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last update: April 12th, 2009


[ profile] addictedkitten

'Acquiesce' (8,300 words, Justin/JC, NC-17)
Warning for underage sex.
I don't read N'sync slash, never have, hardly know anything about them except some of their music, know at least what Justin looks like but am clueless about JC. But hey, underage sex, you don't often see that done right, and I had a feeling she might just be one of those writers to do it.
It's all consensual, it's all sex fitting to their age, the youngest sets the pace etc. And I loved it; the flirting, the seducing, the need, the lust, Justin coming on to JC, JC sweetly trying to be the responsible one. And this all in an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie.

[ profile] airgiodslv

'Stop the clock' (1,900 words, Brendon/Spencer, R)
Warnings: Leaning toward s/D
This is not my fandom, I don't even know who these guys are, but for some reason I picked today to read a story by airgiodslv that popped up on my friendslist, which happened to be this one and it hits a couple of my kinks so very hard, I didn't know whether to sigh or moan, so I did both.

The Breakfast Club

[ profile] resonant8

'Higher education' (14,800 words, Brian/Bender, NC-17)
Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing for geeks? Yeah, I might have. Well, I also had a thing for Brian, the nerdy guy in "The Breakfast Club". Guys like that hold such promise; they really do! I've always been curious what happened to those kids after the point the movie ends.
This is the story of what happened to Bender, and what happened to Brian. It's just plain good story telling. I love how Bender takes his life into his own hands in a realistic way and how Brian blooms so... ah god, there's nothing more sexy than a confident geek!
This story is so satisfying, feels so right, the guys are such guys and the sex is just so joyous. Read it and you'll sigh contentedly at the end.

The Faculty

[ profile] abby_normal

'Food for... thought' (1,500 words, Casey/Zeke, R)
I saw this fic rec'ed as one that has a confident Casey cursing and writhing, which was enough of a rec for me. Zeke and Casey bicker over stuff like what cerial they'll buy and whether or not there was begging. Both win.


'Wayward' (3,900 words, Casey/Zeke, NC-17)
An unusual Casey/Zeke that sparkles dangerously and hotly. Two young guys, with raging hormones, trying to figure out what they want, what the other wants and how to make it work. And sometimes it isn't easy to admit to what it is you want...

These two ficlets fit into the 'Wayward' story arc.

'Never the same' (700 words, PG)
'My kind of people' (500 words, PG)

[ profile] almostnever

'Different' (19,100 words, pre Casey/Delilah/Zeke, PG-13 for language)
It's mostly about Casey, the way he's basically comfortable with who he is, but he wishes others would be comfortable with that too. He'd like some more connection, but he doesn't like all the effort it seems to take, and even then his efforts don't seem to work all that well; the way society works at highschool just doesn't work for Casey.
I love how he may not connect with others very well, at least he likes his own company.
And so he should.
In the course of the story he slowly figures out there's more connection between him and a couple of others than they (or he) expected. There's nothing wrong with Casey, he's not the weird one. And he's certainly not the only one who needs, bleeds, is lonely at times, is limited in his movements and actions and who could use some changes.

[ profile] astraplain

'Salt' (1,000 words, Casey/Zeke, PG-13)
Lovely little ficlet. Casey isn't a nervous wreck, but just a guy who's gone through a lot and sometimes still has to deal with that, which is only natural, Zeke understands and helps, and both love the taste of salt.

'Good business' (700 words, Casey/Zeke, PG-13)
A delightful ficlet with both Zeke and Casey sane and healthy and doing more than fine. Made me grin as broadly as I can manage.

[ profile] bunniewabbit

'Habit' (1,000 words, Casey/Zeke, PG-13)
Casey is bold, Zeke is surprised, kissing is involved. Also, it's one of those ficlets that make smoking sound attractive.

[ profile] camm_shenylle

'Coming into focus' (1,600 words, Faculty/HP crossover, Casey Connor/Colin Creevey, other past and future pairings implied, PG-13)
A pairing that made me go 'Of course!!!' Colin is the dorky kid with a camera who follows Harry Potter adoringly. Casey and Colin are both adults in this fic, and C_S worked the pairing in a very satisfying way.

[ profile] carolinecrage

'Things unseen' (2,100 words, Casey/Zeke, R)
This fic takes place after the events in the movie. Zeke observes Casey, gets protective even when Casey doesn't necessarily need it, draws conclusions about what it is he wants from him and tries to figure out what Casey is willing to give. Casey surprises Zeke (but not me).
Zeke and Casey exactly the way I like them. Rawr!


