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Posting from Dreamwidth; so I'm crossing fingers and toes (and hopefully posts).

Anyway, not last weekend but the weekend before that I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair with my daughter and her friend on a Sunday. This is a yearly event that takes place in a park around a beautiful castle, so that really adds to the atmosphere. Lots of people come dressed up, there are all kinds of live action plays, dances, merchandise of course, writers signing books, little medieval villages etc. It's absolutely lovely, and it's fun just to walk around and watch everything and everybody.

Some more inside, including meeting James Marsters and some pics from the fair )

Oh hey, and you know what's cool? When I edit an entry at Dreamwidth the Livejournal entry gets edited too!!

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This summer my daughter and I will attend a three day festival, Lowlands. We bought tickets when not much was known by way of a line up, but it's the most laid back, easy going, relaxed festivals I've ever been to that doesn't have a lot of Big Names, but focuses on wide variety (and not just music but also theater, dance, movies, literature and even political debate) so it's going to be awesome either way. Names are trickling in and yesterday I casually announced that Fall Out Boy is going to be there to which my daughter practically started doing back-flips.

Erm, I guess I'll have to check them out?

So far I'm most enthusiastic about Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian being there :D

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Eat a healthy 'restoring from holiday' breakfast.

Get money because the bed-delivery guy needs to be paid in cash.


Check mail & friendslist.


*) Wait for bed-delivery guy.


repeat several times from *)

Trying to cap that one moment in SGA 5x5 where Rodney does that thing with his face, but failing.


Getting a phone-call from bed-delivery guy and confirming that yes, I was in fact expecting him to deliver the bed today.


Wait for bed-delivery guy.


Help bed-delivery guy to get the assorted packages upstairs to bedroom of oldest.

Wait for bed-delivery guy to assemble bed.

Admire handywork* and pay bed-delivery guy.


Write lj update before going shopping with youngest who needs new football shoes (it won't be long until I'm officially the shortest person in this house...)

Probably refresh one more time before shutting down computer.

* Which reminds me to re-read two delicious fics by [ profile] scribblinlenore.

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Hi! Home for a bit, between camping at the seaside and staying in a holiday cottage. Doing laundry, cleaning and putting away the camping gear. Between takes I sneak in some fandom-time and here's what I've been enjoying:

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] cesperanza's "Five lies John told", now with added art by [ profile] lim. These two keep on inspiring and complimenting each other in such a delightful way.

I watched the latest episode "The Daedalus variations". Cut for teeny tiny (spoilerish) review. )
There appears to be a two week break while the Olympic games are going on, so it'll take a while longer then expected to get to the episode I'm so looking forward to (link includes spoiler picture) *ngggggh*

[ profile] jhava made a team focussed Atlantis wallpaper that made me go 'yes, yes, yessss!!' and it's now my desktop.

Stargate SG-1

[ profile] paian has added more bits to her WIP comment fic "Come what may" (I'm now at comment no. 63 70) and I have to sit on my hands to stop myself from writing any more feedback *headdesk*. Soon people will wish I was still suffering from my feedback-block.

[ profile] apple_pi pointed out a better version of the Michael/Ben Comic Con kiss and Scorpsik made it into Daniel/Cameron kiss art.


When I got home a parcel had arrived of the Linkin Park cd I'd ordered; 'Minutes to midnight', the one with 'What I've done' on it. I've immediately put it on my ipod.

On that note:

Harry Potter

It was in fact this vid (spoilers for the Deathly Hallows chapter called "The Forest Again") that made me decide that I wanted the cd.


Speaking of vids: I'm not in the Avatar fandom, but my daughter is, and right before going on holiday last week she posted her latest Avatar vid on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiastic reactions it had gotten.

Oh, and although I'm not in the fandom, I still have a favorite Avatar vid by Ravenhpltc24. Awesome timing and use of music and lyrics that one!

