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I hadn't watched it anymore since the first 5 or 6 episodes of this season, but I read so much about episode 14 that I thought I'd watch that one again.

Cut for spoilers. )

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Watched the rest of SGA 5x15 'Remnants' yesterday, because Mr. RC was there to hold my hand through it... )

And I've started torrenting Supernatural again. The last episode I've seen was 'Monster Movie', but then I stopped, because I didn't like where I thought they were going. I'm still not sure, but I've seen comments here and there that make me feel like I could give it a try, because at least some of my concerns are dealt with in a way I can deal with. Probably.

On a (sga related) side note, I don't think I'll be using my 'john kinda likes taking orders'-icon for a while...

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[ profile] rubynye just kindly linked to a new community that I'll certainly be keeping an eye on: [ profile] opensourcekiss.

For example, the Supernatural fans among you may wanna take a look at this entry...

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This entry of mine was very badly worded. Let me try and explain my view on the Supernatural matter:

cut for spoilers )

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And the whole 'Dean is a sexist pig omg!' vs '*g* this is news to you?!' cat-fight is turning up on fandom_wank in 3... 2... 1...

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32 minutes into Supernatural 3x15 and I had to put it on pause...

oh god...

can someone hold my hand while I watch the rest?!

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Stopping for a moment about 30 minutes in, because this is disgusting *barely keeps cookies in*

Do I even want to watch the rest?!

Ok, all right, I'll minimize the screen-size and watch from between my fingers, with the sound turned real low, but I'm going to need some real fluffy and sweet fanfic after this. *g*

edit cut because of major spoilers )

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I'm now 5 episodes into the 3rd season.

It's fun seeing all those sga/sg-1 actors pop up occasionally: )

One fun thing I want to tell about Andee; I saw her at the Pegasus 3 convention. She's a fun and lovely lady, and when she was on stage she was telling her stories and answering questions very enthusiastically. At some point someone asked what it had been like playing nurse Glockner in Supernatural, and she got all 'Oh man, Jensen Ackles, I tell ya... Oh! You remember how I couldn't answer that question earlier of what I'd definitely want to do before I die...?! Well...' at which the audience whooped knowingly while she grinned and nodded.


So far I haven't managed to read any Dean/Sam, because I can't wrap my brain around Wincest. They are such brothers! But I've read & enjoyed my first Jensen/Jared *grins*
Everybody who's in the fandom and into this rps pairing has probably already read it, but I'm linking here anyway, because it's deliciously long, and slowly building, and warm, and sweet, and fun: 'Breaking status quo' by [ profile] raina_at, very NC-17.
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I'm in the process of torrenting season 3 Supernatural episodes, since we've finished the second season, and I'm now officially converted to be a total and utter Dean-girl, because owowowowowow the angst and the hurt, he does it so beautifully.

Yes, you read that correct; it's the angst and the hurt that I'm going for here. I'm as surprised as anyone else.

Plus there was episode 'Heart', with the woman I really, truly dug big time, and then I'll cut this bit because it's sort of spoilerish when you're the kind who never sees it coming )

So here I am, still liking Sam a lot, but liking Dean more, and downloading because I can't wait until the season has ended and the dvd's will finally reach my neck of the woods (and by then I'll honestly buy them).

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I surrender.

*points at icon*

(icon by [ profile] kansas_icons)

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I've just been watching the Supernatural episode 'Crossroad blues' (02x08), and there's this one scene where I found Dean particularly cute, which I wanted to point out here in my journal, because that's what journals are for, right? And then I figured I'm probably not the only one liking that scene, and someone must have put it up on YouTube. So I check, and sure enough, there it is!

The look on Dean's face (or rather, the range of looks) is to die for :D :D :D

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Since I thought the second half of the first season of 'Supernatural' was improving on the first half, and since my daughter kept watching anyway I thought I'd hang in there too, and lord am I liking the second season so far! Especially 'Bloodlust' and 'Simon said' (which is the last episode I've seen so far).

Now I'm curious: I know some of you are into the fandom and read and/or write fanfiction in it, but I don't get any slash vibes when I see Sam and Dean. What kind of fiction are you people into when it concerns 'Supernatural'?

On a different note: I just watched the first episode of 'Life on Mars', and please tell me it keeps on being as bloody awesome for the rest of the series?!?!? Good lord, that's really something!

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In alphabetical order:

Due South

Recently season 3 finally came out on dvd over here. I haven't even finished watching season 1 and 2, and even though they're quite enjoyable, I skipped right to season 3, because Callum Keith Rennie as Ray Kowalski; need I say more?! *lusts*


My daughter is making me watch Firefly, because she kept on saying she thought I would really, really like it. So now we're watching it together. Why didn't anyone tell me just how awesome that series is?!?!? Oh right, a lot of people did, I just never listened...


They've started season 3 a couple of weeks ago over here; they've lost me. Pun intended because it's really not worth a better one.

Stargate Atlantis

I skipped the audio commentaries for season 2 that don't have David, Joe and/or Martin Gero in them, and went back to the audio commentaries for season 1 that do. My conclusion: Martin Gero is a god as far as I'm concerned, and I mean one of those nice ones, that actually do good with their divine abilities. My favorite moment is behind this cut for (slight) spoiler: )

Stargate: SG-1

We (youngest son, daughter and I) are still going slowly, because we absolutely want to watch this series together, and the logistics of that are complicated, but we're not in a hurry either, so we're fine with that. We are now in season 6 and have recently watched 'The Abyss': omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgetc... In short: words fail. Seriously. So much love.


Erm... My daughter likes it, and when she's watching I try to watch with her, but I keep getting the urge to go fold laundry or something. We're now 3/4 into season 1 and I still don't see the attraction. Even Callum Keith Rennie was boring in it.


Finished the season. Cut for spoilers )


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