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Jan. 6th, 2009 01:28 pm
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Not a complete review or running commentary for 'Enemy at the gate'. I'm just going to point out my two favorite moments (pretty tiny, shallow and not concerning the plot) that I'd wanted to clip and post at YouTube, but the file won't play in Windows Movie Maker for me :(

And then I'll do some random rambling.

Anyway, both moments concern John.

1) at 16.32; John walking down the ramp at Stargate Command with his black backpack. Seriously. How can anyone make carrying a backpack look hot?!

2) at 23.46; John saying 'come on baby' to his fighter-plane in that breathless way of his. Mnghnghngh...

The good (from the top of my head):

* Sam yay!
* How they let Ronon and Teyla coming along make a conscious decision.
* Ronon shouting 'Rodney!' to warn him while ducking on him.
* Rodney's reaction when Ronon goes down.
* I liked the little General Hammond/Don Davis tribute.
* I like that apparently Amelia and Ronon have a thing going on.

The wtf:

* Rodney and Teyla when they believe Ronon is dead. It's like they read the script and knew he was coming back. There's a short moment of shock, and then they seem to have no second thoughts about leaving him behind and hardly even check if he's showing any sign of life.
* What's with Amelia's hair? It's probably meant to be her off time hair, but it had all the feeling of the ugly girl taking off her glasses and suddenly being all attractive. It's like there's no way a woman can have sensible hair and still be a love interest.
* Rodney and Jennifer. *strangles the writers* Really. No. Chemistry. Whatsoever. Nada. I've been rewatching Firefly lately, and I know for a fact that Jewel can make me care for a person if she's given something decent to work with. But this? Also, this is not the Rodney I fell in love with.

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