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Packing almost done and then we're leaving. First for a camping on one of the Northern islands of The Netherlands. (Yes, we have islands. Small ones.) We'll be spending a week with my brother-in-law, his wife and their 4 children, walking distance from the sea. \o/

Then we'll spend a week in a holiday cottage in the middle of the country just the five of us. This cottage is near Biddinghuizen where a rockfestival will be, for which my daughter, my youngest son and I have tickets. More \o/
Mr. RC and the oldest son didn't feel like going too, so they'll drop us off at the start of each day and pick us up at the end and they'll spend the day biking or whatever they feel like doing.

It will be awesome!

We'll be back late on Sunday August 17th.

Take care all of you!

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He'd turned 17 (omg, he's 17 already...) and had asked if he could throw a proper party this Saturday, and we'd agreed.

The party involved about 25 friends, 4 crates of beer, a crate of Breezer, lots of soda and energy drinks and a wide assortment of crisps and nibbles. We'd put a couple of pots with sand in the garden for the smokers (we don't allow smoking inside, luckily the weather was nice).

Mr. RC and I mostly sat upstairs reading and computering, and occasionally went downstairs to get a drink ourselves and try to ignore the necking and snogging that was going on here and there. The guys and girls were all very chipper and nice, most of them introducing themselves (to the point that I asked if we were going to be quizzed at the end of the evening). Every now and then we had to remind oldest that we do as a matter of fact have neighbours, with whom we'd like to continue to be on friendly terms, so could he keep the noise at a somewhat acceptable level (especially since the 'music' sounded something like this; we have different tastes, to say the least...).

Plenty people got drunk. Nobody got sick or agressive.

By 1.30 am the last guests had left, oldest, his girlfriend (who stayed over), Mr. RC and I sat down for a final beer and then we went to bed. The house looked a bit like a disaster area, but nothing a garbage-bag, broom and mop couldn't solve, so everything is back to normal now.

I'd call it a success :D

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My computer is acting weird. It's sloooooooow, I have to double, triple or uhm... fourtle... click any link before I get a reaction, the scrollbar doesn't work properly and there are other little annoyances that indicate that I've probably got some kind of virus aboard. We can't really find anything though, but I'm expecting my computer to go 'poof' any minute now. So if I suddenly disappear, it's not name-changing related. *)

In happier news: [ profile] jhava has a report and lovely pictures up of 'An audience with the Hewletts' last Saturday!

Another very nice report, with cute pictures by [ profile] vida_boheme over here.

*) Problem solved! First my daughter and then my oldest son suggested the problem could be the mouse acting wonky. So I dug up an old mouse, switched to that, and presto!

Me thinks I'm going to keep these kids :D

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Yesterday evening, instead of catching up with lj like I promised, I spend the evening with Mr. D_E and the kids, watching season 2 episodes of SGA, drinking wine and eating my favorite crisps.

Today I'm going to Pinkpop with my daughter.

So yeah, the catching up will have to wait until Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. Because I've got all of these days off and nothing planned. *beams*

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My daughter and I just started on season 6 of The Gilmore Girls. Good lord, that series is awesome. It's all about normal, every day problems and situations. Happy moments everyone will recognize. Good and lovely people sometimes being stupid or selfish. Unsympathetic people showing unsuspected nice sides. Misunderstandings and reconciliations.

It's the laugh-out-loud sense of humor combined with genuinely moving moments. The way my stomach hurts in sympathy with some of the characters or I bounce in my chair when things go the way I hoped. I don't think I've ever cried as often for any other series I've seen.

And the list of favorite characters goes on and on.

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...but have I told you people that I'm also watching Band of Brothers with my oldest?

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[ profile] gayadi made me watch The Gilmore Girls, and now my daughter and I are both hooked. It's quite a nice experience I must say to each have a character to relate to and one to swoon over. Clearly (keeping in mind that we've only almost finished the first season) she's all about Dean, and I'm all about Luke. (Please don't spoil us!)

In other news, I just renewed my lj account for another year, and now I've got 5 more icon slots to fill on top of the 121 I already had! Yay!! Where to start!!!!!

