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Just watched SGA 05x11

The good: )

The bad: )

[edit] Huh, it looks like I'm very alone in my opinion of this particular episode, so on second thought my mood isn't really a spoiler after all.

[edit] Now with added visuals regarding point one in the 'good' section.

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More than anything I'm looking forward to SGA episode 5x6 'The Shrine', which will be broadcasted while I'm on holiday.

Gateworld has season 5 promotional pictures up to and including episode 7 (spoilers obviously), and there's one picture that made me whimper out loud. That together with what is being said about the episode during the Comic Con SGA panel and the spoilers here, I can hardly wait!!

Cut for spoilers )

Ok. I'm going to pack now, because we're leaving tomorrow morning.

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There are already reports and beautiful screencaps all over the place, so I know no one is waiting for another one, but it's such fun to do! Each little picture can be clicked for a bigger version and clicked again for yet a bigger one; I really like this new image insert feature of LJ!!

So here you have, my favorite moments from 'The Game': )

[edit] On the other hand: I fucking hate the way lj-cut behaves in rich text!! Sorry if this entry came up uncut, but adding a cut after making an entry in rich text is a bitch, so I added it in html mode, but apparantly when you switch to rich text again after posting, to add another picture, the cut just disappears without warning, thank you very much *fist of rage*

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Somehow capping 'The Tao of Rodney' didn't quite work out the way I liked; it's for such a big part about the movement, about the dialog, about a complete scene, that I couldn't find satisfaction in capping. The following scene worked rather nicely though, with all the different expressions of John and Rodney. I especially love John's 'seriously folks, I couldn't make this shit up...' face, and the way Rodney checks with John every few seconds to see if he's sounding very ridiculous. Cut for those who get really tired of me posting SGA stuff all the time )
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Music: Mando Diao

Yesterday evening [ profile] gayadi and I went to a concert of Mando Diao, a group I've been a fan of ever since buying their first album on February 22nd 2003. Since then I've had some bad luck trying to get to see them in concert, until last year when I got to see them in Haarlem, which made me love them even more, and now I've seen them twice. Most of the YouTube clips of their live performances are pretty bad, but I found this one, which isn't their best song, and the audience is weirdly subdued, but the quality of the clip is nice, and boy are the guys cute in this one! Anyway, I had a great evening. It was lovely seeing [ profile] gayadi again, the audience was enthusiastic and the band was fantastic. So yeah *broad grin*

Music: The Servant - Cells

Last week I mentioned this song, and promised I'd upload it in a next post. A bit late, but for those interested, here it is: (6.6 MB, .mp3) right-click-save and play LOUD!!
The instrumental version of this song was used for the trailer music of Sin City. I've been playing it on repeat a lot since I found it, it whips me up and sends me soaring every time.

Elijah Wood

I'm probably the last one to have seen this YouTube clip of an interview with Elijah on Spyro, but it was new to me, and woo boy, does he look good in this one!

SGA / McShep

Ok shoot me, but I had to make these three caps of a certain scene in 'The Return, part 2'

Spoiler cut )

Also I'm in love with Rodney, period.


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