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Quite possibly I'm the last person with an ipod who hadn't found this particular goody yet, but today I found out about Videora ipod converter and I've been downloading and converting my favorite clips and vids for my ipod all afternoon, and I thought I'd share the info in case I'm not the only n00b around here.

It's so simple, even I can do it! I've now got 2 shortcuts on my desktop; one that helps me convert files I've already got downloaded so they play on my ipod and one that downloads and converts clips directly from YouTube. You can download/convert multiple files in one go, keep track of the progress and do other stuff while it runs in the background. Every file that's finished gets automatically uploaded to itunes so once you're done all you have to do is synchronize your ipod and presto!

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And today is such a good day to be a Merlin fan ♥

[ profile] kinseymill pointed out that there are two very clear vids of the London Expo Merlin panel at their YouTube channel over here and here (the first few seconds of the second vid may look a little worn due to my repeated viewing; omg Colin's wriggly beaming!!)

And then there are the utterly delightful reports and pics from the German Merlin fans [ profile] euraylie, [ profile] luisadeza, [ profile] ronsoftie, [ profile] gwy and [ profile] wiccaqueen who went to Pierrefonds and ended up getting quite close to where the shooting of Merlin is actually taking place now, see quite some of the cast and managed to restrain themselves and be the kind of fans any actor/actress can hope for.
Reports over here, here, here and here.

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Thank goodness, a couple of twitter messages from David Hewlett. He's still alive (and apparently reading a script).

Also, this picture (from his twitter profile) cheered me up mightily:

Looks like David goofing around at Baz's daycare or something :D

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Mr. RC and I are going here this weekend. Just the two of us.


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This YouTube clip is one of my 63.829 favorite moments in this week's SGA episode.

Behind this spoiler-cut I'll tell you a little bit more about that particular scene. )

I'm pretty much grinning like a loon here, feeling ridiculously happy about this episode. I'm just all lkjafj alfkjdkj lajfkljk.

I'm completely ok with having to wait two weeks for the second part of this mid-season two-parter. Spread the joy I say!! In the meantime I'm going to watch this episode again and again. If anyone wants particular moments clipped, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

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Just one more day, and then I'll have four days off. And after that I've got three weeks scheduled with some extra days off mixed in. OMG! I'll have time to read! And watch Farscape! And fiddle around on LJ!

In the meantime, here are my current favorite YouTube clips:

Cat approaches without moving.

Three guys in a car singing and headbanging to the Venga Boys.

And behind the cut is my current favorite David Hewlett picture: )

Can anyone tell me what type of car that is? Still the Toyota Echo? I'm useless and clueless where it comes to cars... Just figured out that it's indeed still the Toyota Echo. Ah, you gotta love the guy!

From this interview two years ago:

L: In an older interview, you talked about how you showed up on the Stargate set in this little compact car where everybody else was driving their big SUVs. Do you still have this little car or did you go out and buy a new sports car.

DH: *laughs* Nope. Still driving it.

L: What is it?

DH: It's this tiny little Toyota Echo. It was the only car i could afford when we were living in LA. Down there, we didn't have any money. It was the cheapest car you could buy. And my dad even helped me out buying it. I've never been a big fan of cars, it gets me from A to B, that's all I care about. As long as it's got a radio. Jane however just got a new car.

L: Ah, so Jane likes the new toys.

DH: Yes, Jane likes her cars. She's got a VW but it runs on bio-diesel so its practically running on french fries.

Off to work now (for real this time...).

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And fucking finally a release date for the SGA season 4 box and Stargate Continuum; both October 1st.

Yeah, I know I could order them from the UK or something, but I want the Dutch version so I have the option of Dutch subtitles, plus they'll be versions that match the ones I've already got.

In the meantime I'll amuse myself with watching:

[ profile] cesperanza's smashing new vid 'Supersmart' that's all about the SGA fandom.

[ profile] kuwdora's vid 'Let there be guns', which is mostly SG-1 with some SGA added in the mix and sounds like something violent but is actually hilariously funny.

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omg new sga tonight eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

(I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to see it, but just the thought that it's there... All new and shiny and and...)


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Eén nuhul!

een nul...

Eeheen nul, één nul!

't is stil, aan de overkant,
't is stil, aan de overkant,
't is stil, aan de overkant,
't is stil, aan de overkant!!


Holland (klapklapklap) Holland (klapklapklap) etc.


Jun. 9th, 2008 09:52 pm
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*blares horn*


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I've got 4 (four!) days off. And the best thing is, I've got absolutely nothing planned for those days and I can sleep in on all 4 (four!) of them.

I can barely believe it! *pinches self*


OTP blues

Apr. 1st, 2008 12:19 am
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Ok, fuck this shit darn...

I ordered a John Sheppard action figure from Amazon UK, but since they don't have Rodney McKay (yet?) I thought I'd order him from the company that does have them.

They don't ship outside the USA...

Now John will be all lonely, without Rodney to keep him company!

[edit] problem solved!!! \o/
*edits mood also*

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If I asked for 'Prince Charming' by Adam Ant, would some kind soul dare to admit they had it and even provide me with the file, or would everybody just point and laugh?

*uses cool icon to compensate*

[edit] [ profile] green_grrl came with the goodies, proud and tall! Go on, get it too :D

She's also made me dig out my old albums, and checking YouTube for all my favorite songs from back then (most of them songs I loved dancing to, because that was what I loved best about music). Some of my favorites: 'The politics of dancing', 'Maniac', 'White wedding', 'Stray cat strut' *loves and loves and loves* and the one that never failed to make me bounce around: 'Blue monday'
Most of the vids suck, it's just to get a taste of it. The Stray Cats are too cute though!

[edit 2] *claps hands* lots of Adam Ant fans coming out of the closet!! Wheeee!

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I still haven't figured out who could be the anonymous who send me virtual valentines candy hearts. That makes it extra mysterious and fun but I also wanna know; in short, I'm very 14 about it *blushgiggle*

Thanks oh mysterious giver!!

Oh and look! More candy to nibble and suck (wow, that sounds dirty, just the way I like it actually...) Thank you [ profile] alchemilla!

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