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Some screencaps that don't quite fit in the 3-part spam, but I made them with particular people in mind.

Again with the image heavy. )

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Yesterday I started my holiday with making screencaps of the original Stargate movie. I'm trying to tell the story as compact as possible but including the details that return in the series.

So far I've noticed a couple of things:

1. Whoa, there are a lot of details that come back in the series!
2. I'm still finding movie Daniel sexy as hell but it doesn't quite come across in screencaps. That's something he has in common with series Daniel. I'm guessing with Daniel it's in the subtle movements.
3. There's no chemistry between movie Daniel and movie Jack. The potential for it is all there; the conflicting way they look at things, the way they learn to appreciate each other. It's in the writing, it's in the acting, it's just not in the combination of Kurt and James.
4. I'm finding it very hard to restrict my caps the moment Kasuf is in the picture; I love that man so damn much, and every cap I make of him is so expressive!
5. Movie Sha'uri convinces me completely, every time. I believe in the immediate bond between her and Daniel. I believe in the way she convinces the guys to stand up against their oppressors.
6. I'm 3/4 into the movie and I've already got 73 caps; you'll be happy to know I plan on using lj-cut. (I'm not even sure it'll all fit in one entry...)

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Watch me wring my hands and tear out my hair in agony behind the cut. )

Boy, I really suck at this meme...

Now I'm going to compare my answers to [ profile] princessofg's, from whom I gacked it in the first place!


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