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I wanted to say something about last Friday's SGA episode 'The Kindred part 2'. Mostly about how I loved it and how much I love ♥ Rodney ♥ but I just saw the trailer for next week's episode 'The Last Man' and I have to say akdsjf fjlkajk alkfjdkj lakjla )

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The not so good:

- I really desperately miss participating in fandom stuff, and I so want to be able to comment and reply and such, and send out some emails, but it's just not going to happen until January. I miss you all terribly!
- Having the movie theater as a secondary part-time job is sadly not working as I'd hoped. It's not even so much a matter of time, but my heart is just not in it anymore now I know how satisfying it is to be working in a well running business and be part of a motivated team.

The great:

- The two points in the 'not so good' category will be solved.
- I'm loving my new job & colleagues.
- My husband and kids are so damn supportive in every way and things are running smoothly at home.
- I don't have a hangover.
- I got laid pretty spectacularly last night.

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Also, I could use some sex pwp. Something frantic, with not even time to fully take off clothes, pushing down or up against a wall, with flipping and switching, and maybe some swearing, completely consensual but nevertheless with some force, kind of sex.

Ok. Breathe in, breathe out. This is not the kind of mood I need when I have to be at work in about half an hour, and be friendly to costumers. I feel like I could drag the first guy who looks half-willing, across the bar and do him. Twice. And his friend too.

Probably not a good idea.




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