money on, and/or put a lot of work into something that's been taken away from them for no good reason. This is enough to get upset, but on top of this people get the feeling their journals could be next if LJ feels the urge.

It's like getting slapped by your mom when she overhears you talking about what you would do if you had a lot of money, saying: 'I bet you wanted to steal that money!' It's bad enough to be wrongly accused and punished, but now you also don't know what will set her off next time.

The thing I don't get is:

How is [ profile] fandom_counts going to help? And most of all: how is this a fandom thing?

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I give up...

Does anyone happen to have Sherrie Lea's 'Spellbound' lying around somewhere, and is willing to share?

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So, in all honesty. Has anyone else ever found themselves having a crush on a gay porn star?

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Every once in a while, when I'm rummaging around at YouTube, I go searching for clips from those Saw movies. I've tried watching some of them that are an actual gruesome scene, not just a trailer. I can watch the trailers, no problem. I figure; it's a small window, crappy quality, I can put the sound down, I'm right here in my living-room, some distance from the screen, with all kinds of reassuring stuff surrounding it, in broad daylight, I know it's not real etc. A couple of seconds into whichever clip I pick, the moment I'm guessing something terrible is about to happen, I click away.

Now what puzzles me is:

1) How can anyone stand to watch a whole movie of this on the big screen?

2) Why do I keep trying to watch these clips?

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I've been trying to do a transcript of David's rap, but obviously I'm having a hard time catching certain words. This is my shot at it
[edit] now including changes as suggested by [ profile] anatsuno [edit2] ...and again...:

This is a rap right back to Zach on Attack of the Show on G (count 'm) 4 TV, been watching since [the other port/the odd report?] I love you all, way to go.
A-double t-a-c-k, this is Rodney M (for Meredith) McKay. I'm a slug white nerd with patches, and I'm here to say, my hat is off to Zach the country rappin' TV-VJ, cuz Zach was out on the interweb, and there he rhymed, and next thing he knows he's on Atlantis and it's emoting time.
He's sweating, he's freaking, perfect performance he was speakin', cuz he was acting for the day, he ran Stargate Atlantis, and that's SGA.
SG-1 has got the movies, Atlantis is all go, go. What about having me on attack of the show. Snarking, sarcastic, rude and bombastic. Hubris not humility, for McKay and his ability to talk the speak of a techno-geek. So just watch the show, because everybody should know, that SciFi Fridays are the way to go.
So while you're out on the web, better check me out, at, that's what it's all about, cuz I got a mutt and movie coming out in the fall, and with Zach on Atlantis we be having a ball.
So thanks for the cameo, the Atlantis rappin' stereo, the different worlds you dare to go, people like, invite McKay on Attack of the Show.
Hmhmm, G4 TV, peace be in the galaxy. Fools.

Anyone who can fill in the gaps and/or is catching something differently?

[edit] [ profile] anatsuno has posted an mp3 version of David's rap in the comments \o/
[edit2b] well as an mp3 version of the original rap by Zach.

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It's been a while since I last read a Faculty fic*) and it looks like my ability to find new ones is rusty to say the least...

They are still being written, aren't they?!

Could some kind soul help me along? Just please no heavy abuse or, god-forbid, Casey who likes being humiliated/beaten within an inch of his life.

[edit] *) ...other than Borderlines...


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