'Side effects' (2,800 words, Casey/Zeke, NC-17)
'Side effects' is the first fic in an unfinished series, but can be read as a stand alone. It takes place during the events in the movie, right after they've all sniffed scat in Zeke's lab, and Delilah has run off and before the rest of the gang leaves for the school in search of the alien queen. The scat brings out a side of Casey, Zeke hadn't expected.

'Interstice' (2,700 words, Casey/Zeke, PG)
'Sacred Heart' (2,300 words, Casey/Zeke, PG-13)
These are sequels to 'Side effects'. These take place after the events in the movie. After this one encounter while under influence of scat, Casey and Zeke never had anything like that anymore, but they're drawn together in friendship, by the worry that this invasion may happen again, by that one memory and what may become more.

'Steam' (2,200 words, Casey/Zeke, NC-17)
This is a completed fic, not part of the 'Side effects' series. Post alien invasion. An encounter between Zeke and Casey in the shower room. Basically PWP. Have I ever told you I have a thing for shower sex?

[ profile] princessofg

'Be brave' (18,600 words, Casey/Delilah (past), Casey/Zeke, NC-17)
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
This delicious Faculty fic is now a completed series. There's a bit of Casey/Delilah, but that's the past and now it's Zeke and Casey. It's got first time, guys with sharp angles and soft spots, happily experimenting their way through all the what-goes-where of boy on boy sex. I love how they catch themselves and each other at being tender and the next moment are hungrily lustful again. And after that just want pizza. Both top. And it's got a perfectly satisfying ending.

[ profile] sophinisba

'Blue Genes' (2,400 words, Casey/Zeke, PG-13)
As she says it herself: 'Casey and Zeke in class. Pre-aliens and pre-slash, though not by much.': you're damn right 'not by much', hence the pairing.
If you want to know how I see Casey and Zeke, read this fic.

'Nobody else' (2,500 words, Casey/Zeke, PG-13)
A quiet (pre-slash) moment between the daily rush and violence of school and the alien invasion we know is coming. Zeke helps Casey and he wonders, worries, fusses, scolds and shakes his head at himself.

[ profile] vshendria

'Borderlines' (800,000 words, Casey/Zeke, Casey/OMC, Stan/Stokely, NC-17)
Warnings: non-con, dub-con, mental and physical health problems including hospitalization)

The movie 'The Faculty' has generated an incredible amount of fanfiction. Even years after its premiere, people still feel inspired to write their own versions, their own history, more background, the past, the future. It's not that the movie was such a masterpiece, but somehow the characters and the chemistry between them makes you curious about what goes on in their lives. How did they become who they are? What happens during those moments we don't get to see in the movie? And how will they move on from here, now they've shared this experience. Has it changed them? Fanfiction is also a fantastic way to rewrite all the things we feel have gone wrong in the movie.

In 2003 vshendria started writing a fanfic that would turn out to become 'Borderlines', a twenty-eight chapters long epic story that basically deals with what happens after the 'happily ever after'. She wrote a whole history for the characters we know from the movie, with the emphasis on the relationship between Casey and Zeke, and wrote some original characters into the story that came to life for me like they were real. People whom I hated or loved. People who confused me, or about whom my opinion changed in the course of the series. I've cried and bit nails. I've giggled and burnt food while reading concentrated. I've reread and reread. Discussed the fic with others. Waited for new chapters.

'Borderlines' is a fandom within a fandom and when the last chapter was posted in 2007 I felt deeply satisfied, because the closing chapter is everything I'd hoped for, but I couldn't help but feel a bit melancholic too.

Harry Potter

[ profile] addictedkitten

'bdsm, a love story' (26,300 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
Note: uncompleted series.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
I can see how she got the title, because although "some bondage and D/s exploration, a story involving adolescent angst and craving for sex and maybe more" covers it more accurately, it is annoyingly long.
These are the first 4 chapters of what's (hopefully) going to be 6 chapters. Lovely sense of humor, snappy dialog, very hot sex (since the D/s part is not yet clear, there's quite some bumping into walls and flipping on the bed and such; yummmmmmmm!) and I'm quite fond of Hermione's supporting role in this fic.
She isn't planning on finishing this series, but I love it enough to rec it anyway.