I'm sure I can use more Rodney icons. I need a wooby one, and a sweet one, and a serious one, and a brave little toaster one, and a happy one. In short, I'll probably won't have enough slots again...

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I'm so tired. Things are going great, but there are too many special occasions going on in too short a time. Birthdays of 2 nephews and 2 nieces, and both my sons, which we celebrated for family all in one long weekend, during which my parents-in-law stayed over with us because that was more convenient than traveling back and forth.

My oldest son graduated from secondary school (I think it's called?), for which a very nice evening was arranged at his school, with little performances by students and teachers and a big screen presentation of pictures of the past 4 years. To celebrate we took him and a couple of his friends an evening go-karting.

My daughter with her fellow pupils took part in two piano performances, to demonstrate what they had learned; an evening for friends and family, and an afternoon for a local geriatric center (which was a huge hit, because both the sickly elderly audience and the young performers had a genuinely lovely time).

My youngest is finishing his last year at primary school and I've been very busy helping out with the musical they do every year. Because I literally live across the street from the school, and I'm often at home during the day, since I usually work evenings, the teachers sure knew how to find me!

Also, for my youngest son's birthday I took him and his friends bowling, went to mcdonalds with them and they had a sleepover with dvd watching in our living room. The next day they felt like going to the movies, and since they were at my place anyway, plus I can get them free popcorn since I work at the cinema, it was only logical that I should take them.

It's busy at work, what with all the blockbuster movies coming out. The holiday has partially started here, which means extra viewings and less personnel, so I'm working some extra and/or longer shifts. We did have a private viewing for personel and their families for 'Transformers', and will have one for the latest Potter movie tomorrow (or rather, technically it's already today...) evening.

Oh, and next week there's the official farewell party for my son's class from school, and guess who's one of the volunteers to organize that?

Last weekend was my dad's birthday (which didn't require organizing, but did mean not sleeping in, because we had to be there early, and spending the day there, when I could have been doing laundry and cleaning and such, which my house is in desperate need of).

Next weekend will be my mother-in-law's birthday, and since she's turning 75 this did require some organizing, as we'd made my father-in-law 75th's birthday special too. All my in-laws are very good at splitting the load though, so it's mostly the not-sleeping in, traveling and spending a day sitting around while my house is not getting any cleaner that nagging me a bit.

It's all big fun. No doubt about that. But it's also a lot. And now I'm tired. Just one more week, and all the birthdays and special events will have passed, then another week, and I'm off from work, including the extra shifts. I'm really looking forward to that!

Now excuse me while I yet again skip replying to comments, and just go to bed.

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Last night Mr. D_E, the kids and I went to see 'Transformers'.

No spoilers imho, but I'm cutting, just to be on the safe side )

Also: American actors/actresses need to step away from the tooth-bleach.

Two things

May. 9th, 2007 10:09 am
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Last week my oldest son told me he'd seen a series on the Comedy Channel he thought I might like too. Turns out they've started The Office US.


I didn't even know we got the Comedy Channel, let alone that they'd started a series that I was curious about. I love that he pegged it as a series I'd like, hee, and I've only missed the first 4 episodes, so yay! I've now watched 2 episodes and yeah, it's definitely my kind of humor. Of course I've immediately fallen for cutie pie Jim.

And about my previous entry. Huh yeah, of course that question of mine begged a question right back at me. One which answer I should have put in the entry immediately. Anyway, my porn-crush is Johnny Hazzard *points at icon*. I'm still trying to find more material, but am bumping into lots of expired links or files that are uploaded to sharing sites that don't like me. I'm trying to find a file sharing service to upload the couple of files I've got, because they're a bit too big to put on my site.

In the meantime here's some links for the very curious among you:

Johnny dancing at YouTube. Fully clothed, completely work and kid safe. It leaves me with a big, big grin every time I watch it. Sexy in a goofy way :D

Johnny's blog. Because of course I fall for a porn star who has a blog... (no actual porn going on there either).

