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'Virginal' by [ profile] kaneko (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)
A ficlet written for the porn battle IV. Arthur both teasing and considerate and Merlin all spread out and eager... Ah, Arthur says it best when he says 'Look at you'.

'Be resigned' part 7/? by [ profile] franticsga (AU, Arthur/Merlin, WIP, R this part)
The other parts are linked at the top of this chapter. Modern day Arthur and Merlin serve for the US army in Iraq, and it's the kind of series I never thought I'd enjoy as much as I do. Checking Franticsga's journal for a new chapter is part of my daily routine.
It's interesting and moving, it really makes me feel the close friendship growing between these two and the sexual tension is almost unbearable but also delicious.

Merlin RPF

'The lessons of Murphy' by [ profile] franticsga (Bradley/Colin, PG)
Bradley used to have a cat Murphy he loved to bits, but it took some time for him to figure this cat out and make Murphy love him back. Now, years later with Colin, history repeats itself. Utterly adorable.

'Car sans toi il n’y a pas de chanson' by [ profile] paperclipbitch (Angel/Bradley, PG-13)
This had me smiling and giggling all the way through; with all its hilarious moments it's an insanely sweet fic.

And here are three caps from one of the extras on the second dvd-set of 'Merlin' )

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Some screencaps that don't quite fit in the 3-part spam, but I made them with particular people in mind.

Again with the image heavy. )

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As much as I adore James Spader as Daniel in the movie, Michael Shanks makes a pretty damn good Daniel too. And one thing I have to say in favour of him; he definitely aged better.


Just saying. Yum.

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Yesterday evening I finished watching season 2. So the last episode I've seen is 'Casino' the season finale.

Not that I'm going to be coherent, but I'm cutting for spoilers (including implied stuff for season 3) and possibly offending language anyway: )

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I've torrented the first season of The Office (which is 6 episodes, more like an extended pilot), as I'd missed the first 4 episodes, which I've now caught up with, and I really, really needed to make caps of this particular scene from episode 1x2, because it made me melt.

Oh, sweet, sweet infatuated Jim. )

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[ profile] darklock is looking for Callum Keith Rennie pictures. I don't have all that many, but I'll put what I've got here, in case someone else is interested and/or has something to add.

Pics wot are not screencaps: )

Plus some screencaps, because he's so pretty... )

I'm sure I got most of these pics and caps from several of the delicious spam posts in [ profile] brooklinegirl's journal, but I'll be damned if I remember who exactly provided what.

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Spoilers ahead: )

[edit] Now with adorably cute Jim icon by [ profile] cannons_fan *heart-flutter*

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...and all I wanna do is say 'oh Jim...'.

And torrent that episode so I can freeze frame, and cap, and stare lots.

Oh Jim...

[edit] Two crappy caps, until I've got a better version. )

I'm afraid there's going to be more Jim cap spammage in the near future.

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I so loved those clips from the BOBW convention that Logovo put up on YouTube over here and here. Now Arigato put up another one!

And because David loves them so much, I've made a screencap of his naked white butt in a feather g-string and put it behind this cut: )

Joe by Joe

Apr. 12th, 2007 08:36 am
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I like reading Joe Mallozzi's blog. He's witty, clever and has a fetching writing style (with which I mean he can write about anything and make it an interesting and/or fun read). Sure he's arrogant, and he steps on toes every once in a while, including mine. But I don't mind an occasional sore toe in return for some sharp witted writing.

Besides, every now and then you get treated to nice inside pictures, like the one I'm putting behind a cut, of Joe Flanigan squinting against the sun, looking all John Sheppard and slim-hipped in black t-shirt, black shirt, with rolled up sleeves and black cargo-pants. )

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I've started watching the 5th season of SG-1. Some small observations and 2 screencaps behind the cut. )

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] samena asked me if I could point out "any really good Rodney/John kissing scenes", and to my utter frustration the only fic that comes to my mind with really good kissing is [ profile] cesperanza's 'Three lovers', which has Rodney exactly the kind of kisser I believe him to be, but with Teyla. I love the fic to bits (also because Rodney/Teyla is second on my list of favorite SGA pairings), but it's not the Rodney/John kissing I'm looking for.

The SGA has some of the most amazing fics I've ever read, some of my favorite writers, and I can come up with lots of lists with touching scenes, banter scenes, kinky scenes etc, but when I think of good kissing, I think of Daniel/Jack, and Jim/Blair, and Dom/Elijah fics. Please prove me wrong!! Make me blush and go 'oh, how could I not have thought of that one!'

[edited June 24th, 2007] Turns out I found a couple of damn good sga kissing fics. You can find them here.


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