'Just a little bit more' (2,200 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17, D/s, SM)
Actually, the Harry/Draco part is all in Draco's head. Harry has bruised Draco quite badly (which is actually canon, and a quote from the book is in the header of the fic), and Draco nurses those bruises, cherishes them even. Uses them to summon and enhance his fantasies in which Harry features as his dom.
Pretty violent, but damn hot.

[ profile] almaviva

'Awoken' (800, Arthur/Molly, PG)
A sweetly moving ficlet, in which Molly worries at night, about loved ones, about what has been and what could be, and finds comfort with her husband.

[ profile] anise_anise

'Open surrender' (5,900 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
A very smutty, kinky fic, in which Harry and Draco have been together for a couple of weeks, but aren't out yet. It involves some of my personal kinks: They have sex in a place where they can (easily) be caught. They have to keep it quiet. There's rimming, complete abandon and slow fucking. I really don't need a plausible plot to enjoy this kind of stuff, you know. Ngh!

[ profile] chiromancy

'Right through him' (2,500 words, Draco/Harry, R)
Draco is cautiously trying to figure out what Harry wants, while Harry is blatantly obvious. And then Harry suddenly 'goes for the kill'. There are a couple of my kinks in here: Kissing, grinding and groping and bumping into walls, each playfully trying to get the upper hand.

Cybele San

'If you are prepared' (191,153 words, Harry/Snape, NC-17)
Warnings that may be considered spoilers, so I'll put them here, but you'll have to high-light them to see them!
1) Non-con, in which Harry is the victim but Snape is not the offender
2) Character death

Snape is appointed the task to hide Harry from Voldemort during the summer holiday, so they have to spend those weeks in the dungeons together. The story starts with the end of GoF.

As far as I'm concerned the story swept me away. It's not entirely canon (because it's been written before OotP, so it follows it's own line) but the characterizations are wonderful. Snape is embittered and sarcastic and he doesn't allow himself to show compassion out of selfdefense. Harry is fidgetty, stubborn and especially at the start of the series needy. Harry grows in many ways though and a bond forms between them.

This fic moved me very much. I read it greedily, with glittering eyes, completely into it. And although there were moments I had to laugh out loud, it's not a happy fic. In fact, I shed quite some tears over it.
Lastly I have to add that there's a gorgeous Remus in the last part of the series.

[ profile] helenish

'Close enough' (21,200 words, Harry/Ron, NC-17)
This story is set several years after the 'great war' (fanon, not canon). The kids are young adults now, with jobs, their own apartments, their own pasts to chew on.
I loved the characterizations, of all of them, not just the main characters. I love the way she doesn't explain everything in detail; sometimes she starts a scene right in the middle of the action and finds a way of making clear what's happening and giving background information by way of seemingly casual description of the surroundings and the action and through the (extremely natural and realistic) dialogue. And she doesn't explain more than is necessary to understand what's happening.
The combination of magical and RL elements, the way she weaves her fiction through the things we know from the books, it all works.
This fic is beautiful in a raw way, with a lot of sense of humour, drama that's not melodrama and very moving at times.

[ profile] jitter_bug

'An Obscene Obsession' (subtitled: 'An Exercise in Writing Oral Sex') (8,800 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
Draco can't get Harry (or more specifically; a certain part of his anatomy) out of his head. He tries very hard to distract himself, but it only gets worse. Especially when Harry is not exactly making things easier for him.
Very direct, explicit and kinky. Written with sense of humor.

[ profile] lovely_slyth

'Drawn' (4,400 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
First time, awakening sexual attraction, smouldering looks, teasing and flirting. Sizzling.

'Naughty' and 'Nice' (7,400 words, Draco/Harry, R)
Draco goes into full seduction mode, teasing Harry until he's practically bursting with anticipation. A fic in two parts that's really one long, lovely foreplay.

'Sanctuary' (3,800 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
This fic takes place post-war, so they're young men and this doesn't need warnings for underage sex. Don't expect in-depth character studies, but clashing personalities attracting with hot boy sex in a (semi) public place.
It worked for me.


'A consummation devoutly to be wished' (6,700 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
This is a hilariously funny 'coming of age' fic. Don't go looking for a logical explanation for Draco's and Harry's behaviour, because this is definitely a crack-fic, just laugh yourself silly.
The weird thing is, Mirabella manages to make this fic also extremely hot!

