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I watched (most of) those YouTube clips of Elijah on the Friday Night Project.

Dammit Elijah; I know you still must have talent somewhere, and this is what you do with it?

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I just got home from the movie theater to watch 'Paris je t'aime' and I love, love, loved it. It's like a book with short stories, some a complete story in a few minutes, and some more like a scene, and just when you're curious where this will go, you're on to the next. They're sad, or funny, or sweet, or romantic, or moving, or weird. So different! Some stories worked better than others, but as a whole it left me feeling so good, wanting to visit Paris and very much wanting to make sweet love with my husband.

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For those who missed the 'Happy Feet road to the Oscars' clip, there's a subtitled version at YouTube here.

You can save and convert the clip using Vixy (thanks to [ profile] kohaku1977 for the tip!)

And in case it gets taken down, I've saved it: here (right-click-save please). If you have trouble playing a saved version, try using VLC player.
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Behind the cut you'll find a summary of some of my favorite music videos.

Before you click the cut, there are a couple of things I'd like to point out:

1) If a YouTube link isn't added, it's because I couldn't find one that was posted by the actual vidder.

2) If a link to a downloadable version isn't added, it's because a) I couldn't find it, b) it's not available (anymore), or c) the vidder doesn't want to be linked.

3) Please don't post links in the comments if I probably left them out because of the reasons given at 1), 2b) or 2c).

4) The reason I love a video is purely personal. It's not a matter of how technically complex or artistically amazing a clip is, but what it does for me. If it made me laugh, cry, giggle, smile, jawdrop or run to the shop to buy a complete dvd set.

On to the music video recs )

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[ profile] thenaugmerear posted pics of Elijah on the set of 'Oxford Murders' over in [ profile] elijah_finds.

I just can't get over that bike. There are so much details about that bike for which I don't know the English words for sure: drum breaks with metal rods (!!!), that saddle protection-sleeve thingy, the sturdy, sensible model (which is a ladies model by the way). It could be a Dutch bike. I used to have one like that, before it was stolen dammit.

The only thing missing is a solid rear carrier, so he can give someone a lift home after a nice evening pub hopping.

Elijah on a bike like that. Oh my heart...


Jan. 23rd, 2007 12:20 am
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Tonight I went to see Bobby, together with [ profile] gayadi. I expected it to be a nice movie, but didn't have my hopes up too high, because I'd seen some 'underwhelmed' reviews that mostly came down to; it looks good, but it's a missed opportunity, it could have been so much better.

No real spoilers I think, I mean, we all know what happened to Bobby, right? )
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I didn't know about this (scroll down to 'feature film', it's worthwhile following some of the links there, like to an interview with Elijah). Here's some more info on the project.

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I find myself looking for excuses to use this icon.


Oh god, I hardly ever fill in the 'music' slot anymore, but look what's playing now! *swings*


Dec. 4th, 2006 01:22 pm
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From a cap by [ profile] salwood
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Music: Mando Diao

Yesterday evening [ profile] gayadi and I went to a concert of Mando Diao, a group I've been a fan of ever since buying their first album on February 22nd 2003. Since then I've had some bad luck trying to get to see them in concert, until last year when I got to see them in Haarlem, which made me love them even more, and now I've seen them twice. Most of the YouTube clips of their live performances are pretty bad, but I found this one, which isn't their best song, and the audience is weirdly subdued, but the quality of the clip is nice, and boy are the guys cute in this one! Anyway, I had a great evening. It was lovely seeing [ profile] gayadi again, the audience was enthusiastic and the band was fantastic. So yeah *broad grin*

Music: The Servant - Cells

Last week I mentioned this song, and promised I'd upload it in a next post. A bit late, but for those interested, here it is: (6.6 MB, .mp3) right-click-save and play LOUD!!
The instrumental version of this song was used for the trailer music of Sin City. I've been playing it on repeat a lot since I found it, it whips me up and sends me soaring every time.

Elijah Wood

I'm probably the last one to have seen this YouTube clip of an interview with Elijah on Spyro, but it was new to me, and woo boy, does he look good in this one!

SGA / McShep

Ok shoot me, but I had to make these three caps of a certain scene in 'The Return, part 2'

Spoiler cut )

Also I'm in love with Rodney, period.


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