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'Exchange' by [ profile] glimmergirl (100 words, Arthur/Merlin, PG)
She offered '100 words of happy flashfic' for those who requested, which I did, and she wrote this lovely, intimate, sensual moment.

'But no unicorns or wizards' by [ profile] zoetrope and [ profile] rageprufrock (1,250 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
A slave fic and I really didn't expect to be sweetly amused and sigh happily quite so much.
Funny and tender. Somehow they make it work.

'Aw, nuts' by [ profile] slodwick (800 words, Gen, Arthur and Merlin, PG)
One of the cutest little crack fics I've ever read. Oh, do read it!

'The way out is through' by [ profile] derryere (8,900 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
Written for the prompt: Arthur/Merlin. When Arthur and Merlin go to drop Mordred they are followed by Uther's knights and all the druids are massacred and the three have to run with a bounty on their head.
It starts right after things have gone horribly wrong, Arthur just found out about Merlin's magic and they have to run in a frenzy. It's about the slowly growing trust and love between Merlin and Arthur. How they bond over their care for Mordred. How they start forming this weird family that they know can't last because they'll have to leave Mordred with others. It's moving and subtle and one to read again and again.

'At least it would seem that we don't' by [ profile] derryere (15,875 words, AU, warning for incest, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
Modern day AU in which Arthur and Merlin are brothers who get separated when they're still kids and meet again at several points in their lives. There are funny moments but most of all it's intense, moving, red hot and I can't believe I read this and love it as much as I do.

'From Russia with love' by [ profile] derryere (7,200 words, AU, warning for most of the kinks mentioned in the prompt, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
Modern day Arthur is stationed in Eastern Russia for some undefined secret agent kind of mission. He's cold, lonely and frustrated and he calls for a guy for paid sexual services. The guy he gets gives him exactly what he asks for and next time Arthur asks for him specifically. This starts to become something regular and they can't help but get emotionally invested. There are trust issues, there's power play and secrets revealed. It's dark and dirty and utterly gripping and boy I hope eventually we'll find out who wrote this the author has identified herself :D

[ profile] srin (author rec over a here) now has a writing/fannish journal [ profile] mad_poetics with all her (links to) fics conveniently in one place.

'A question of power' by [ profile] mad_poetics (11,000 words, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
A sorcerer casts a spell on Arthur which makes him believe Merlin is his master and Arthur's his slave and very much willing to be this in every way possible. Merlin's struggle to do the right thing is so sweetly moving as is Arthur's trouble dealing with what had happened and what this says about him. Cram-packed with passion, lust, mischievousness, laughter, sensuality, kissing, joy and ultimately respect and love.

'How Merlin Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Arthur His Destiny' by [ profile] mint_amaretto (9,140 words, Arthur/Merlin, a little Morgana/Gwen, a couple of minor others, NC-17)
What if everyone in Camelot really was gay?
Absolutely cracktastic, but then she also manages to sneak in some sweet moments too and the way she writes her way through the episodes, giving the stories different degrees of surprising twists works wonderful too.

Merlin RPS

'Public display of affections' by [ profile] glimmergirl (500 words, Bradley/Colin, PG)
Stealthy touches and glaces and little sweet gestures.

'Catalog' by [ profile] glimmergirl (2,290 words, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
I love the almost reverent way in which Bradley explores Colin's body and how he later gives in to the accumulated passion.

'A questionable quest' by [ profile] lamardeuse (11,600 words, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
A deliciously long fic in which Colin comes along on Bradley's quest for his favorite crisps in what turns into a road-trip with revelations. Starts silly and gets increasingly more adorable and sweet along the way

'Home truths' by [ profile] lamardeuse (1,150 words, Bradley/Colin, PG-13)
A sequel to 'A questionable quest' but can be read as a stand-alone. In which Bradley is trying to figure out some of those complicated relationship things. They work it out though :D

'All that you can't leave behind' by [ profile] mrs_leary (9,090 words, Merlin/Island crossover, Bradley/Calum, NC-17)
A sequel to 'Wild honey' which I recced over here and which should be read first to make this one make sense.
The sequel has romance and adventure and the sex is a delight.

'Location fling' by [ profile] mrs_leary (5,600 words, Colin/OMC, Bradley/Will Mellor, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
Bradley is quite shaken when he accidentally walks in Colin having sex with a guy. He seeks out Will to do his own experimenting and gets caught into something he doesn't quite know how to handle. Things get untangled when Colin steps in.
I loved Bradley's confusion, the imperfect sex, Colin being so secure in his own skin, Will being a boar but not a bastard, and of course Colin showing Bradley how good it can be.

'The green silk dress' by [ profile] mrs_leary (5,490 words, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
I'm not much into cross-dressing but I love watching Bradley watch Colin, the way this sets them off trying different things. Also, I do have a virginity kink, and I love it especially when it has this sweet balance between trust, vulnerability, lust and patience.

'Beautiful game' by [ profile] valderys (4,375 words, Bradley/Colin, PG-13)
A soccer six fic to go with the event. One in which they're heart-warmingly adorable, and where there's kissing and laughter. Very much a 'oh boys...' kind of fic.

'A day at the museum' by [ profile] owlyscribblings (1,600 words, Bradley/Colin, PG)
Bradley and Colin wandering through through the Louvre, not getting what all the French signs and attendants are saying, happy in their little bubble of banter, and finally a kiss. I smiled so hard.

'A jump and a climb' by [ profile] coffeejunkii (10,000 words, Bradley/Colin, NC-17)
This is a sequel to 'And nobody wears a crown' (as recced here). In this sequel there are issues that need to be worked out.

Merlin links

[ profile] gealach_ros made two posts with links to just about every vid, pic and report you could want concerning:

'Merlin' at the London Expo 2009


Bradley James at the Soccer Six tournament 2009

Merlin vid
'I go with him' by OrangeNin (Arthur/Merlin, PG)
I keep coming back to this vid. It makes me feel Merlin's determination to follow Arthur wherever he may go, to serve him, do whatever it takes to help him, save him, love him. I choke up whenever I watch this vid and I fear of some day finding the 'this video has been removed' message, so if anyone knows where to find a download I'd be so grateful! Found it myself: Downloadable version and imeem link over here.


'Blush' by [ profile] helenish (2,500 words, John/Rodney, NC-17)
This is an older one that I hadn't read yet (yay for [profile] sgastoryfinders!)
Somehow the idea of John being a flirt, actively coming on to Rodney and then getting shy and awkward in bed when things get serious, moves me to no end.

'Distraction' by [ profile] thegrrrl2002 (900 words, John/Rodney, NC-17)
In which John is annoying and wonderful and pretty and Rodney loves him for all these things.
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