[ profile] pir8fancier

'Lettered' (7,800 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
Warning: mention of non-con
This fic is written in a special style: the whole story is told one-sidedly through Draco's anonymous letters to Harry. They're both young adults and Draco starts sending Harry anonymous letters in a desperate attempt to at least find an outlet for the situation he's in. They start getting more open towards each other, so what starts as 'guytalk' develops into increasingly more personal confessions, switching between bragging and witty remarks on the one hand, and on the other hand showing serious concern and expressing frustration about their lives.
The story develops from amusing to very moving, as we learn more about Draco, and his fate and how he deals with it touched me deeply.

[ profile] poshcat

An untitled fic (3,400 words, Draco/Hermione, NC-17)
Draco walks in on Hermione shaving herself. And it ain't her legs.

[ profile] randominity

'Hexed!' (34,300 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17, Mpreg)
The reason why I even tried this was because I already loved her Dom/Elijah Mpreg. And I read that because I loved her Daniel/Rupert fics. It made me trust her with this new series; that she could write realistic people in an unrealistic situation and that she could write adolescents.
It's completely outrageous, hilarious, with some serious moments, surprising subtleties and wonderful characterizations.
I'd like to add: I love her Hermione and Ron (there's a bit of Ron/Hermione on the side, which I adore).

[ profile] rurounihime

'Meaningful conversation' (9,300 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
The fic is set years after the war. Harry and Draco had a history of fooling around with each other, and now they meet up after all this time, they sort of pick up where they'd left. Very nice characterizations, where both clearly aren't boys anymore, but men. It seems to be easier to pick up the sex, than to talk about what it is they want from each other. It's difficult being honest, they don't lie, they just don't correct the other when they assume something wrong and the only time they seem to be able to really talk is during sex, when their defenses are down.
The sex is amazing and she manages to make me really care what happens to them. A very satisfying fic.

[ profile] setissma

'The moon's significant tremble' (5,700 words, AU, Remus/Sirius, NC-17)
Frankly, this is so AU, I don't even recognize Remus and Sirius so much. But this story of soul-mates finding each other is absolutely lovely; an accidental meeting, immediately click, a second accidental meeting, slowly growing friendship, tentative first steps towards more and the delight when everything falls into place. I did a lot of happy sighing while reading this.

[ profile] sophrosyne31

'Unrequired' (1,800 words, Draco/Ron, R)
Ron has a bad day, and thinks a quick wank could take the edge of his foul mood. Of course, in search of a quiet place to take care of things, he walks into the last person he wants to walk into.
Which results in a damn hot wank fic.

'Hermione' (2,500 words, Hermione/herself, R)
A dreamy, floating fic, in which Hermione pleasures herself, and we see what she thinks about and who she thinks about.

[ profile] willysunny

'Tempting fate' (33,200 words, Draco/Harry, NC-17)
This series is bookverse. Draco and Harry are in the seventh year of Hogwards, which makes them 17. From page one on she convinced me. How Harry slowly starts to understand what his fascination with Draco really is, what horrible secret Draco carries, but also the sweet and promising one.
I can't tell more without giving too much away, but the story is fetching, the characters completely believable and interesting (also the smaller 'roles' like Ron, Hermoine and Snape) and the sex is breath-taking.
The link goes to the first chapter, links to following chapters can be found by clicking the dropdown menu at the top to the right. 'Tempting fate' is story 1 in 'Dream Verse'. I never read the other 7 parts in 'Dream Verse'.

[ profile] xylodemon

'The problem with eggnog, uncommon thoughts, and sharing a bed with Sirius Black' (3,000 words, Remus/Sirius, NC-17)
Marauder era Remus and Sirius, with guest appearances of James and Peter. Remus gets nervous about last night when he got drunk and bold with Sirius. Sirius though is very happy about last night's revelations and is determined to continue on this path, only this time sober. I'd rate this R, because it's all about the kissing, rubbing and handjobs. Absolutely delightful.

Harry Potter RPS

[ profile] beizy

Untitled double drabble (200 words, Daniel/Rupert, PG-13)
The guys watch the boykissing scene in 'Y Tu Mama Tambien' and get inspired. Sweetly hot.

'Sunset' (7,800 words, Daniel/Rupert, NC-17)
Take the rating into consideration and decide for yourself whether you want to read this or not.
Personally I think this fic is sweet (for one of them first time) sex between two loving and caring friends who are very comfortable with each other.

