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Jan. 6th, 2009 01:28 pm
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Not a complete review or running commentary for 'Enemy at the gate'. I'm just going to point out my two favorite moments (pretty tiny, shallow and not concerning the plot) that I'd wanted to clip and post at YouTube, but the file won't play in Windows Movie Maker for me :(

And then I'll do some random rambling.

Anyway, I'll continue behind the cut. )

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19 minutes in I needed to express myself for a bit.

Cut for spoilers )
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Watched the rest of SGA 5x15 'Remnants' yesterday, because Mr. RC was there to hold my hand through it... )

And I've started torrenting Supernatural again. The last episode I've seen was 'Monster Movie', but then I stopped, because I didn't like where I thought they were going. I'm still not sure, but I've seen comments here and there that make me feel like I could give it a try, because at least some of my concerns are dealt with in a way I can deal with. Probably.

On a (sga related) side note, I don't think I'll be using my 'john kinda likes taking orders'-icon for a while...

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Just watched SGA 05x11

The good: )

The bad: )

[edit] Huh, it looks like I'm very alone in my opinion of this particular episode, so on second thought my mood isn't really a spoiler after all.

[edit] Now with added visuals regarding point one in the 'good' section.

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This YouTube clip is one of my 63.829 favorite moments in this week's SGA episode.

Behind this spoiler-cut I'll tell you a little bit more about that particular scene. )

I'm pretty much grinning like a loon here, feeling ridiculously happy about this episode. I'm just all lkjafj alfkjdkj lajfkljk.

I'm completely ok with having to wait two weeks for the second part of this mid-season two-parter. Spread the joy I say!! In the meantime I'm going to watch this episode again and again. If anyone wants particular moments clipped, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

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Last week I've been quite busy because on moments I wasn't working at the bookstore in Utrecht, I was filling in at the bookstore in Nieuwegein. This week will be the same. It's nice seeing my former colleagues again, but I'm glad this is only temporarily because I'd been looking forward to some time for myself with the kids back at school and all. Well, at least I have Sunday's off.

On top of me not having much on-line time as it was, internet went down a couple of times this week. In spite of that I managed to get SGA 5x7, so I watched that last night. Some spoilery remarks about this episode and an upcoming one behind this cut. )

I've also watched the first episode of Farscape and it took me all of 2 minutes to fall hopelessly in love with John Crichton; I finally added Ben Browder to my interests.

Oh, and I'm using my tram and bus traveling time to read. A couple of Dutch writers (Siska Mulder and Joost Heyink), Lynn Flewelling's ([ profile] otterdance) Nightrunner series, and I've been rereading some of my favorite Rodney/John adolescent fics. Rawr!!

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Hi! Home for a bit, between camping at the seaside and staying in a holiday cottage. Doing laundry, cleaning and putting away the camping gear. Between takes I sneak in some fandom-time and here's what I've been enjoying:

Stargate Atlantis

[ profile] cesperanza's "Five lies John told", now with added art by [ profile] lim. These two keep on inspiring and complimenting each other in such a delightful way.

I watched the latest episode "The Daedalus variations". Cut for teeny tiny (spoilerish) review. )
There appears to be a two week break while the Olympic games are going on, so it'll take a while longer then expected to get to the episode I'm so looking forward to (link includes spoiler picture) *ngggggh*

[ profile] jhava made a team focussed Atlantis wallpaper that made me go 'yes, yes, yessss!!' and it's now my desktop.

Stargate SG-1

[ profile] paian has added more bits to her WIP comment fic "Come what may" (I'm now at comment no. 63 70) and I have to sit on my hands to stop myself from writing any more feedback *headdesk*. Soon people will wish I was still suffering from my feedback-block.

[ profile] apple_pi pointed out a better version of the Michael/Ben Comic Con kiss and Scorpsik made it into Daniel/Cameron kiss art.


When I got home a parcel had arrived of the Linkin Park cd I'd ordered; 'Minutes to midnight', the one with 'What I've done' on it. I've immediately put it on my ipod.

On that note:

Harry Potter

It was in fact this vid (spoilers for the Deathly Hallows chapter called "The Forest Again") that made me decide that I wanted the cd.


Speaking of vids: I'm not in the Avatar fandom, but my daughter is, and right before going on holiday last week she posted her latest Avatar vid on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiastic reactions it had gotten.

Oh, and although I'm not in the fandom, I still have a favorite Avatar vid by Ravenhpltc24. Awesome timing and use of music and lyrics that one!

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Just finished watching it and here there be major spoilers. )

This episode goes in my top ten of favorite SGA fanfiction.

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Just finished watching SGA 'Midway'

Also, this episodes is crammed with food for quote-icons! )

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Finally, got the latest episode of SGA, started it up and now all I wanna do is play the first scene over, and over, and over again.

Ok, one more time, and then I'm going to watch the rest. Honest.

(My icon falls short by the way; I love the rest of the team also, so very, very much. But most of all I love Rodney.)

[edit] And now I've seen the whole episode: So. Much. Love. {{{{{{SGA Team}}}}}}

*goes to cap the hell out of this episode*


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