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Desktop meme from [ profile] vensre

- Anyone who looks at this meme has to post their own desktop in their LiveJournal.
- Explain in a few sentences why you’re using that wallpaper.
- Don’t change your wallpaper before doing this. The point is to see what you had up!

So yeah, I'll show you mine :D )

This wallpaper is made by [ profile] jhava. I've had it for quite a while now (I just checked: 10 months) and I still don't feel the need to change it because this is indeed my Atlantis :D

So, what's more on my desktop:

At the top right there's the rain-radar-map so I'll know what to expect whenever I need to go outside and the analogue clock because with digital I still have to count in my head *bows head in shame*

At the top left are shortcuts to my computer and my folders (yep, josé is my name).

At the top left to right are thirteen clips I downloaded from [ profile] katzgalore, because she filmed the London Expo Merlin panel from the direction where I was sitting, so it's almost like being there again :D

To the left top to bottom are my current favorite fanvids. I always have shortcuts to fanvids on my desktop and they're always the kind that make me happy ♥

At the bottom you can see I had photoshop and [ profile] vensre's post open while making the screencap.

Now show me yours :D

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Last Sunday I went to see the movie with my daughter and youngest son and we were all three delighted; that was an awesome cinema experience! Absolutely something to go see in a theater and not wait for the dvd.

I've started looking for fics, which proved to be difficult because I hardly know any of the writers or the reccers in this fandom and I'm not even sure what exactly I'm looking for. What attracts me most in the movie is actually the way the team grows and all the different bonds that are getting tighter. So here's a hap-hazard list of things I've been enjoying for totally different reasons and some links to rec-lists I've found useful to get me going.

A vid

'Circus' by [personal profile] butterfly
Kirk centric vid, set to a Britney Spears song. Yes I know, watch it anyway, and make sure to watch the download, because the quality is so much better than the streaming files and it's so worth it! Makes me want to dance around the room and then run to the theater to go watch the movie again.


'The birth of slash' by [ profile] eggblue (250 words, Kirk/Spock and Uhura, R)
Uhura gets off on watching Kirk and Spock get it on. More like 'The birth of a slasher'. Fast, hot and funny in a 'oh my god, that's us...' kind of way.

'Just lie back and think of the federation' by [ profile] ifyouweremine (1,300 words, Kirk/Spock, NC-17)
An 'aliens make them do it' fic, but not in a traumatizing way. Silly, snarky and dirty.

'An unorthodox approach' by [ profile] spocktacular (850 words, Spock/Uhura, PG)
Student Uhura approaches teacher Spock and it takes quite some hinting for him to get what she trying to get across. Sweet and thrilling.

'Destiny' by [ profile] gigitrack (1,700 words, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock UST, G)
The growing bond between Kirk and Spock as seen through Uhura's eyes. Painful and subtle, with lovely characterizations.

'To the best of my recollection' by [ profile] svilleficrecs (3,400 words, Kirk/Spock, R)
Spock helps Kirk when he's got trouble with the after-effects of the mind-meld that future-Spock performed on him. Kirk is not happy with the result. I love the concern each feels and shows for the other. A warm and thoughtful fic.

'Nature, structure, variation of' by [ profile] anowlinsunshine (1,500 words, Kirk/Spock, NC-17)
Kirk and Spock having sex in the Captain's chair. Kirk talking dirty and Spock trying to find logic in wanting this. Very satisfying PWP.

'Taking the slower path (we'll get there in the end)' by [ profile] black_eyedgirl (7,400 words, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock pre-slash, PG-13 for violence and angst)
Exactly the kind of fic I was looking for; a team fic, focusing on the growing friendship between Kirk and Spock. Lovely slow build.


[personal profile] butterfly over here, here and here.
Lots of recs with a short but helpful description, different ratings, genres and/or pairings but especially a lot of Kirk/Spock.

[ profile] beachan18 over here.
Long and clear list of recs, different ratings, genres and/or pairings. New recs are marked as such. Includes a convenient list of kink meme fics.

[ profile] melloniel over here.
Kirk/McCoy recs and some Chris/Zachary rps. Haven't checked those out myself, because those pairings aren't my thing, but I love her SGA recs so I'm sure what she's pointing out here is of the same quality.

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I've got a whole bunch of fics waiting to be read, write feedback for and rec, but this can't wait because this vid just took my breath away.

'Closing in' by [ profile] kinseymill (AU, Arthur/Merlin)

She took scenes from different movies/series that Bradley James has been in (plus some RL footage of the boys at a premiere I think), picked just the right scenes and blended them all together in such a clever way that she's telling a whole new story, of Arthur living now and remembering a time in an earlier life when he and Merlin were together. She uses the fact that Bradley has worked with several people from Merlin in earlier projects. I love the dreamlike quality of the vid and the music of Imogen Heap fits in beautifully.

vid rec

Mar. 30th, 2009 12:37 am
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REG1430 made an awesome vid of the SGA episode 'Vegas'. She took all the good scenes and left out the cheesy ones, starts quietly with John and Rodney talking and lets the music she picked seep in slowly when the truth is dawning on John. From there the music and the lyrics combined with the editing swept me away and left me with that familiar 'oh John...' feeling. It hurts so good. *shivery sigh*

You can find the clip here on YouTube and she kindly added a downloadable version in the info (just click 'more').

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1) Dude, why can't I just stick to one fandom?