'Hot and cold' (1,800 words, Daniel/Rupert, NC-17)
Guys fooling around, experimenting with alcohol and blowjobs. Sounds like a bit too much maybe, but it's all sweet, fun, familiar and they're still realistic teenagers in this fic.

'Mobile magic' (4,300 words, Daniel/Rupert, NC-17)
This starts with talking about sex with a pal. They take it further, one step at the time, from a safe distance, until they don't need that distance to feel safe anymore.

[ profile] misskittye

'Movie' (800 words, Daniel/Rupert, PG)
Exactly the kind of fic about adolescents I love: being sweetly awkward and a little confused.

'Visit' (5,300 words, Daniel/Rupert, R)
This fic is such a treat, so perfectly what I'm longing for in fics about adolescents taking their first steps in the potentially wonderful world of sex. It's something you wish for every kid their age, to be able to explore this with someone you trust.

randominity and [ profile] misskittye

'Flesh of fantasy' (1,900 words, Daniel/Rupert, NC-17)
Daniel's POV by Randominity
Rupert's POV by Misskittye
These are parallel fics and it's really Dan/Dan (fic 1) and Rupert/Rupert (fic 2) and Dan/Rupert in both their fantasies.
I am such a sucker for good smutty adolescent fics, in which the boys are boys, complete with heated fantasies, confusion and sweet in their awkwardness. And that's just what these fics are.


'Expectation series' (2,300 words, Daniel/Rupert, PG)
part 1 'Dreamy Dan! And Other Unfortunate Headlines'
part 2 'Oral Fixation'
part 3 'Of Rumours and Innuendo'
I love how they all sound like real teenagers their age, some more experienced then others, a little insecure but too curious and wanting to be shy about it. I love the perfect balance between them being comfortable with each other and having just that touch of tenseness when it comes to their sexuality. Especially because it's getting very personal of course!

'End game' (2,200 words, Daniel/Rupert, R)
An incredibly touching story, so sweet in it's awkwardness, so adorably teenage boys being confused with wanting something that's new to them. And typically for adolescents: one moment you're horny as hell and everything is about sex, and the next you're a kid again.

'Like this' (1,100 words, Daniel/Rupert, R)
So sweet and awkward. So insecure yet comfortable. Isn't that what being an adolescent is all about? Wanting to know, but too afraid to ask? Nervous, but trying anyway?

'Taste of death' (2,100 words, Daniel/Rupert, NC-17)
Warnings: Vampire fic, sex between minors, reference to chan
It doesn't usually happen to me that I even try reading vampire fics, they make me uncomfortable, the whole concept but especially the blood and I don't see what's so erotic about it. But I love Randominity's adolescent fics and also loved her mpreg's (which I don't usually read also) so I thought I'd give it a try.
This fic is no exception in that it makes me feel uncomfortable, but I do find it disturbingly erotic.

[ profile] fictitiousriz

'Spoiled' (Matt/Rupert, R)
Note: The fic is locked; comment here to be added.
Young guys and sex is always a tempting but tricky subject, and when it's done, it's not always done right. But Riz did it right with "Spoiled" (I love the title by the way). Giggling, whispering and banter on the phone, wanking, fantasy and hot memories.

MacDonald Hall

[ profile] lilt_rill

'The Committee to Keep Girls Away From Boots' (730 words, Boots/Bruno, R)
It's just a short one, but it's got that cute quirky feeling I love so much about Boots/Bruno fics. Bruno is annoyed that girls seem to line up for Boots, until he sees Boots the way they do, and his priorities shift.

[ profile] rageprufrock

'The world is crumbling all around us' (6,500 words, Bruno/Boots, NC-17)
I'd never heard of MacDonald Hall fics or Boots and Bruno, two college students at this all-boys private school outside of Toronto, but a rec by [ profile] starfishchick made me curious and it had been on my 'to read' list for months. Now I've finally come around to reading this fic, and oh, it's so lovely and sweet and funny and it made me squirm in delight!
A wonderfully warm first time fic.

'Indelible' (3,800 words, Bruno/Boots, NC-17)
This story has the same sweet young guys feeling as 'The world is crubling all around us'. It has the same kindness, has some very erotic moments and a dash of melancholy with enough hope to leave you smiling.