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In alphabetical order:

Due South

Recently season 3 finally came out on dvd over here. I haven't even finished watching season 1 and 2, and even though they're quite enjoyable, I skipped right to season 3, because Callum Keith Rennie as Ray Kowalski; need I say more?! *lusts*


My daughter is making me watch Firefly, because she kept on saying she thought I would really, really like it. So now we're watching it together. Why didn't anyone tell me just how awesome that series is?!?!? Oh right, a lot of people did, I just never listened...


They've started season 3 a couple of weeks ago over here; they've lost me. Pun intended because it's really not worth a better one.

Stargate Atlantis

I skipped the audio commentaries for season 2 that don't have David, Joe and/or Martin Gero in them, and went back to the audio commentaries for season 1 that do. My conclusion: Martin Gero is a god as far as I'm concerned, and I mean one of those nice ones, that actually do good with their divine abilities. My favorite moment is behind this cut for (slight) spoiler: )

Stargate: SG-1

We (youngest son, daughter and I) are still going slowly, because we absolutely want to watch this series together, and the logistics of that are complicated, but we're not in a hurry either, so we're fine with that. We are now in season 6 and have recently watched 'The Abyss': omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgetc... In short: words fail. Seriously. So much love.


Erm... My daughter likes it, and when she's watching I try to watch with her, but I keep getting the urge to go fold laundry or something. We're now 3/4 into season 1 and I still don't see the attraction. Even Callum Keith Rennie was boring in it.


Finished the season. Cut for spoilers )

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My youngest wants to do a jumpstyle dance at the open stage day at school next week. So he and 4 of his friends are practicing after school in his room. I'm not sure if you all are familiar with jumpstyle? It's very popular here, especially among young guys. It's a whole special 'thing' where guys jumpstyle solo, or in groups, or do what they call duojump where you have to jump synchronous. It's especially appreciated when someone adds a little personal swing to it, and somehow it's also very cool to let yourself be filmed while doing jumpstyle in special places and then put it on the internet, so YouTube is filled with clips of guys jumping at school, in the train, at a policestation (that was a fun way to do something daring) and in Disneyland (with Tigger jumping along, cute).

Anyway, I've got five 11 year-olds practicing at my house every day, and since it's supposed to look like this, but usually ends up looking like this, you can imagine the ruckus. Especially since they also have gigglefits every now and then.
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A little introduction:

In May my oldest will finish secondary school. After that he'll have to pick a specific education. He wants to join the army, but since he'll be 15 when he finishes school, he's too young to join. But for kids like him there's a special 'bridge' education to fill in the gap. Last year we've been to several information days for that specific education and then we heard he was supposed to apply in November 2006 if he wants to join the 2007/2008 class.

Now we get to the part where I get very frustrated )

Obviously this was not 'required reading' for those who come across this entry. But I really needed to get this out of my system. I love my country, but the bureaucracy drives me up the wall sometimes.
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I've started watching the 5th season of SG-1. Some small observations and 2 screencaps behind the cut. )

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] samena asked me if I could point out "any really good Rodney/John kissing scenes", and to my utter frustration the only fic that comes to my mind with really good kissing is [ profile] cesperanza's 'Three lovers', which has Rodney exactly the kind of kisser I believe him to be, but with Teyla. I love the fic to bits (also because Rodney/Teyla is second on my list of favorite SGA pairings), but it's not the Rodney/John kissing I'm looking for.

The SGA has some of the most amazing fics I've ever read, some of my favorite writers, and I can come up with lots of lists with touching scenes, banter scenes, kinky scenes etc, but when I think of good kissing, I think of Daniel/Jack, and Jim/Blair, and Dom/Elijah fics. Please prove me wrong!! Make me blush and go 'oh, how could I not have thought of that one!'

[edited June 24th, 2007] Turns out I found a couple of damn good sga kissing fics. You can find them here.

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Because I love watching it together with my daughter & youngest son, so we're waiting for moments where we can sit down all three together. Besides, I like taking my time: why rush? We're now nearing the end of season 4 and yesterday evening we watched 'The light'.

Now I'm all filled with Daniel/Jack loving *happy sigh*


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