2) Specifically on the fanvids: I'm linking some I've had on one of my YouTube playlists for a long time, because when I checked this morning so many of them have been removed for different reasons, that I felt compelled to point some out before they get removed also. These are vids I love watching, for different reasons. It can be a technically brilliant vid, or a brilliant idea, or the music-choice did something for me, or all of the above.

Colin Morgan )

Farscape vid )

Hard Core Logo vid )

House/Dead Poets Society crossover vid )

MacDonald Hall )

Merlin )

Merlin rps )


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Forget all the posts in which I've been raving about Merlin and trying to convince you all just how expressive Colin's face is and how slashy the guys are, just watch this video by [ profile] lightofshadows6. If that's not going to convince you then I might as well give up.

It's beautifully edited (I'm always in awe of people picking just the right scenes, the ones I know are there, but hardly ever know where precisely to find them), lovely pick of a sweetly melancholic song.

There are several ways to watch the vid, because she's conveniently got links to imeem, YouTube and downloads in two formats.

And oh, their faces... The longing looks... ♥

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[Fic recs: Merlin and Merlin RPS] [Fic recs: SGA] [Fic recs: SG-1] [Fic recs: Misc]

last update: April 12th, 2009

The reason I love a video is purely personal. It's not a matter of how technically complex or artistically amazing a clip is, but what it does for me. If it made me laugh, cry, giggle, smile, jawdrop or run to the shop to buy a complete dvd set.

Note: Alphabetically by fandom. Watch YouTube clips in HQ if possible (click HQ icon at the bottom of the vid).

Vid recs: Multifandom )
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I don't know why, but the whole fanlore thing is freaking me out. Maybe it's because I secretly kept insisting I was part of something small and underground. Fanlore makes it look so big and organized. I'm not against it, and people have put a lot of work and enthusiasm in it, which is great, it's just...

I don't know.

*furrows brow*

This icon never really seems appropriate, because the words seem somehow offensive, which is not how I mean it, but oh, the look on David's face, and his stance...

Oh, you know what made me all kinds of nostalgic?! Fandom wise I mean? Those clips that [ profile] wraithfodder made of old shows that David Hewlett had a little appearance in. He's a fucked up psychiatric patient, a rent boy and a super cute coroner. And it's taped old school style, filming the tv screen while the video is rolling. Oh man, ♥ so much!!

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love how these days I can watch a fantastic quality file of a new episode of just about every show I want, not even a day after it's been aired. And it's great that quite some writers get pages of feedback shortly after they've posted a new fic. And it's fun that Joe Mallozzi talks about McSheppers (and even apologizes when a specific scene that could have been fun for them didn't make the cut). But I remember fondly the days that you really had to dig to find new fics. When I borrowed a videorecorder so I could make copies of my vids and swap them with other fans for stuff that I couldn't get here.

And it's fun writing this down in my own journal.

*makes a nest*

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And fucking finally a release date for the SGA season 4 box and Stargate Continuum; both October 1st.

Yeah, I know I could order them from the UK or something, but I want the Dutch version so I have the option of Dutch subtitles, plus they'll be versions that match the ones I've already got.

In the meantime I'll amuse myself with watching:

[ profile] cesperanza's smashing new vid 'Supersmart' that's all about the SGA fandom.

[ profile] kuwdora's vid 'Let there be guns', which is mostly SG-1 with some SGA added in the mix and sounds like something violent but is actually hilariously funny.

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This fanvid is a wet dream come (heheh...) true for a fandom slut like me.

:D :D :D

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Hi! Home for a bit, between camping at the seaside and staying in a holiday cottage. Doing laundry, cleaning and putting away the camping gear. Between takes I sneak in some fandom-time and here's what I've been enjoying:

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] cesperanza's "Five lies John told", now with added art by [ profile] lim. These two keep on inspiring and complimenting each other in such a delightful way.

I watched the latest episode "The Daedalus variations". Cut for teeny tiny (spoilerish) review. )
There appears to be a two week break while the Olympic games are going on, so it'll take a while longer then expected to get to the episode I'm so looking forward to (link includes spoiler picture) *ngggggh*

[ profile] jhava made a team focussed Atlantis wallpaper that made me go 'yes, yes, yessss!!' and it's now my desktop.

Stargate SG-1

[ profile] paian has added more bits to her WIP comment fic "Come what may" (I'm now at comment no. 63 70) and I have to sit on my hands to stop myself from writing any more feedback *headdesk*. Soon people will wish I was still suffering from my feedback-block.

[ profile] apple_pi pointed out a better version of the Michael/Ben Comic Con kiss and Scorpsik made it into Daniel/Cameron kiss art.


When I got home a parcel had arrived of the Linkin Park cd I'd ordered; 'Minutes to midnight', the one with 'What I've done' on it. I've immediately put it on my ipod.

On that note:

Harry Potter

It was in fact this vid (spoilers for the Deathly Hallows chapter called "The Forest Again") that made me decide that I wanted the cd.


Speaking of vids: I'm not in the Avatar fandom, but my daughter is, and right before going on holiday last week she posted her latest Avatar vid on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiastic reactions it had gotten.

Oh, and although I'm not in the fandom, I still have a favorite Avatar vid by Ravenhpltc24. Awesome timing and use of music and lyrics that one!

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This video by [ profile] barkley made me want to watch 10 seasons worth of SG-1 all over again. Fastpaced, centered around the colliding and attracting personalities of Daniel and Jack.

I'm feeling the Daniel/Jack loving hmmmmmmm...


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