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My daughter and I just finished the final episode of the final season of Gilmore Girls and we're torn between feeling completely satisfied with how everything turns out, and not being ready to leave all these characters. The whole 'parting is such sweet sorrow' cliché. It hurts, but it's also good.

I want to marry Stars Hollow.

*happy (but also a bit sad) sigh*


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My daughter and I just started on season 6 of The Gilmore Girls. Good lord, that series is awesome. It's all about normal, every day problems and situations. Happy moments everyone will recognize. Good and lovely people sometimes being stupid or selfish. Unsympathetic people showing unsuspected nice sides. Misunderstandings and reconciliations.

It's the laugh-out-loud sense of humor combined with genuinely moving moments. The way my stomach hurts in sympathy with some of the characters or I bounce in my chair when things go the way I hoped. I don't think I've ever cried as often for any other series I've seen.

And the list of favorite characters goes on and on.

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[ profile] gayadi made me watch The Gilmore Girls, and now my daughter and I are both hooked. It's quite a nice experience I must say to each have a character to relate to and one to swoon over. Clearly (keeping in mind that we've only almost finished the first season) she's all about Dean, and I'm all about Luke. (Please don't spoil us!)

In other news, I just renewed my lj account for another year, and now I've got 5 more icon slots to fill on top of the 121 I already had! Yay!! Where to start!!!!!

I'm sure I can use more Rodney icons. I need a wooby one, and a sweet one, and a serious one, and a brave little toaster one, and a happy one. In short, I'll probably won't have enough slots again...


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