The Office US

Of course I wanted Jim and Pam to get together, but part of the attraction was that there was all this longing and sexual tension while they weren't together. Fics where they actually got together were often a bit disappointing to me. I figured that for sex to work in fics, it should be about their fantasies. It turns out phone-sex fics work beautifully for me. First when it's done secretly without the other knowing, then when they suspect something and next knowingly and on purpose. And once I'm in the mood, I'm up for them to take it to real life too.

'Insatiate #11' by [ profile] voleuse (435 words, Jim/Pam, R)
This is set on the evening when Pam just gets home from the Dundies. Pam calls Jim while still a bit drunk and with an itch.

'Phone call' by Anonymous (3,100 words, Jim/Pam, NC-17)
Set somewhere shortly into season 3. They've fallen into the habit of calling each other and each time they take it a bit further.

'Vox' by [ profile] sophia_helix (9,500 words, Jim/Pam, NC-17)
This fic is inspired by the first two and takes that final step. It pushed all my buttons in all the right ways.

Untitled ficlet by [ profile] melloniel (700 words, Jim/Karen, PG-13)
It's only fair that Karen should also get some, and when she gets it, it should be good. With Jim big and warm and smiling fondly, all for her.

The Sentinel

Cara Chapel

'Skin flick' (4,900 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
Jim is puzzled about why Blair is being so secretive and fidgetty about something as potentially male bonding as watching porn together.

'Ticket to Tucson' (11,000 words, AU, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
This fic is pre-series. Jim a soldier but has yet to go to Peru and isn't a sentinel yet. Blair is a (still very young) student. They bump into each other when Blair is stranded, far from home, out of money, and Jim helps him out.
There is immediate attraction. Blair is strong in his fearless vulnerability. Jim is protective and suspicious of his own motives. It's a moving, sensual and sweet, but never sentimental.

'Nocturne' (13,600 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
It's all about listening and being heard. About trying to be discreet, but oh it's so tempting to listen. About voyeurism and whatever the listening variation of that is. And about breathless sex.

'Quarry' (77,300 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
A deliciously long fic, in which the bad guy turns something that should have been just a challenge between Blair and Jim, into something very serious and extremely dangerous. The plot is as outrageous as most of the plots in the series and makes for a lot of wonderful chemistry between Jim and Blair. Blair is strong, sensible and determined to do this right. Jim is protective and proud of Blair and determined to do whatever he can to help him.

Francesca ([ profile] cesperanza)

'Push and pull' (2,600 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
Jim finds out about Blair's kink; verrrrrrry hot, and high on my list of delicious angry sex fics.

'The night Sandburg graduated from the academy' (5,500 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
Post series, in which they finally take that last step to include sex in their relationship, which goes very smoothly. It starts with a drunken Blair, but it doesn't end there. There's good sex, no regrets, lovely building tension and then even better sex.

'Nothing on' (5,300 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
Very funny and an ideal fic to get introduced to this pairing. They try to be nonchalant and casual about their friendly snog, but don't quite manage to keep up appearances. Everybody wins.

'The object of my erections' (6,500 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
What starts hilariously with Jim over-reacting to Blair's phermones, turns out surprisingly moving. And ends in lots of hot sex, duh...

[ profile] helenish

'An unexamined life' (11,300 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
This fic was my introduction to The Sentinel fandom. It was rec'ed to me when I was looking for 'angry sex' fics. And indeed, it has a delicious angry sex scene, but I also laughed out loud, I cried, it's moving and I cried happy tears.

'Between friends' (11,000 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
I can't help it. I love, love, love her fics. I love her Blair. I'm head over heels completely smitten with her Jim. And it's all because of fics like this one.

'Restitution' (14,000 words, Jim/OFC, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
This fic starts with het, and the good thing about this particular het is that I really like the female character. No sly, calculating bitch. No pouting. No jealousy. But an open, frank, confident, witty and clever woman who's comfortable with her sexuality. But never fear, I've got the pairing right, so we get the best of both worlds.

Jane Mailander

'Scoring opportunities' (9,500 words, Blair/OMCs, Blair/OFCs, NC-17)
Pre series, when Blair and Jim haven't met yet. Blair does the whole soccer team on a bet... A completely dirty, hot fic, with het content, but mostly lots of male on male action. Written in such a way that the 'gangbang' is obviously safe and consented all the way, all the time.

[ profile] gritkitty

'Stop whispering' (17,200 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
Warning for violence.
A very special fic, because it deals with something I don't usually like being dealt with in slash: homophobia. The fic contains violence. It's not an easy read, because it's dealt with in a very realistic way. Not just the phyisical pain, but even moreso the frustration of feeling helpless to do something about the injustice of it all.
It's certainly worth reading though.

'Just like coffee' (8,500 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
Why yes... there's a connection between coffee and sex.

'Words spoken in winter' (10,000 words, Blair/OFC, Blair/Jim/OFC, NC-17)
A fic that's got the best of both (or more...) worlds. It's definitely slash, but there's also het, which includes a threesome with Jim, Blair and an OFC.

[ profile] runpunkrun

'Like a fish needs an Anthropologist' (1,900 words, Blair/Jim, G)
It's just a short fic, but the characterizations are spot on, and I know it's G rated, but it's slash all right, yep. *tingles*

Caro Dee

'Commercial break' (1,400 words, Blair/Jim, R)
Banter, ballgames, belching and blowjobs: a real boys will be boys fic. Uncomplicated and funny.

Anna S. ([ profile] eliade)

'A long time looking' (11,500 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
One of my favorites, because it's so carefully build. Because of the attraction that's so clearly there. Because of Jim's calm thoughtfulness. Because Blair is both amusing and sensitive. And because it's got an amazing mutual handjob when the fic gets to the point where you really need some relief for all the sexual tension that's been building.

[ profile] julad

'Everything you need in one convenient location' (5,400 words, Blair/Jim, PG-13)
Jim and Blair, at the start of The Sentinel, when Blair has just lost his place and has moved in with Jim. They're shopping together, and Jim observes Blair, loses himself in fantasy here and there, gets his hopes up a bit. And all the while we see Blair through Jim's eyes.
It's sweetly amusing, you can practically hear Blair talk and every now and then sparks fly. Lovely fic!

[ profile] princessofg

'Between idea and reality' (11,800 words, Blair/Jim, R)
part 1
part 2
Jim finds something out about Blair which he never dared hope for. Blair finds something out about Jim which he never even considered. I love Blair's thoughtfulness. How he needs time to contemplate this unexpected situation, before diving in headfirst. Jim is moving in his indulgent patience with Blair.

'Stating the obvious' (11,000 words, Blair/Jim, PG)
A missing scene fic, which deals with the aftermath of Sentinel too 1 & 2. Most people (I think) who've seen both episodes are left with a lot of questions, and so is Blair in this fic. He tries to find answers and Jim helps and supports him in this.

'The Sandburg zone' (2,800 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
This fic is a sequel to "Stating the obvious" and definitely a very satisfying one, with tender and thorough sex. I especially loved how Blair is so nervously eager and determined.

'Shared visions' (2,000 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
I don't always need plot, but I do love good characterization. Yep, even when they're just fucking. In this fic I can hear their voices, see how they move. And added to this, I love slow morning sex. These guys enjoying themselves and each other, and taking their time for it.

'Dawn is a boundary between night and day' (950 words, Blair/Jim, G)
A touching and very satisfying little fic.

'The touching thing' (1,900 words, Blair/Jim, PG)
I can hear them talking and see all the gesturing etc. I also have a thing for their conversations in a car in the series, and this fic has that too.

[ profile] resonant8

'Tender' (9,600 words, Blair/Jim, NC-17)
This fic is exactly what it says it is, and more. It's warm and tender, yet lets the guys be the guys. It's one of those fics that had butterflies fluttering in my stomach from start to finish, (with a bonus breathtaking first kiss).

[ profile] brooklinegirl

'Research' (3,300 words, Blair/Jim, R)
I couldn't stop grinning while reading this fic, because I loved these guys bickering pointlessly over who was kissing who, when all they both want is get on with it, get more. They figure it out quickly enough though.
Written from Blair's POV, she's got both their (guy's) voices so right, the secretly wanting to be found out is so recognizable, the banter is a delight and the sex is yumyumyumyum.

[ profile] janedavitt

'Reasoning' (800, Jim/Blair, NC-17)
A thoroughly spanked and satisfied Blair reassures a slightly reluctant Jim. Afterglow that makes me hot.

Supernatural RPS

[ profile] raina_at

'Breaking status quo' (11,700 words, Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Everybody who's in the fandom and into this rps pairing has probably already read it, but I'm linking here anyway, because it's deliciously long, and slowly building, and warm, and sweet, and fun.

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